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88 Films Blu-ray with two versions of the movie

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Iceman Cometh, The

original title: Gap tung kei hap


  • 88 Films Taiwan Cut
  • Taiwanese VHS
Release: Jan 16, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between 88 Films' Taiwan Extended Version (included on Disc 2 of the UK Blu-ray Deluxe Collector's Edition) and Vidi's Taiwan VHS

- 6 missing bits
- Cut duration: 7.5 sec

Also, various master errors under 0.5 sec and 8 cuts on the Taiwan VHS with a duration of 40 sec, as well as additional credits discrepancies.

The Iceman Cometh with Jackie Chan's "brother" Yuen Biao has been in our focus several times. At the time, the Taiwanese VHS offered an 11 minute longer version. While in most cases this remains a rarity on ancient media from Asia, the quirky fantasy actioner was first released in the US in 2022 and shortly thereafter in the UK by aficionado labels in lush Blu-ray releases, each of which also included a long version in HD.

Unfortunately, the first version of Vinegar Syndrome was a "hybrid cut", containing only about half of the Taiwanese exclusive material, but still missing stuff in 42 places. As we reported back then, 88 Films has fixed this for their UK counterpart. Upon renewed inquiries at Fortune Star, (almost) all of the remaining bits were indeed found in the archive. In fact, the UK Blu-ray, available since December 26, 2022, offers the longest possible version of the film, completely in HD.

For the sake of completeness, we also closely compared this version once again. A few absolutely minor differences to the Taiwan VHS still remain, but this doesn't even come close to the amount of stuff missing on Vinegar Syndrome's release. Unfinished effect shots or simply cut scenes on the Taiwan VHS are probably not missed by anyone either. The US Blu-ray of Vinegar Syndrome was already worth a recommendation, but the UK alternative from 88 Films now adds a little icing on the cake.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
Taiwanese Extended Version from 88 Films in 23,976fps / Taiwanese VHS in NTSC

For starters, references to Fortune Star vs Vidi.

88 Films Blu-ray 15.5 sec longer

Interestingly, Johnny Mak's production logo was cut off at the beginning exactly as it also was on the Taiwan VHS. In the HD master of the theatrical version (and earlier releases of it), it is ~7 sec longer at the beginning.

While Vingear Syndrome showed the entire opening credits on a black background, the 88 Films long version has the credits superimposed over the first scene, exactly as they were in Taiwan. As shown in the report on the Vinegar Syndrome release this is quite remarkable, because the credits of the theatrical version are somewhat different. This version war really reconstructed with attention to detail.

Extended Version by 88 FilmsTaiwanese VHS

The differences in the opening scene are now all correct.

09:18-10:05 / 09:04-09:51

The Taiwan VHS is missing various visual effects here. The HD Extended uses the same, "finished" image as the regular theatrical version.

Illustrated once here, as it was already shown in more detailed on our initial report for the Taiwan cut. As a side note, it should also be noted that 88 Films at least also received a few of these moments in their early version without effects as an HD scan from Fortune Star and offers this in a before/after featurette in the bonus material.

Extended Version by 88 FilmsTaiwanese VHS

During 15:58 / 15:44 und 20:56 / 20:41 the HD master lacks inserts in the picture. This was already the case with the HKL DVD.
88 Films, however, offers player-generated subtitles for these passages.

Extended Version by 88 FilmsTaiwanese VHS

The blue filter during the 18th minute briefing remains a nonsensical curiosity of the Taiwan VHS that has not been reconstructed.

The cuts to the celebrating men from the 23rd minute on are now all included correctly.

26:06 / 25:52-25:53

When the feet land on the ground in close-up, the previous shot is insignificantly longer in the TW.

0.8 sec

The scene with Fong and Santa Claus in the 27th minute is now correct.

Taiwanese VHS cut
30:23-30:24 / 30:09

In the theatrical version and thus also in the HD master, Polly is seen insignificantly longer (not pictured). It makes sense that 88 Films did not recut this moment (as well as small moments that seemingly were lost by accident on the VHS).

