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Accidental Spy, The

original title: Dak Miu Shing


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Oct 08, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
As often the German customer only gets the international version of this Jackie Chan movie which has been severly cut in contrast to the HK version. This movie is one of the versions which can be clearly stated as failed in its international version because it is badly and roughly cut, even in nice scenes and often dialogues have been distorted and are subdued with wrong sounds. Additionally the original ‘Antrax II’ has been changed to ‘Opium’ in the German version. Because of the cuts and the wrong synchronisation, Jackie’s intelligence and good nature seems to be misunderstood. More details can be found within the cut report.

Statements in brackets are contained in the German version and simply show where a cut occurs. It was necessary for the rest of the scenes to clarify the missing dialogues because the synchronisation was not ever made 1:1.

On some few scenes the runtimes are missing because some scenes were shortened in a wild and weird way. A clear statement of time was not given.

The names have been changed as well:
Jackie Chan (Ger. version) = Buck Yuen (HK version)
Lee (Ger. version) = Zen (HK version)

It is not clear whether the US Version includes the international version or if it is another different version. But: A lot of the changes made for the international version can also be found in the US-Version, so it may be the same version. If you have further information about this or if you could donate the US DVD, contact us.
Right to the beginning some takes are missing of the driving car while the credits can be seen.
32 Sec

After the take of both camera men another take of the cars is missing. The following take with the little boy is available in the German version.
3 Sec

Another take of the camera man, who films the village, is missing. Additonally the German version shows the take of the driving cars (as mentioned above).
5 Sec

A take has been cut in ist beginning.
4 Sec

Missing take: One of the terrorists can be seen.
4 Sec

Again a missing take.
4 Sec

The German version shows the reporter turning around. Then one can see how a terrorist unlocks his weapon. The HK version does it the other way: Firstly, a take can be seen with terrorists. Afterwards the take of the reporter follows in which she is robbed. One can also see the plant scientist.
- Sec

One can see the terrorists raiding up their weapons. Afterwards one can see a take of the reporter crouching on the ground. The next take shows one of the terrorist while he is shooting which can also be seen in the German version.
4 Sec

The German version now offers a self-made intro with exerpts from the movie which can not be found in the HK version.

After the take mentioned above of the terrorist short sequence after the intro is missing. One can see the South Korean embassy in Istanbul and the following dialogue.
"The turkish government invited 26 nations to their National Day."
The bell rings.
"Someone`s here."
The people are going to their monitors to see the waiting man.
"That`s Park Wong Jung!"
(… this ist he person who later acts Jackie’s father.)
The HK version shows the text of the movie.
26 Sec

The German version states „Hong Kong“, the HK version „Hong Kong: two months later“.
- Sec

Jackie plays more with the ball.
13 Sec

The close-up of Jackie’s push-ups is shortened in the German version.
4 Sec

The merchant can be seen and is amused because of Jackie’s doings.
1,5 Sec

The mentioned take aris now – after Jackie’s pull-up demonstration. It is also missing how the customer looks at the trampoline. The woman pleads him to show the trampoline. When Jackie does so the beginning of the take when he jumps on it is missing.
17 Sec

The end of the take is missing.
1,5 Sec

The beginning of the take is missing: One can see armed men on the escalator. One man can be seen while giving another men a notice. Jackie appears and the German version continues.
13,5 Sec

Jackie takes a seat. Because he dripped himself with his drink he uses the notice he got from the man to clean himself. The next take shows the man with the notice how he turns around. Jackie can be seen again. The next take shows the man who turns around to his partner who is sitting on a bank. The beginning of the take is missing, afterwards the Ger. Version continues.
14 Sec

After the partner says ‚It’s done’ a take of Jackie is missing in which he is eating. Afterwards one can see the armed men again. Another man walks by, carrying a red blanket as sign. Again a take on Jackie who observes the scenery.
The man wants to give the sheet to a child, but drops it. While the child lifts it up the man turns around – then the Ger. Continues.
14 Sec

