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Good Son, The


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 05, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Runtime of the BBFC 18 video: 1:22:39 (1:18:36 without credits)
Runtime of the uncut DVD: 1:23:13 (1:19:12 without credits)

5 Cut scenes= 35,64 seconds

The cut BBFC 18-version by 20th Century Fox has been compared to the uncut German FSK 16-version by 20th Century Fox.


At first sight, small Henry Evans looks like a regular, cute little boy. But behind his cherub face a diabolic, murderous soul hides, always appearing when the parents don't look. If his family knew what kind of deviant games he loves, they would be horror-struck. But Mark Evans, Henry's cousin, realizes pretty early that behind his cousin's gentle exterior lies the face of evil. He opposes his cousin and risks more than just his young life...


"The Good Son" (1993) makes for a predictable, but still solidly realized thriller with ex-child star Macauly Culkin ("Home Alone", "My Girl") who tried to take another acting way and drop his image as a bold but adorable little boy. Culkin actually manages to convince as psychopathic son in a well-off family, but is clearly being outacted by later "Frodo"-impersonator and counterpart Elijah Wood ("The Lord of the Rings", "The Faculty"), even though the latter one didn't have as many acting experiences. What finally makes the film slightly above average are the, especially towards the nasty showdown, really well made tracking shots and the tension, which builds pretty good despite the weak plot. All in all a succeeded contribution to the genre with a little unspecatcular story, but young stars in a good mood!


Despite the "BBFC 18"-rating, several scenes of approx. slightly more than half a minute were removed from the UK video. The cuts were made in a sequence during which Macaulay Culkin drops a life-like puppet from a brudge onto a heavily-trafficked road, so a big crash with several vehicles occurs. According to the BBFC, the point of this censorship was that this depicted a dangerous act, which could easily be imitated.


Original director Michael Lehmann was replaced due to differences with Macauly Culkin's father.

The characters "Richard" (can be seen in a picture) and "Connie" were incorporated by Mcaulay Culkin's real siblings.

Connotation: Film tears, Jump-Cuts or other scene-extensions/-abbreviations below one second were neither looked upon as a cut nor regarded in the calculation of the cuts' length, so it is possible that there is still a runtime difference between both versions. The runtime designations relate to the uncut version.

You see Harry and Mark above the heavily trafficked street with the life-sized puppet for a little longer.
3,44 seconds

From the driver's view, you see Henry, Mark and the puppet on the bridge again a little longer.
1 second

After Henry has dropped "Mr. Highway" from the bridge, the puppet hitting the road is missing. An approaching vehicle tries to avoid the puppet, but falls over sideways. Edit to shocked Mark. More approaching cars try to evade and to break, but mostly bump into each other or leave the road.
9,32 seconds

The view of pleased-looking Henry was slightly shortened, then more car crashs take place.
3,92 seconds

Again, the shot to shocked Mark was shortened fractionally (due to the rearrangement of the scenes with the view to Henry which is only shown after this sequence in the BBFC18-version in a shorter form), then some more car crashs take place as well as an edit to content-looking Henry.
17,96 seconds