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Neon Genesis Evangelion

1.21 He was aware of that he was a child

original title: Shin seiki evangelion


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 11, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Because of the huge success of this series in Japanese TV, the idea of the plot had also to achieve the jump to the cinema screen. Both cinematics ‘Death and Rebirth’ and ‘End of Evangelion’ are directly tied to the story. To adjust the story of the movies for the DVD release, the episodes 21-24 were extended with new plot scenes.

However, one thing beforehand: The extended four episodes were edited again in plenty scenes. Sometimes with good, sometimes with a bad result. There are only minor changes, for example an opened hand at the image border in the normal version turned into a clenched fist in the DC version. The mimics were also partly edited and the hair was sometimes drawn new. These changes are that minimal and can only be figured out with close observation. At the first view one could say both version are identical, except for the new image material. For this reason the various ‘changes’ are not considered in this comparison.

Compared is now the normal version of the German OVA Films DVD box and the Director’s Cut of the HK DVD box.

The Dir. Cut episodes partly offer different image material so it becomes difficult to name the exact cut length. Disregarding the different material the Dir. Cut of Episode 21 runs 313 seconds = 5min13sec longer.
The Director’s Cut episode starts completely different. Here the same beginning was chosen which was also to be seen in the movie ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth’. The scene appears right in front of the intro.
Text box: ‘In the year AD 2000’ (The year before the catastrophe during the examination of the angel).
A remote camera shows an indistinct image frame. Two scientists can be heard in the off who are arguing about a theory. The narrator’s voice appears which dramatically explains that the scientists were in an everlasting struggle, convinced by their own ideas. Inventions are seen as something good but they would never understand. He ends with the sentence. “All they seek is their own exaltation”.
Now the remote camera is shown. The catastrophe is about to start. They are trying to prevent it. The camera becomes inoperative.
Now the DC episodes show the intro credits.
102 Sec.

The man in the phone booth (Katsuragis friend)
Another image of the phone can be seen in the DC – afterwards one can see the NERV card.
1,5 Sec.

New plot scene: After the ‚second impact’
After the text box stating ‚2002’ the DC offers another text: „Aichi Prefecture – The Remains of Toyahashi City“.

After the text a complete new plot scene appears. One can see some drawings of the destroyed city and the harbour area.
Prof. Fuyutsuki can be seen at his desk. A bleck-dressed man stands right behind him. They are talking about climatic changes in Japan and that it is extremely hot there for over one year. Fuyutsuki explains that he opened a doctor’s office even though he is not a medic. It is always better to pretend being a medic than no medic at all.
Fuyutsuki studies a letter which was given to him by the man. He asks “to the Arctic?”. The man explains that he can help humanity a lot more over there as with a unlicensed doctor’s office.
At the end of the scene there is another text: “Same year – Antarctica”.
62 Sec.

Antarctic expedition
It is further explained that the atmosphere has completely changed in the area and that the explosion had destroyed every living microbe.
12 Sec.

There is another take of the Prof. Fuyutsuki who is observing the mysterious picture of the angel. Therefore the take of the picture has been shortened.
Length of the normal version: 3,3 Sec.
Length of the, Director`s Cut: 4,5 Sec.
Difference: 1,2 Sec.

New scene / At the laboratory
Fuyutsuki is on his way to the laboratory. In front of the door he meets Ikari You. Shyly she tells him that is has been a long time. He answers with yes and passes her. She gazes after him.
20 Sec.

Conversation in the suspension railroad
Fuyutsuki sees the reverse that the ‚spheric room’ in front of him has to be of the same kind as the one he saw in the arctic. Ikari agrees that the data is identical. Fuyutsuki asks in horror if he has to dig out the tragedy again. Ikari only says he has to see.
17 Sec.

New Scene: „Hakone – Lake Ashinoko Levee“
1. Text: "AD 2003“
2. Text: "Hakone - Lake Ashinoko Levee"

Fuyutsuki with Yui Ikari are standing at a lake. She brought along a child which she is caring for. Fuyutsuki is depressed about the fading autumn. He argues about the ‘Soul’ club and doubts its targets. One remark of him is important! He says that Ikari does not have to make herself a test object. She answers that everything will happen how it has to happen and that she is only cooperating with ‘Soul’ because it is good for Shinji’s destiny.
It is interpretable that her son presumably is an experiment of ‘Soul’ and Ikari – a possible explanation why only few children can steer EVA robots.
84 Sec.

Alternative scene:
After the sentence „These were her last words“ the normal version shows Japanese texts in fast forward and a picture of a baby. The DC shows a picture of Prof. Yui Ikari.

Length of the normal version: 5,2 Sec.
Length of the, Director`s Cut: 2 Sec.

Pictures (normal version):

Picture (DC):

The scene in which Rei insults the Prof. as a witch was a bit abstracted in the DC. Her eye was drawn normally in the normal version. The DC colourfully abstracted it – not really important.
no time difference
Pictures (to the left DC, to the right Normalfassung)

Katsuragi’s friend frees the Prof.
The NERV signet can be seen. Katsuragi’s friend can be seen and says “Well … Here I go”. Afterwards on can see tied up Fuyutsuki in a dark room.
3,5 Sec.

After Katsuragi’s friend freed the tied up man he says that they might find out that he smuggled the Adam pattern for Ikari and that he is in danger.
11 Sec.

After the death of Katsuragi’s friend.
Alternative scene:
When Katsuragi returns at home after his imprisonment at NERV, slightly different material was used.
The theatrical version shows only a front door and a name plate. The door opens and an electrical pushing sound can be heard.
Picture (normal version):

The DC firstly shows a lantern on the street which is surrounded by flies and afterwards the apartment building where Katsuragi is living in. Afterwards some front doors can be seen. The pushing sound from the theatrical version was laid over this take.

Length of the normal version: 3,2 Sec.
Length of the, Director`s Cut: 8,4 Sec.
Difference: 5,2

Pictures (DC):