Before Jackie throws away the leftovers he can be seen again.
2 Sec

The take is longer. One can see Jackie. He reminds in a flashback on the sign on the red blanket. He notices the Asian bank uses the same sign.
Jackie : "Robbery!"
Polizist : "A false alarm."
The policeman leaves.
Jackie : "But, Sir..."
Jackie goes into the direction of the bank. The beginning of this take is missing. When Jackie enters the screen from the left, the Ger. Continues.
29 Sec

The beginning of a take is missing.
1,5 Sec

Jackie can be seen. He takes a bag and wants to go but the gangsters return.
4 Sec

Take is missing.
0,5 Sec

The end of the take is missing. Jackie looks to the man. The old man says that he wants to help.
3 Sec

The beginning of the take is missing.
1 Sec

A take is missing in which the man sings. Some terrorists enter the room, the man lifts up his arms.
2 Sec

The bullets hit various things.
2 Sec

After the take in which the gun can be seen under the chest, a humorous scene is missing. Both gangsters try to get to the weapon. The first one is stopped by Jackie’s arm, the second one grabs Jackie’s tie. The old woman pushes the weapon towards her. All look at her and Jackie says ‘Thanks!’ and the gangsters ‘Witch’. The woman says ‘I’ll teach you, go to hell!’, cuts Jackie’s tie and he is free again.
23 Sec

One of the gangsters moves towards Jackie who tries to hide beyond a small pipe. The gangster notices him and Jackie beats him down. When Jackie runs away and the second gangster shoots for him the Ger. continues.
5 Sec

Take is missing..
1,5 Sec

Take is missing..
1 Sec

Jackie turns around.
4 Sec

3 Takes are missing. Jackie enters the central office of the crane while gangsters are following him.
5,5 Sec

Jackie opens the hatch, the policemen shoot. Jackie releases the hatch. The next take shows the policemen.
4 Sec

Take of the gangster is missing when he arrives in the central of the crane.
1 Sec

The action sequence has been cut in 7 takes. The HK shows a slow-motion and scenes of fleeing employees which was filmed very well.
9,5 Sec

Jackie can be seen longer. The next scene is blended in instead of being faded like in the Ger.
2,5 Sec

One can see the newspaper press and Jackie’s action on the main page. Change of scenery. Jackie chats to someone. He tells him from his experiences and gets to notice that his job interview has been declined. The next scene shows Jacke laying on the bed and having a short dream of his parents.
60 Sec

One take of Jackie and the man can be seen a bit longer.
6 Sec

The conversation continues until the stranger pulls Jackie with him.
9 Sec

The conversation is longer.
21 Sec

Other scenes of the conversation are missing.
6 Sec

By cutting out the blending-in, one second is missing. 1 Sec

The man answers Jackie, another blen-in is missing.
Change of scenery: The Ger. Version offers a simple cut.
2 Sec

Jackie fumbles through the man’s arm. He yells. The next take is missing.
3 Sec

The conversation is longer.
Detektiv: "They may kill me, and my son...will be an orphan. Help me out, so i`ll get paid."
Jackie: "You shouldn`t have children."
That’s the moment the detective wants to go.
10 Sec

One can see the man taking a seat.
9 Sec

Take of Jackie getting out of his bed.
8 Sec

The man switches on the camera.
6,5 Sec

The HK version states ‘Seoul’, the German version ‘Defense Department Hospital / Seoul, South Korea’.
- Sec

The doctor speaks to Jackie and the man.
Doktor: "Don`t make him too tired."
Mann: "How much time does he have?"
Doktor: "Not much."
The man and the doctor are leaving. Jackie looks out of the window and sees a woman.
The German version shows a conversation of Jackie and his father instead.
41 Sec

Jackie can be seen, he hesitates.
Carmen: "Can i speak to you in private?"
He looks at her ID, the German version continues.
4 Sec