+ 1.4 sec

Taiwanese VHS cut
43:15-43:18 / 43:00

There's a small moment missing from the Taiwan VHS as Fong leans down to the TV.

+ 2.6 sec

The immediately following extensions, where Fong recognizes the princess in the TV program, is completely in, unlike Vinegar Syndrome...

43:32 / 43:14

...except for an inconsequentially brief moment at the beginning of a shot showing Fong.

0.7 sec

40 sec later, there briefly were some alternate bits, with the theatrical version showing an additional close-up from the side before Fong closes the book. The Extended from 88 Films runs like the Taiwan VHS here.

Taiwanese VHS cut
46:26-46:43 / 46:08

Somewhat longer missing bit in TW: Polly crosses her legs and takes out a cigarette. Fong hands her a lighter, but holds it upside down. Polly takes it from his hand, lights the cigarette and smokes with pleasure.

+ 16.8 sec

The extension at the beginning of the conversation between Polly and Cheong is included.

47:45 / 47:10-47:11

Asked about yesterday's altercation, the pimp reacts defensively at the end of the shot.

1 sec

The scenes with Polly and her suitor in the 61st minute, unlike the version of Vinegar Syndrome, run in correct order again.

Taiwanese VHS cut
63:44-63:46 / 63:10

Before Feng San throws the can, TW is missing a few insignificant frames.

+ 1.5 sec

How Fong cooks for Polly and the guests and how Polly is attacked by Feng San in the bathroom shortly after is completely included. The short comment from Feng San to Fong in the hallway is also included.

Taiwanese VHS cut
84:09-84:16 / 83:32

Feng San is seen significantly longer in the theatrical version. The follow-up shot of Polly is also insignificantly earlier.

+ 6.4 sec

Taiwanese VHS cut
85:22-85:24 / 84:39

The shot of Feng San in the car starts a little earlier.

+ 1.8 sec

91:12 / 90:27-90:28

Fong stays on the ground a moment longer.

0.7 sec

More dialogue between Fong and Polly is included shortly after, in contrast to Vinegar Syndrome. Also, the recut with Feng San's gun purchase is now in correct order, as is Feng San's walk through the hospital afterwards. Various recuts and cuts in the accommodation of Fong and Polly have also been corrected or brought in line with the course of the Taiwan VHS.

The finale, which had many little flaws in the version by Vinegar Syndrome, is also uncut: Several extensions during the fight of the correct Taiwan version can now be admired in HD for the first time. To illustrate this pleasant quality upgrade, here are two Taiwan-exclusive moments that were cut in the Vinegar version.

Extended Version by 88 FilmsTaiwanese VHS

115:30-115:35 / 114:47-114:52

The Taiwan version (= TW) again lacks optical effects when the sword hits the power box.

Taiwanese VHS cut
117:08-117:10 / 116:24

Fong is still catching his breath at the end of the shot. The follow-up shot of Feng San also insignificantly earlier.

+ 2 sec

117:29-118:07 / 116:44-117:22

The TW is missing some optical effects yet again.

122:29-123:37 / 121:44-122:52


123:38 / 122:52-122:53

Polly can be seen a bit earlier. Similar to the screenshot immediately following, so it's not illustrated here.

1.2 sec

Alternativ / Taiwanese VHS cut
123:41-123:50 / 122:56-122:59

Polly is seen longer in the TW, without interruption. The theatrical version changes in between again to the long shot perspective, to which the part with Fong in the middle now dissolves. As with Vinegar Syndrome, 88 Films also shows it as it was in the theatrical version.

88 Films 6.1 sec longer

Extended Version by 88 FilmsTaiwanese VHS

The credits run a bit faster on the Taiwan VHS, so the HD version makes up almost a minute here again.

Slipcase, cover and reverse cover of the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films: