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John Wick: Chapter 4



The War of the Worlds

The Covenant


Night Hunter


  • R-Rated
  • German VHS
Release: Mar 16, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version released by New Horizon and the German version released by VMP (FSK 18).

Unlike the German version the R-Rated version is completely uncut in the violence scenes but some of the plot has been cut out to "tighten" the movie and avoid unnecessary lengths.
The violence cuts in the German version will not be mentioned here, "only" the plot scenes that are missing in the R-Rated version in comparison to the German version.

The times in the cut scenes refer to the R-Rated version.
Running time of the R-Rated Tape: 1:25:58 (1:23:01 without end credits)
Running time of the German Tape: 1:26:51 (1:24:03 without end credits)

5 cut scenes = 4 min. 21 sec.
A short conversation at the police station between the two officers in charge is missing.
One of them is not too happy about the fact that the "hostage" is a reporter specialized on scandals who is now going to interfere, anyway.
The other one cynically replies that there are good news, too, meaning that she has been shot at.
Scene change: The head of the remaining vampires arrives at the vault in which they will sit later, the other four are already standing in line waiting for him.
He welcomes each vampire including a little smalltalk with each one.
100 sec.

Jack Cutter wipes his hand fascinated over the unconscious reporter's face longer.
Eventually he comes back to his senses and looks a little ashamed.
28 sec.

This scene begins earlier in the German version:
Cutter is standing with his back to the reporter in a corner of the hall.
She asks him why he is hiding and asks him gently to come over to her. Seeming a little shy Cutter goes to her slowly.
With the question "Why don't you look at me?" the R-Rated version sets in, again.
48 sec.

In the street Cutter goes down on his knees, touches the asphalt and smells his fingers.
He gets a short vision of the vampire at the discotheque and moves on.
Scene change: The reporter is on the phone, talking to one of her coworkers while she is having a laptop on her lap.
He tells her that this is the information they want to have and asks her about the story she is investigating.
She tells him about the "last Vampire-Hunter" to which he tells her that she is crazy, she confirms.
Then she tells him that she will go to the mortuary.
48 sec.

The main vampire and his minion are searching for Cutter longer while he is hiding from them.
37 sec.