After the brawl the conversation between Jackie and his father can be seen. Few parts of it are missing and there are slightly synchronisational errors.
Jackie: "Who are they? ... What do they want?"
"Who knows? What can they get fron a dying man."
"You mean a dying spy?"
"How about a game of hide-and-seek with me."
"You mean now?"
"Soon. I`ll never live to see my son again."
"Don`t give up."
"We`ll play a game like father and son. If you win, you`ll get all the money i have to put away for my real son."
"If i lose?"
"You`ll still have fun."
Afterwards Jackie can be seen again and the movie fades to the funeral. The German version does not make any sense here because after the brawl one can see Jackie’s father again and shortly after one can see his funeral.
- Sec

Dialogue change which distorts Jackie’s character. Jackie says that’s ok and sounds disappointed because he does not get his money but spent it for a good aim. The HK version lets him say that it is good.
- Sec

Shortened take: the beginning is missing where the camera turns around Jackie.
4 Sec

Jackie and Carmen drive to the cemetery. In the meantime Carmen tells something about Jackie’s father’s wife and he notices that his father came to HK in 1954.
17 Sec

It is missing how Jackie looks at the text ‚Wait for me’. Then he takes the ashes of his father and scatters it in the wind. This nice scene is also missing in the German version.
48 Sec

[Jackie and Carmen Stopp to the right.]
The car Stopps as well.
Jackie: "Let me drive!"
The German version continues. Jackie’s dialogue is not missing because it was added later.
6 Sec

The driver throws away his cigarette.
1,5 Sec

Jackie: "Sit tight!"
Jackie opens the throttle.
1,5 Sec

The beginning is missing in which Jackie says: ‚Watch out!’.
0,5 Sec

Take is missing.. Jackie is driving the car.
0,5 Sec

Fast takes are missing of Jackie, the picture and the phone. Jackie grabs a pen.
8 Sec

The camera pans down to button 8, the following take is aslo shortened.
3 Sec

Jackie is excited, the German version fades out and one can see Istanbul.
2 Sec

Jackie can be seen, he seems to be nervous.
1,5 Sec

Jackie starts with his signature. One can see employees of the bank.
4 Sec

Jackie can be seen longer, he turns around.
9 Sec

Jackie can be seen longer. The employee walks through a hinged door.
7,5 Sec

Jackie and the employee say sorry multiple times.
4,5 Sec

Jackie looks longer at the notice. The employee asks if everything is all right. Jackie says it’s just because of the hot tea.
8,5 Sec

Jackie gets up.
2 Sec

Some seconds are missing of the taxi. A short piece of the next take is also missing.
3,5 Sec

The beginning of the take is missing.
0,5 Sec

Take is missing..
1,5 Sec

Jackie has a fight with one of the men. He is being strangled The others go for his suitcase. Jackie slaps on of them with a wiper and punches him.
5,5 Sec

Changed take: The HK shows two men opening the suitcase, Jackie can be seen afterwards.
- Sec

After Jackie leaves the department the German version blends out. The HK changes to a take on Istanbul and the guyical chanting.
15 Sec

End of the take with the flask with the ashes is missing.
0,5 Sec

Jackie can be seen while goign down with the elevator. He leaves the cabin and walks upstairs. One can her the chants in the background. Jackie looks through a window. He notices Yong (he does not know her so far). Yong can be seen. She walks downstairs and sings something. Jackie appear and is walking downstairs, too. Two takes are still in the German version.
24 Sec

Take is longer: Jackie can be seen who appears behind Yong.
2 Sec

Another take of the singing Yong. One can see a man opening the door for Yong.
11 Sec

Take is longer.
2 Sec

One can see the car. Jackie can be seen in a cab and says “Follow the car!”. The sentence has been put into the next take which can be seen in the German version.
4,5 Sec

A short scene with some locals.
9 Sec

Again a take of the dancing people. Yong can be seen, she goes to her boss Zen and watches the acting. Zen tanks for the support.
68 Sec

