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The Koker Trilogy

New York Ripper, The

Stand by Me

Mindwarp (aka Brain Slasher)

original title: Mindwarp


  • R-Rated / NL VHS
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 17, 2011 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
To obtain an R-Rating the movie had to be cut in the USA. The same version has been released in the Netherlands on VHS. The old German VHS has been censored as well but but at differnt scenes. The German VHS re-release as well as the German DVD by Dragon are uncut and feature the uncensored unrated version.

The Unrated Version contains jump cuts, that's why there might be some discrepances concerning the running times. The time index refers to the NL Version.

German Version (Unrated, released by X-Rated): 1:28:45 / 1:31:36

NL Version (released by Columbia Tristar): 1:28:36 / 1:31:24

When Stover kills a guard with a knife he took out of the blender, blood splatters out of the wound.
The scene is different in both versions, there's no blood splatter in the NL Version.
0.5 sec

The guy hits a plank with a nail in it. Then a shot of the blood splattering.
1 sec

The shot of a guard, whose guts are dropping out, is missing.
0.5 sec

Same here before the guts fall on a corpse's face on the floor.
0.5 sec

More blood and guts for the corpse.
1 sec

Longer shot of the guard when Stover rams a hook in his head, then the guard collapses.
0.5 sec

Two different scenes when Claude's eye gets stabbed out.

1. Bloods runs out of her mouth when she screams.

2. Shot of her eye which gets ripped out in Unrated Version. The NL Version shows Claude's wide open mouth.

No difference

Longer shot of Claude being hackled by the propeller.
0.5 sec

Cornelia hits two "nails" while she's hooked. The shot of the blood splattering out of the wound and the following shot to her face are missing. Furthermore the camera goes on to a servant. The NL directly continues with Judy's father's entering the room.
11 sec

Longer shot of the father being drawn in the propeller.
1 sec

1 sec