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  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 03, 2022 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The 1988 thriller Run If You Can is the last of director and editor Virginia L. Stone, who here dared to tackle a material that is quite creepy in terms of the basic idea. Young Kim is able to stay in a luxurious mansion for a few months, and even has - for the times - high-tech entertainment at her disposal. But the tube TV does not always show her desired program, because the huge parabolic antenna can also receive a frequency over which a mysterious killer transmits his snuff films directly to the TV. So she has to watch several murders in which naked women are strangled while making love and put into a plastic bag. And even the police only gradually understand the technical background, while it remains a mystery whether the killer is also targeting Kim.

In 1988, at least the BBFC had it in for the film and refused to give it an 18-rating. Only after cuts of over two minutes could this classification be achieved for the VHS release at the time. Sexual violence was, and still is, sometimes a problem in England when it comes to age ratings. In the case of this film, this censorship situation exists in England to this day, as the subsequent DVD is also identically cut. Despite the rather dark goings-on, Run If You Can never had any problems in Germany and even received FSK 16 rating in uncut form. MT Films / Cargo Records have heaved the film onto DVD in July 2021, making it more widely available. For those who want to see less snuff moments, the censored English version can also be found in the bonus material on this German DVD.

Compared the cut British BBFC 18 version with the uncut German FSK 16 version (both included on the German DVD from MT Films / Cargo Records)

18 cuts, 3 scenes with alternative footage = 135.52 sec. or approx. 2 min. 16 sec.

0:11:44: The German version shows longer how the woman's body is packed in the plastic bag.
12:56 sec.

0:27:01: The shot goes longer in the uncut version, perhaps because the man's exposed member is seen?
7.88 Sec.

0:27:15: Unclear if deliberate shortening of the shot of the two nudes.
0:96 sec

0:27:27: How the pillow is pressed to the face is missing, as is a reverse cut to Kim.
6:32 sec.

0:27:40: Another shot of the death throes and a shot of Kim watching perplexed is missing.
6:44 sec.

0:27:50: Strangulation continues even further.
3.16 sec.

0:27:56: The woman stares lifelessly into the camera and the killer begins wrapping her in plastic. In the middle of this, the UK version kicks in.
20:24 sec.

0:38:03: The killer and the woman are still talking (inaudible).
7,28 Sec.

0:38:14: Here they apparently show alternate takes, the exposed breasts are more visible in the German version.
The UK runs 0.08 sec longer.


0:38:35: And again.
The UK runs 0.08 sec longer.


0:39:38: Again, more bare-chestedness in the German version.
No time difference.


0:39:55: The shot of Jill and her killer starts earlier in the German version and lasts longer at the suffocation with the pillow at the end.
8,04 Sec.

0:40:12: Here almost half a minute is missing in the UK version. The agitated Kim has to watch Jill being suffocated by the killer with the pillow. In between, she describes what she sees to the policeman on the earpiece, but he doesn't take her seriously, saying it's all an act on TV.
29,04 Sec.

0:55:33: A shot of the choking has been cut. And Kim is taking the first photos.
7,48 Sec.

0:55:42: The following shot is also shown in the UK version, but shortened by the dead woman's view.
1,92 Sec.

0:55:57: The naked woman is wrapped up by the killer.
3,36 Sec.

1:06:13: The killer intoxicates himself with one of his videos. A sex scene has been cut.
2,52 Sec.

1:06:19: And another shot of his victim lying there dead has been cut.
2,68 Sec.

1:11:29: The shot of the sex scene where the woman fights back was cut short at the beginning and end.
1,2 Sec.

1:12:31: Again it was shortened. The woman wriggles some more before her resistance then goes limp. Only the latter is seen in the UK VHS.
2:04 sec.

1:20:44: To avoid shots from the recorded killer video, part of the dialogue was removed as well.
12:56 sec.