The conversation between Jackie and Yong is longer. The dialogues have been changed in the German version.
[Jackie: "I only know these lines."
Yong: "I don`t understand, are you here from the show?"
Jackie (hesitates): "No."
Yong: "Are you following me?"
Jackie: "I want to know where you bought your scarf."
Yong: "A gift from my Boss."
Jackie: "Oh. ... I`m Buck Yuen."
Yong: "Hello."
Yong turns around and leaves.
Jackie: "You are?"
Yong: "My name is complex!"
Jackie: "I love complex things."
Yong: "My intuition tells me that`s true."
Shot of Jackie, then the woman again.
Yong: "All right. My name, is Aishingaru."
Jackie: ..."A noble."
Yong leaves, Jackie follows.
Yong: "You`re gullible."
Jackie: "Why would i lie?"
Yong: "Didn`t your parents warn you about strangers?"
Jackie: "No, i`m an Orphan."
Change of takes: the boss and the partners can be seen.
33 Sec

The German version offers two missing takes from 46.00 in a different order and a thrid take of the dancing.
Jackie: "Is that chinese your boyfriend?"
The additional conversation can be seen in the German version.
[Yong: "I`ll tell you tomorrow."
Jackie: "Tomorrow?"]
4 Sec

Yong can be seen. She looks down. The guests of her boss can be seen.
6 Sec

Dialogue change:
Ger. version:
Yong says that she is going to order a table in the name of Yong. Jackie adds that he is pleased to meet her.
HK version:
Yong: "My Intuition tells me you`ll be late."
Jackie: "I`m never late."

The German version now shows the scene where Yong goes to her boss but only until the boss’s partner appears.
- Sec

Jackie slides involuntarily into another room. He grabs for a shelf and beats down two guys.
5,5 Sec

Longer take of Jackie.
1,5 Sec

The German version shows a take of the guys who follow Jackie.
- Sec

Jackie grabs the sunshades.
2 Sec

Jackie ties the sunshades.
1,5 Sec

Take os Jackie is longer: Someone gives a notice to him which says: „See you at the Colonnade, Yong.“. The following take is shortened in its beginning.
13,5 Sec

The German version shows the professors again.
- Sec

Jackie: "Wow."
1 Sec

Carmen turns around her labtop. Jackie sees some pictures of the massacre and the dead people.
13,5 Sec

Again a flashback scene. Jackie’s father can be seen. The HK version has another take of a scene which was missing to the beginning of the German version.
- Sec

A new example of how Jackie’s character is distortet through strange synchronisation.
German version (44.34 Min.):
Jackie asks if the opium has been sent to South Korea. The agent denies it and Jackie adds that he does not want to be part of the story. Carmen responds that he already is.
HK version :
Jackie: "He gave the toxin to South Korea?"
Agent: "No, no one knows where he did it. Now, can you remember what Mr. Park told you before he died?"
Jackie: "...Nothing about this."
Carmen: "That`s not what people think. And that`s why Mr. Zen send HER to approach you."
- Sec

Synchronisation mistake:
German version:
Jackie asks if she likes it that they try to get rid of him. Yong says tat he does not accepts denial.
HK version:
Jackie: "You must be his gift to me." ... "A generous host."
Yong: "He`s in big business. ... You should talk to him."
- Sec

Some chants are missing and locals can be seen. Jackie can be seen in the background, trying to get released from his chains.
20,5 Sec

The guy does not beat Jackie right away. He turns him around and asks him “You know why she’s crying?”. Jackie shakes his head. Now the guy punches him.
5,5 Sec

After the first hit of the guy something is missing.
Guy: "She cries because all her sons were killed by you and your friends!"
4,5 Sec

Distortion of synchronisation.
German version:
The guy says that he is a murder, Jackie asks what he is talking about.
The guy uses a strange language. Jackie asks what he says, the guy continues in the language.
HK version:
Guy: "You murderer!"
Jackie: "What?"
Guy: "Just give me the thing!"
Jackie: "What thing?"
Guy: "Give me the thing."
Jackie: "I don`t know what you`re talking about."
- Sec

The guy grabs Jackie after his first kick.
Guy: "The thing that killed all our people! Tell me, or you`ll die painfully like our people did!"
Jackie coughs.
Jackie (yelling): "What thing?"
The guy beats Jackie again.
14,5 Sec

