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Resort to Kill

original title: Immortal Combat


  • BBFC 18
  • FSK 18
Release: Feb 21, 2010 - Author: McClane - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The slightly cut British BBFC 18 video (Medusa) has been compared to the cut FSK 18 video (MPC) Due to BBFC conditions, some scenes had to be cut. The time designations relate to the British version. The scenes written in brackets are no cuts; they appear before resp. after the cut passage.
Diffence: 8 cuts = 19 seconds
0:48:52 [The first hooded guy holds Karen tight.] The second hooded guy waves around with a butterfly knife. [John breaks open the door.] 2 s

0:55:56 [The first thug looks schocked.] The shuriken drills its way into the first thug's forehead. [He drops down.] 1 s

0:55:58 [Thugs nr. 2 and 3 look.] J.J. stands there with two shuriken. [J.J. throws the second shuriken.] 0,5 s

0:55:58 [J.J. throws the second shuriken.] It hits thug nr. 2's forehead (the British version contains one frame, cannot be seen in normal speed, only when slowed down [J.J. throws the third shuriken.] 1 s

0:55:59 [J.J. throws the third shuriken.] Thug nr. 3 gets hit in the forehead. [The last parts of the shot of thug nr. 3 with the shuriken in the forehead are still contained.] 0,5 s

1:05:22 [John drags the two guard on the ground.] Osato tries to hit J.J. with both arms, but he blocks them and hits Osato's temple twice with both arms. Subsequently, he first hits Osato's stomach with his thumb, then the left temple. [J.J. hits Osato's larynx with his thumb.] 5 s

1:17:25 [The dead man drops into the water.] John with Karen in his arms.
A shuriken is sticking out of the dead man's back of the head, who is floating in the water. [John with Karen in his arms.] 2 s

1:18:36 [The body with shuriken in the head.]
One of the bailiffs bows down to the body and pulls out the shuriken. He gets up, holds it up and shouts: "Hey!" Bad guy: "OK!" [Bad guy gives the order to spread out.] 7 s