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  • Unrated
Release: Jul 29, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German DVD / R-Rated (FSK 16) and the Unrated Version (not rated)

R-Rated: 84:02 min plus credits (87:02 min credits included) in PAL

Unrated: 93:11 min plus credits (96:20 min credits included) in NTSC
=> equals 89:23 min plus credits (92:23 min credits included) in PAL

- 56 differences, including
* 7x alternate footage
* 3x R-Rated Version longer
* 1 recut

- Difference: 321 sec (= 5:21 min)

Deep In The Valley represents every man's fantasy. Two dudes walk into a video cabin in a sex store and end up in an alternate universe where all the stupid plots of several pornos has become reality. So the plot is pretty poor and shallow but at least the idea of making fun of all the old cliches sounds juicy. With the participation of Denise Richards and Scott Caan, two well-known actors are involved in the project as well. Nevertheless the harmless comedy doesn't really work out and the few scenes with additional nudity all over the movie isn't really worth mentioning.

For some reason, the German DVD (R-Rated Version) was released in September 2009 whereas the US DVD was released in January 2010 - as usual both the R-Rated and Unrated Version. But you can chillax: except for 1 or 2 more revealing scenes, the additional footage is really not worth being mentioned and draws the pretty average movie out.

Time index refers to
R-Rated (German DVD) in PAL / Unrated DVD in NTSC

Additional IM Global logo in the R-Rated Version.

+ 11.6 sec

01:53-01:59 / 01:46-01:52

The "The Diamond Zone" flash is different.

no difference


02:23-02:27 / 02:17-02:21

Alternate shooting of one of the pornos.
In the R-Rated Version, two chicks are fooling around in the water. In the Unrated Version, they're nacked at the edge of the pool and jump into the water.

no difference


02:42 / 02:37-02:40

Two additional shots, Rod Cannon is being announced from the off - he slides over the hood immediately. Then a shot of him hitting that.

3.4 sec

04:24 / 04:27-04:39

More dialog between Carl and Lester. Lester is looking forward to the delivery of the Plasma TV the following day. Carl wants to pay for the flower which is being denied by Lester.

11.4 sec

04:32 / 04:47-05:06

Lester complains Tracy couldn't accept Carl's new job and Carls replies Lester needed to get used to it. The announced speech is being dismissed as an intended act of sabotage.

19 sec

07:21 / 08:03-08:13

Lester calls Carl a pussy and unplugs the phone. Carl complains about it and Lester acts as if he was innocent.

10.1 sec

Only R-Rated Version longer
07:24-07:25 / 08:17

For continuity reasons, the R-Rated starts earlier: he hangs up the phone first.

+ 1.1 sec

08:01 / 08:57-09:12

Carl gossips that Lester had already invested $25,000 in his collection. He denies it first, then he comes up with a value of $52,000.

14.4 sec

09:34 / 10:46-10:48

Extended shot: Lester also looks psyched.

1.3 sec

10:09 / 11:24-11:33

Extended shot of them in the cabin, followed by a further shot of "Sorority Surprise" and Lester's comment (he consideres it a myth and claims no one has ever seen it before - "This is gonna be awesome").

8.8 sec

10:25 / 11:50-11:52

Extended shot of them in the wiggling box.

1.8 sec

10:42 / 12:09-12:10

The first shot after their landing in the alternate universe is slightly longer.

0.5 sec

11:56 / 13:27-13:28

Another additional shot of the events before the story continues at the police station.

1.2 sec

14:13 / 15:51-16:03

A first shot of Carl behind bars, the camera zooms out. The following shot starts earloier as well, he's looking up to the window.

12.3 sec

17:03 / 19:01-19:19

Additional scene with Rod Cannon after Carl and Lester ran. He speaks with a prisoner before Suzi Diablo informs him about the escapees. She activates alarm and starts running.

17 sec

23:38-23:46 / 26:11-26:19

When they were heading to the house, both versions contain entirely different footage of what the chicks are doing. The Unrated Version is more revealing.

Unrated 0.4 sec longer


25:42 / 28:21-28:22

The chicks are coming up the stairs earlier.

1.1 sec

28:26 / 31:15-31:18

Bambi longer and Carl slightly earlier - so he hesitates a little longer when he gets asked whether he'd eat her which emphasizes the double meaning of the question.

3.1 sec

37:54 / 41:08-41:09

Lester trivially earlier.

1.1 sec

41:24 / 44:48-45:04

Carl's conversation with Bambi starts earlier. She says Carl's world was much more sophisticated but he denies that and calls his world lame. He almost spills the beans about his girlfriend. She expresses her admiration.

16 sec

41:37 / 45:18-45:22

After mentioning what turns him on, Bambi also explains what turns her off: white chocolate and dudes that make her cry.

3.5 sec

41:45-41:46 / 45:30-45:41

The R-Rated contains a shot of Carl listening.

The Unrated on the other hand contains a different shot and Carl needs to ask one more time, which is why she starts beating around the bush.

Unrated 9.7 sec longer

41:57 / 45:53-46:06

Bambi keeps talking about the daily routine in her sex life and explains it happened every day and night. She doesn't want him to get it wrong but...
(with the assumption that sth. is missing, the R-Rated is back on the field.)

12.9 sec

42:00 / 46:09-46:11

Carl eariler, he mumbles "Yeah" for the first time.