Jackie wants the get away when he hears to men. He returns and tries to fake being still chained.
8 Sec

Longer take of the bullet-striken room.
0,5 Sec

Jackie and Yong can be seen again before they run away.
3 Sec

Jackie can be seen longer. He swings the hook around the shore and runs on.
4 Sec

A Dialogue is missing:
[Jackie: Can you swim?"]
Yong: "There`s a boat!"
[Jackie: "Too late!" (Is translated as „Nevermind“ in the German version.)]
3 Sec

Different dialog in the German dubbing:
German version:
Yong says that he used to say that beautiful girls have to enjoy the nice things of life and that he was wrong. She adds that she ever dreamed to marry and have a family.
HK version:
Yong: "He says, pretty girls should enjoy pretty things. ... If not for him ... perhaps ... I would have died in the ophanage at age 13. ... He saved ... my life."
- Sec

The guy is talking to Jackie and positions the figures on a chess board.
6,5 Sec

The German version has an take inserted which shows Jackie with a cross and a book.
- Sec

Jackie arrives the bank of Istanbul. He watches his clock. When it strikes 12 a.m. Jackie enters the building. The German version continues.
13 Sec

One can see a man chiming the bells in two takes. Afterwards Jackie can be seen.
6,5 Sec

Some dialogue between Jackie and the padre are missing.
2,5 Sec

Again more dialogue.
2,5 Sec

Before the change of scenery the HK continues with Jackie and the padre.
Jackie: "A question: If someone waits your rescue. But saving her ... means others may die. ... Would you still do it ?"
Pater: "If you don`t go, she will die ... right? ... I can only say: Even if she was Hitler you should go. ... The aftermath. ... Leave that to God."
43 Sec

The guy takes off his glasses. He gives his men a sign. One of them wants the suitcase. Jackie tells him to wait.
10,5 Sec

Dialogues are missing and changed
[Yong: "This was the terminal station of the Orient Express. It had it`s prime."]
Jackie: "Zen told you all this?"
Yong smiles.
Yong: "Only an empty shell remains, as a tourist trap."
[Jackie: "All thing have their destiny."]
- Sec

Jackie: "You`re free to go anywhere. France, Italy, Switzerland. ... Home?"
During his last words Yong can be seen, being nervous.
7 Sec

The toilet sign can be seen. The camera pans down the the mob. Jackie comes on and the German version continues.
4 Sec

Jackie is sitting on a chair, being cuffed.
1,5 Sec

Carmen and her employees can be seen. Jackie goes downstairs. The man says: "So i guess that`s a `Yes`."
3 Sec

Distortion of dialogue
German version:
The agent says that Jackie should have cooperated with them, his friend would be still alive. Carmen adds that she has contacted the base to arrange the return to HK.
HK version:
Agent: "If you had given it to us that poor girl might still be alive. .. This is how they control their organization. They trust only the dead."
Carmen: "One small dose was all it took to get her killed."
Agent: "I shouldn`t have come here, damn it."
- Sec

The take in which the man and Jackie enter the building, starts earlier.
1,5 Sec

The conversation is longer.
7,5 Sec

More takes of the airport.
3 Sec

Some men can be seen and a take of the airplane is missing.
2 Sec

The men get out of their car in a hurry.
2,5 Sec

Two takes are missing before Jackie drives off.
2 Sec

Jackie can be seen in various takes.
1 Sec

Two takes of the plane are missing.
1,5 Sec

The take of Jackie is longer. He runs through the building, the armed bad guys behind him. He pulls a rope and the door closes. He switches off the switch and fireworks are engaged. The guys try to hide themselves. Zen’s plane explodes outside. Jackie comes on. A door opens and he starts a fight. He manages to get the guys back to the building and locks the door with a weapon. Jackie notices a car, now the German version continues.
36 Sec

After the take of the oncoming car the German version has another cut. Jackie can be seen again and the beginning of the following take is also missing.
2 Sec

