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Adventure Duo (aka Adventure Kid)

1.02 (OVA 2)

original title: Yôjû sensen: Adventure Kid


  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: May 11, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The cut UK-DVD released by Kiseki Films (BBFC 18) has been compared to the uncut US-DVD by Anime 18 (Not rated)

There are 19 differences with a total runtime of 7 minutes and 21 seconds:

18 cuts = 7 minutes and 20 seconds
1 alternative scene = 1 second

There was only a censored version released on VHS and DVD in Great Britain of this anime-series in three parts. All of the sex scenes or naked private parts such as female breasts have been removed. Also, the series was renamed to Adventure Duo, since the original title Adventure Kid might emphasize the characters are possibly minors.

The German and US-versions are completely uncut, but the most explicit shots with pornographic material have been blurred. Said scenes had already been blurred for the Japanese release, though. This procedure is not rare there and was also carried out with the anime classic Urotsukidoji. A completely uncensored version without any digital alienations does not exist.
26 min
The professor's wife pleases herself between the legs and plays with her nipple.
10 sec

30 min
A little later she is being undressed and her breasts are being groped.
8 sec

30 min
The General continues to have his way with the woman. He fondles her breasts, plays with his fingers between her legs and french kisses her.
118 sec

30 min
Several shots of her naked body are missing as well as the subsequent intercourse.
47 sec

30 min
Further shots of the sex act had to be removed while the professor has to watch helplessly.
144 sec

30 min
The woman's naked breasts are shown.
2 sec

30 min
There are different shots of the moaning woman shown in the two versions.
US-DVD: 5 sec
UK-DVD: +4 sec


30 min
The title is shown longer and there is also a shot of Norikazu missing.
6 sec

31 min
Several women have oral and vaginal intercourse with the zombie army.
8 sec

31 min
The title is shown again in the US-version.
7 sec

37 min
Midori's vaginal liquid is running down her legs.
4 sec

37 min
Kingan gets out his tounge and licks Midori between her legs. He then shoves his tounge back in and enjoys Midori's vaginal liquid.
8 sec

38 min
Kingan: Drip candles on each other, drink each other's piss!
4 sec

41 min
Norikazu shoves the key between Eganko's legs and turns it several times. Eganko moans loudly.
11 sec

45 min
Kingan reappears between Midori's legs.
3 sec

47 min
There are shots of the professor missing as well as a flashback of his wife, who is being raped.
17 sec

48 min
The same again.
15 sec

50 min
Eganko is playing with her breasts and between her legs. Norikazu and Midori are coming in and discover Eganko and her love play. Norikazu asks Eganko angrily, what she was doing. She answers that she was all alone and bored.
26 sec

53 min
Tentacles are meandering around Midori's leg and approach her vagina.
2 sec