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There's Something About Mary


  • Theatrical Version
  • Special Edition
Release: Jun 05, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Special Editon.

The runtime specifications refer to the Special Edition.

The SE is exactly 10 minutes and 34 seconds longer than the theatrival version."There´s something about Mary" was edited for its theatrical release to get an R-Rating. This new Special Edition is equal to the unrated edition (although the movie has an R-Rating on the DVD) and includes explicit sexual allusions as well as with humor exaggerated scenes of violence against and by animals. Aside from that, scenes of drug use were cut from the theatrical version. All this is now shown in the new DVD issue. Rumor has it that there is a Director´s Cut with a runtime of 134 minutes.

00:00 min. - 2:13 min.: Extended Special Edition

Compared to the Special Edition the Extended Special Edition has different opening credits. The credits in the XSE consist of wonderful
animations with modelling clai. In the end, the clay figures of the singer and the drummer turn to real people and we find ourselves in the credits of hte normal SE.

Difference: Credits of the XSE 36 sec. longer than credits of normal SE

Censorship-report Theatrical Version - Special Edition

19:36 min. - 21:09 min.

When they are playing golf, Ted talks with Woogie about his session with the psychiatrist, who considered him to be gay. Afterwards we learn what Ted´s profession is - he is an author. Woogie cracks some jokes and wants to set up Ted with his assistent. Ted thinks he is a loser. Woogie tries to lift Ted´s spirits by telling him how lucky he was, when his brother got killed in an explosion so that his kidneys could save Ted´s life.

Difference: 93 sec.

25:33 min. - 28:15 Min.

Healy and his buddy Sully visit his apartement. When parking the car, the guy brags how easily it is to pick up women in Miami. But when asked about his girlfriend he has to admit that he doesn´t have one.

Healy admires Sully´s apartement und gets to know Bill, the python.
Healy tries to make the ex-junkie and water-drinker have a beer in a very black-humor-way, but he doesn´t succeed.

Difference: 162 sec.

29:58 min. - 30:16 Min.

Mary tells Magda she shouldn´t drink alcohol that early in the morning cause she stinks like a distillery. Magda doesn´t belive her and aspirates her dog Puffy who whimpers in disgust.

Difference: 18 sec.

34:26 min. - 35:31 min.

Next is Sully who gets a phone call from Healy because of the borrowed car. Healy made Sully sniff snow again. Drugged up to the eyeballs, Sully lies in the fridge and sniffs coke again and again.

Difference: 65 sec.

46:50 min. - 47:27 min.

Ted carrys the closet upstairs all by himself. A reporter meets him halfway to tell him that he parked his car in the handicapped area.
For a while, Ted quarrels with the reporter and even insults his unfriendly, handicapped client in the electric wheelchair, who ticked Ted off before.

Difference: 37 sec.

55:29 min. - 56:07 min.

The extended scene at the architecture exhibition begins with an replaced shot of Tucker.In the theatrical version the scene ends here, in the SE Tucker asks Healy in an alternate shot for his business car.
Healy of cours has none and blabbers a stranger by the name of Brian, who Healy calls Earl. Healy cracks a few jokes and pretends that the
confusion of names is just a joke by Brian. He says to Mary that he intents to tell her a few storys about crazy Brian later. Quickly he pushes Mary out of the exhibition.

Difference: 38 sec., SE 35 sec. longer.

61:51 min. - 62:58 min.

Healy and Mary on the way home. In front of Marys house, Healy asks if he may touch her breasts. Mary has no objections and Healy does it...

Difference: 67 sec.

73:36 min. - 73:44 min.

In the SE, Sully is shown sniffing snow. In the theatrical version, he just lies lazily on the couch. In both shots he says the line "Love leads to acts of desperation."

Difference: 8 sec., SE 4 seconds longer.

73:51 min. - 74:02 min.

Sully again. This time, he lies on the couch in the SE and puts the phone away. Thenn some shots of his dog and Bill, the phyton, which he hasn´t fed in ages (which is important for a later scene).

Difference: 11 sec.

81:33 min. - 81:57 min.

In the theatrical version, a shot of Magda smoking ends the scene. In the SE this is missing, in exchange she asks Mary about Healy. Mary answers, concerning Healy she had trusted her head and not her instincts. Her head tells her that she will learn to love Healy, but nothing has happened. Thereafter we see a shot of the disappointed Healy, who sits in the car listening.

Difference: 24 sec., SE 22 sec. longer.

88:13 min. - 88:36 min.

After Healy exposed the pizza delivery man as Tucker, the SE continues like this:

The orderer of the pizza appears. Tucker is pooped and throws the pizza after him. Healy makes excuses to the man for tucker and takes him away.

Difference: 23 sec.

91:53 min. - 92:27 min.

The scene with Healy and Tucker in the strip-bar is longer in the SE.
They are shown entering and passing a stripper. They sit down at the bar and Tucker orders two beers. The barkeeper knows Tucker and knows that he hasn´t got any money, so he wants to throw him out. After that, the theatrical version continues.

Difference: 34 sec.

98:42 min. - 98:49 min.

The fight Puffy vs. Ted is a bit longer in the SE. Ted gets on the kitchen table and wants to jump on the dog, just like a wrestler. The dog runs away und Ted brutally hits the floor. Then there is a shot of Mary and Magda before the theatrical version starts to continue.

Difference: 8 sec.

98:55 min. - 99:00 min.

Puffy vs. Ted, part 2. Ted, in defence position, swears at Puffy, mocking him to try harder. The shot of Ted in the theatrical version, before Puffy starts the attack on his genitals, is therefore missing in the SE because it is redundant in conjunction with the added scene.

Difference: 6 sec.

99:05 min. - 99:24 min.

Puffy vs. Ted, part 3. The long shot in the theatrical verson - Ted spinning with Puffy hanging on his crotch area und finally throwing the dog off - was shortened in the SE (the part, when he manages to throw off Puffy) and something new was added.

Ted is shown doing two body-slams in best wrestling style. After a shot of Mary and Magda, Ted pinches Puffy in between his thighs. Magda screams. Ted frantically pulls on Puffy´s legs until he finally gets rid of the dog.

Difference: 19 sec., SE 17 sec. longer.

99:26 min. - 99:35 min.

Puffy vs. Ted, part 4

In the theatrical version, there is a shot of Ted holding a ball of fur, which he took (in both versions) from the table, as bait; and then, too, a glimpse of Mary and Magda. Then Puffy is about to jump.

Here the SE offers more. A shot of Puffy in front of a cupboard. Ted swings the furry thing like a nunchaku in front of himself, in between Puffy snarling. He holds the furry thing in front of Puffy as a bait. Afterwards the theatrical version continues when Puffy is about to jump.

Difference: 9 sec., SE 6 sec. longer.

106:36 min. - 106:45 min.

Only in the SE, Ted and Healy see Bill, the python. Healy assumes that Bill ate the dog. In the theatrical version Ted says in exchange "You sick bastard".

Difference: 9 sec. SE 8 sec. longer.

108:36 min. - 108:59 min.

In the theatrical version, the shot when Ted leaves Sullys apartement, is 5 seconds longer. In exchange for that, the SE offers something additionally:

We learn that neither Healy nor Tucker sent the letter to Mary. But who did? Then suddenly Sullys dog comes and Healy realizes that Sully was eaten by Bill.

Difference: 24 sec. SE 19 sec. longer.

The Special Edition runs exactly 10 min. and 34 sec. longer than the theatrical version.