Carmen disappears. The camera pans to her employees.
4,5 Sec

Two of the guys drive down a bike of the cops. A take of the mob in panic is also missing.
5,5 Sec

Two takes of the shooting are missing.
2,5 Sec

One take is missing: The guy reloads his gun while Jackie can be seen.
1 Sec

A take of the guy is longer.
0,5 Sec

A take has been shortened.
2,5 Sec

A take of the brawl is missing.
1,5 Sec

The take continues. One can see the car of the cops how it goes head over heals. Cut to the brawl: Jackie is getting pulled on his hairs, another guy punches him and throws him on the bonnet. The driver gives his friend a machine gun. Due to his negligence he rams a truck.
29 Sec

After hitting the truck, a take of Jackie is missing.
0,5 Sec

Now the German version offers two takes which can not be seen in the HK version. The guy lifts his gun and Jackie tries to stay on the car.
- Sec

A take of Carmen is missing, she says: "Notify the Fire Department !"
5 Sec

Jackie: "Why doesn`t the tanker stop?"
Carmen: "There`s a crack in the tank it can`t even slow down...!"
The German version continues. Why the truck can not Stopp stays unclear for the German audience.
5 Sec

Another take and dialogue of Carmen is missing.
1,5 Sec

Carmen yells that everything will explode within 200 metres, Jackie asks fort he fireworkers.
7,5 Sec

Two takes of the cops are missing.
4 Sec

After Jackie jumped on the truck:
Jackie: "Do you speak english ?"
Driver: "A little."
Jackie gives a walkie-talkie to the people.
Jackie: "Somebody talk to you."
Jackie to the daughter: "Don`t wake him, let him sleep."
Voice from the walkie-talkie: "...He will help you save your kids. Don`t slow down."
Driver: "Got it."
Just now they say ok. The fact that Jackie tells the driver to keep the speed does not occur in the HK version.
15,5 Sec

Jackie secures himself on the Truck. The driver can be seen.
4,5 Sec

Jackie takes the plushie from the girl and puts it on the dashboard. The girl takes it back and Jackie says that it is ok. He signalises them to get out of the truck.
7 Sec

Jackie pushes back the wing mirror.
1,5 Sec

The beginning of a take is shortened. One can see how Jackie pushes out the child from the truck. In the German version it is already out.
2,5 Sec

A take of Carmen has been shortened.
0,5 Sec

A take of the driver has been shortened.
1 Sec

After the ‚Shhh-scene’ one can see Jackie and the driver. All of them are talking simultaneously. Jackie yells: “listen, listen!”. Carmen gives the walkie-talkie to the driver. Jackie grabs the walkie-talkie and asks what has happend. The German version continues.
This is asked because the drivers are talking in their native language. The German version is completely translated into German.
14 Sec

Some scenes of the police car are missing.
8 Sec

Take of the truck.
3 Sec

Take of the truck.
4,5 Sec

1,5 Sec

The cops block the street. When they see the truck they run away.
10,5 Sec

Again two takes of the cops.
1,5 Sec

Other takes of the cops who lead the truck through the blockings.
10,5 Sec

Carmen gives Jackie some advices which are missing in the German version.
1 Sec

After the cardboxes dropped to the street it is missing:
Jackie: "Carmen! No more carton box! Now what happened?"
Carmen despairs.
Jackie: "Nobody around me! Do something!"
Carmen: "Do something, Chris!"
Just now Jackie tries to unlock the barrier.
9 Sec

Jackie grabs the walkie-talkie:
Jackie: "Carmen, give me the number!"
Carmen: "Buck, what number?"
Jackie: "Lock-number!"
Carmen (to her partner): "He`s asking for the lock number!"
Jackie’s knowledge is faked here. The German versions shows Jackie how he pulls around the steering wheel lock. In the HK version he knows that the lock can only be unlocked with a code.
9 Sec

A take of the truck. A take of Jackie is also missing.
1,5 Sec

Many can be seen. Jackie remembers on him.
5 Sec

The scene with Carmen continues:
Carmen: "Which department send the helicopter?"
Another take of Many is missing.
2,5 Sec

