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Invaders from Mars


  • US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jun 01, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The US version has been compared to the German DVD.

Dt. DVD version: 01:21:05 min
US-version: 01:17:23 min

Compared to the US-version, the German DVD features 2 more scenes which were also aired on German Free-TV. Those scenes are marked red in the report. The runtime designations relate to the US-version.
A short part of the dialogue between David and the policeman is missing:

David: "It'' wouldn't believe me and..."
Policeman: "What make's you think the chief will?"

The Ger. version continues at the close-up of the Chief Constable.

The US-version misses a scene in the observatory: Dr. Kelston explains that it was theoretically possible for space ships to land on earth if they used other planets as some sort of "springboard". Furthermore, he explains that by the US Army's missile tests, the Mars-inhabitants have possibly been "startled". As proof, he shows David and Dr. Blake newspaper clippings of UFO-sightings and shows some models of UFOs. David identifies one of those models as the saucer he saw. Then the telephone rings. Through the call, Dr. Kelston finds out that the General didn't get in touch for three days now. The US-version continues after the call, when the three sit at the desk again.
7:13 min

You see Dr. Blake from above through the pipe lying on the table. This scene is also contained in the German version but displaced: While General Fielding drags David through the room for the second time, this short cut to Dr. Blake takes place.
no time difference

The German version features two tanks firing and the impact explosions again.

You see David running and recalling the events, also cuts to the ascending spaceship, firing tanks and the detonation index.
2:08 min

After the spaceship's explosion, the German version features a picture of outer space and finally "THE END".

The US-version features David waking up from a dream, running to the window and seeing a thunderstorm. Then he runs to his parents' bedroom. The following dialogue takes place:

David: Mom! Dad! Are you all right?
Mom: Of course we`re all right.
Dad: What`s the matter son? That lightning scare ya?
David: No, it wasn`t that, did you go to the hospital?
Mom: Oh no, we`ve been sleeping. There's nothing to be afraid of. Oh now, what's wrong?
David: It was horrible. I thought they did somthing awful to ya. They`re green, had a ray gun and that fence was going.
Mom: What fence?
David: Across the sandpit.
Dad: Well, let`s go out and have a look.
David: It`s back now.
Dad: Well if it`s back and we`re the same, then you are dreaming, son.
David: I guess so...

A cut follows and David is back in his room, he wakes up, walks to the window and notices the UFO landing. Then the same ending as the German version's takes place.
1:25 min