1.9 sec

42:12 / 46:24-46:35

Some more dialog before Bambi realizes she could have better sex with people she cares about. Carl says there was a reason for calling it "making love" and she repeats that phrase while being confused.

11 sec

42:17 / 46:41-46:50

Bambi also asks if this implies she should get laid with her family members as well, which confuses Mike and he tells her no of course. She asks one more time whom she should get laid with and Carl explains she should have sex with the one she loved.

9 sec

42:34 / 47:08-47:20

Carl lists some more things before Bambi asks him to nail her.

11.8 sec

43:56 / 48:45-48:56

The discussion between Carl and Lester cintinues. Carl mentions Rod, who is tailing them, but Lester puts him off by explaining it with a temporary setback. Carl reminds him of the events at the hospital. Lester comments that with a simple "You're a dick.".

10.7 sec

44:49 / 49:52-50:04

The guys say "Wow" one more time until they come to their senses.

11.5 sec

45:26 / 50:43-50:48

Carl shuts the door and thanks Bambi. Unfortunately, he stutters while saying that.

5 sec

Only R-Rated Version longer
46:00-46:02 / 51:24

Now a cut in the Unrated Version for a change. The shot of Lester on the ground before he pukes starts earlier.

+ 1.6 sec

46:38 / 52:02-52:04

The Unrated starts earlier when the chicks show up behind Carl.

1.9 sec

46:51 / 52:17-52:21

Daphne also says Suzy lived there which is why someone could have told them earlier.
(Before Lester tells the story from his POV.)

3.6 sec

47:36 / 53:08-53:16

Additional high angle shot. Giggling Lester repeats his presumption that Carl had the hots for Bambi, Carl stutters again.

7.7 sec

49:57-50:03 / 55:43-55:57

In the R-Rated, Diamond Jim (DJ) only says he could give a hint. Then he steps aside.

The discussion is longer in the Unrated Version. Moreover the previous shot is longer and the following starts slightly earlier.

Unrated 7.6 sec longer

50:12 / 56:07-56:23

DJ turns around to the door of the closet in the very same shot and uses the mouth to illustrate his comment that it was more about sth, from the inside. Carl is pretty bugged and reaches for the doll in his hand.

15.6 sec

50:50 / 57:03-57:07

Some more tit for tat. Lester claims he was going to defend himself and DJ asks for more passion.

3.8 sec

51:36-52:19 / 59:57-60:42

In the R-Rated, Daphne tells Rod about our two heroes' whereabouts as reward for sex before the cheerleader performce. In the Unrated Version, this happens after the cheerleaders performed.

no difference

51:36 / 57:54-58:15

But only the Unrated Version reveals how it came to that, how Rod rang the door bell and Daphne's intentions became clear immediately.

20.2 sec

54:52-54:58 / 61:40-61:48

Alternate shots of Carl and Lester walking down the stairs. Among other things, easily noticable because Lester tosses his cap and his sun glasses earlier at Carl, who complains about that.

Unrated 2 sec longer


58:45 / 65:44-65:50

Another harmless shot of dancing girls.

5.7 sec

59:31 / 66:38-66:40

The shot starts before Lester realizes he's smoking crack.

2.1 sec

61:23 / 68:37-68:54

The Unrated contains another scene at Busta Nut's. Then an additional shot of the video game before Carl snaps.

16.5 sec

61:53-61:54 / 69:26-69:32

The Unrated contains an additional shot of them on the run, then a dancing chick one more time.

The R-Rated on the other hand contains the following shot (two guys in front of the door) which starts earlier.

Unrated 4.7 sec longer

69:31 / 77:29-77:30

The view into the house from the outside starts earlier.

1.1 sec

70:26 / 78:26-78:29

A first shot of Lester at the wheel.

2.8 sec

70:28 / 78:31-78:32

The following shot starts trvially earlier as well.

0.4 sec

70:33 / 78:37-78:38

Carl longer.

1 sec

72:26 / 80:36-80:39

Extended shot of Carl and Lester running up the stairs. They have to realize that the thugs from the club are blocking the exit.

3.3 sec

72:28 / 80:41-80:50

They solve the problem by just squeezing past. As a result of that, the thugs are falling down the stairs which makes Suzi Diablo tumble, too.

8.8 sec

73:36 / 82:01-82:04

Suzi hits again and the following shot starts earlier.

2.8 sec

73:37 / 82:05-82:07

The shot of Rod beings earlier as well.

1.7 sec

73:39 / 82:09-82:10

Lester gets hit twice.

1.4 sec

Only R-Rated Version longer
76:46 / 85:24

The Unrated lacks the first 5 frames of the shot.

+ 0.2 sec

79:23 / 88:10-88:15

The door a bit longer, then Carl earlier. Still being outside, Tracy threatens to keep the "fucking ring". Carl agrees because the ring cost him 400 bucks.

4.8 sec

84:02 / 93:05-93:11

The camera tracks upwards for an extended period in the Unrated Version until it stops down. Then the credits being.

6.4 sec

Please note:

Due to the fact that the comparison (and the actual movie) have a lack of nudity, here are some screens from the bonus material:
As promised on the cover, the Unrated DVD contains a second version called "Naked Commentary". In this version, a chick pops up here and there and comes up with trivial background information (or some gags that are just not funny). Doesn't change the crappy movie a bit and is kind of lame but I wanna pay tribute to this idea at least.