Take is missing..
1,5 Sec

Jackie can be seen earlier.
2 Sec

Jackie can be seen longer.
2 Sec

In the HK version Jackie sees the barrier. He tries to steer the wheel what does not work. The truck manages it through the curve.
5,5 Sec

The truck rams more bricks and a sign.
2 Sec

The third take is missing in which the truck breaches the water boxes.
3 Sec

While the truck destroys the highway borders, Jackie wants to get out but can not find a way out. He shakes the framework on the side and grabs the steering wheel again. The truck rams the barriers. The additional take of Jackie, how he still holds the steering wheel, can be seen in the German version as well.
13 Sec

The sound of the German version does not offer the change of Jackie’s yelling and the falling down truck.
- Sec

Jackie rolls over the floor.
0,5 Sec

Another take of Jackie.
3 Sec

2,5 Sec

The HK version offers a sound of the plushie.
- Sec

Here, a take of Jackie and Many is missing in which Many grabs the Antrax II and disappears. The beginning of the following take is also missing. The HK version now lacks dialogues. Therefor Many does not ask how Jackie feels and does not receive an answer.
12 Sec

The German version has an flashback of Many when he was with Jackie, tarned as detective.
- Sec

In the HK version the camera panning continues to the bank with the pictures.
5,5 Sec

The German version has an earlier take of Carmen inserted.
- Sec

The German version AGAIN shows the take of Many, how he turns around Jackie (sitting in a wheelchair). Now the take is complete and one can see how the wind blows away the pictures from the bank. Fin.
The HK version gives some interessting hints. Many explains that he has put something into Jackie’s beer and that some of his employees played Jackie’s parents. Than he tells him concerning the ashe of Park (the man who used to play Jackie’s dad) that he does not take cocain to cure his pain. Jackie wants to stop Many before having a sniff but refuses. Many says: “I’ve seen it all, I try everything”. After he took something he tastes his tongue and says: “A burnt taste!”. Jackie tells him that this is the ashe of Park, Many spits out, gets weird and yells: “He died of cancer! I’m poisoned”. Jackie can be seen laughing.
90 Sec

Additionally the dialogues have been changed. In the German version Jackie asks Many why he changed the roles that often. Many says that he wants to keep his opposite unclear and that he was proud of his role as detective. Jackie tells him that he was not that convincing. Many says that he feared it and therefore put Carmen onto him. Many explains that all went for only one thing and wanted to have Jackie with them. He compares Jackie with a chess figure in a big game and explains that they tried to catch Zen (Lee) for three years. Jackie asks Many for whom he is working for and he responds that he works for the US government.

Now the HK version:
Jackie tells Many that he has no heart because he left him back with his woundings. Many says that secret agents are like that and Jackie asks for whom he is working for. Many says that it depends and that he works for the Americans at the moment. Jackie says that the CIA agents are everywhere and asks why they have choosen him.
Many says that Jackie is smart and a spy fan. He adds that he sent some people to Park and they have choosen Jackie. Jackie says that Park is not his father. Many tells him the story mentioned above.

Jackie says in the German version that his knots are open and how often he has to say they should make a double knot. In the HK version: "Too much rope! Longer than the net. I told you! Pull me up!" which seems to be more plausible.
- Sec

Again a bad synchronisation:
German version:
Jackie says that he has no idea what to do now and that he forgot the text. He is sorry and he asks who made up this weird text.
HK version:
Jackie: "Did he send..." Jackie talks in another language. "No Turkish, right? I`ll try Chinese."

The English version is translated not that stupid.

- Sec

After the outtakes a sequence is following after the text „5 months later“: Jackie gets up and received a new mail with the following message: „Miss being a spy?“ It’s in your blood. There are no jobs out there, but I have one.”. Change of scenery to “Verona, Italy.”. A unknown biker exchanges two suitcases with a guy. Afterwards the police appears and they trouble around. Afterwards one can see again the biker who can be identified as Jackie.
103 Sec