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  • Original Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Apr 04, 2015 - Author: Magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the regular Uncut Version (UV) and the Extended Edition (EE), both taken from the Italian DVD by Necrostorm.

This is an Italian amateur splatter movie which is quite entertaining and can even be called semiprofessional.

The following comparison covers the differences between the regular Uncut Version and the Extended Edition, which was released in January 2015. Although the new footage was not as extensive as initially announced, it still includes almost four minutes of new material, which moslty consists of extended or new splatter scenes.
00:18The Extended Edition(EX) shows a cop's skull hitting the floor directly after the Necrostorm Logo.
3 sec

00:20 Another head gets severed.
2 sec

00:22 More skulls are being split. The following shot of a pistol being loaded has been mirrorred in the EX.
7,7 sec

Extended EditionUncut Version

09:44 The EX shows a tracking shot behind the gangster whose arm Adam has torn out just before. Blood is streaming down his side.
7,2 sec

09:57 More blood splatters out of the masked man stump.
10 sec

23:30 After Chaplin has blown away the police captains head, the EX shows a shot of Chaplin and then the captain again.
7,6 sec

55:36 A short bloody shot of the the hobo touchning his face.
1,5 sec

55:44 A lot more blood is flowing out his face (mouth).
9,5 sec

55:59 After Chaplin has shot him in the head, the EX shows him catching fire (because of the gasoline) and everything blows up.
7,8 sec

60:44 There is a frontal view of Chaplin after the headbutt against Mike.
0,8 sec

60:45 Chaplin rams Mike's hatchet into the latters hand and pins him to the wall like that.
6,8 sec

60:58 The hand including the hatchet.
2,7 sec

61:39 When Mike crashes against the policeman's car, he literally explodes in the EX.
2,8 sec

66:29 The scene in which the metal rod is being inserted into Derak anally has been enhanced with some rather gory shots.
4,6 sec

66:33 Derek spits blood.
1,5 sec

66:36 The impaled Dereks screams and a lot of blood spills on the ground.
5,1 sec

66:42 Denny is standing in front of an altar, where candles are set in the shape of a cross and a picture of him as a boy and his father can be seen. Denny takes two guns and blows out the candle.
38,4 sec

70:31 The impaled Derek can be seen a bit longer.
4,5 sec

73:31 Chaplin rips off a cop's head and hurls it towards another one, whose legs he then blows off with the shotgun. Another policeman gets hit in the head and chest. There is a shot of a policeman on the slippery floor in the UV instead.
EX = 11 sec
UV = 1,3 sec

Extended EditionUncut Version

73:43 The mushed head of a policeman.
1,6 sec

73:54 Chaplin kills more cops. The cross on his shoulder explodes and he gets even stronger.
32,6 sec

74:34 The EX shows a flood of blood in slow motion, the UF features two cops falling to the ground instead.
EX = 1,6 sec
UV = 1,9 sec

Extended EditionUncut Version

75:03 In the EX, Chaplin puts the shotgun on the ground, approaches Ben (whose severed arm still causes a lot of blood loss) and kills him with a hit in the belly. The UF shows him shooting at Ben with the gun instead.
EX = 15 sec
UV = 0,7 sec

Extended EditionUncut Version

78:16 Das Gerät, welches Denny am Leben erhält, zerplatzt in der EX.
9,9 sec

78:26 More blood splatters out of Denny's head.
1,7 sec

79:19 Denny spits blood when he tries to remove his mask.
15 sec

79:32His death struggle is longer, masses of blood are involved.
15,9 sec