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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Buddha Assassinator, The

original title: Fo Zhang huang di


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 21, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
It is more than an average Eastern Tumble what we’ve got with BUDDHA KILLER in our hands. Here a bad sifu, there a good one. Right between an ingenuous teen, a kind soul, not so smart and his head full of mischief. He likes dogs (not what you’re thinking you naughty boys), tramping vagabonds with bad teeth and noxious women with sharp tongues. He hates injustice, even more ambushes – and wop he is with the prince (the bad sifu) at his wishy-washy palace to live there from now on like his own blood. Oh yeah, it could have been like Cinderella. But prince Bad-Boy is a mean guy and the vagabond with tooth space his good brother, both broke up in a hassle due to better fighting techniques – you already know. So, the male Cinderella prefers the training with the vagabond who sometimes held stinking feet into his face. Oh yeah and there are also rebels but only used for dying... well, what else? Nothing in fact! The so called story forged simple-minded to brainless: A short introduction of the characters, some slapstick, fights, training and the final fight. That's it!

Mass products like a textbook example. The lousy equipment and the actors totally wasted even there are some well-sounding names: leading actor Hoi Mang already played in a Bruce Lee movie and had an impressive performing in Tsui Harks’ masterpiece "Zu Warriors" and furthermore very busy with stunt coordination. The native born Korean Jang Lee Hwang, subscribed to the bad guys, world-famous for his formidable kick techniques and therefore is very often seen in appropriate productions. For director Chin Hu Tung this was the last of his 5 movies and according to rumors he has got support from Corey Yuen, who at that time was just at the start of his career. So the fights are very well choreographed and really make fun especially the 15 minutes running showdown put out all the stops. But to be a good movie this is insufficient. Because everything else is missing: Money, inspiration, suspense. Consequently remains a snack for in which you could taste on a Monday afternoon between noon and 2 p.m. lying in bed feeling ill.

Now let’s get to the point. In Germany BUDDHA KILLER has been released in the early Eighties from Ufa with a rating age of 16. And compared to the US version one can determine: almost uncut! But only almost! There have been two very short cuts of violence which nobody notices. The US version therefore has been caught worse: The plot has been tightened…and in addition it comes up in full screen whereas the German version at least is in wide screen. Both versions have been compared – whereas the available master of the German version is first-class! So don’t wonder about the superb quality of the images – age-related flocculation disregarded!
0:00 Min.
Different front credits, the german version runs a little longer.
( 14 sec. )
German version:US version:

German version = 5:22 Min. / US version = 5:20 Min.
Here a short intermediate sequence is missing in the US version. The cut starts right after the take of the washing trough, directly after the US version fades onto the stockpot where Joshi dips his spoon into. Meanwhile in the German version: Joshi does some laundry and a short dialog with the girl. Then he suddenly notice a little dog, put it into his shirt and souses himself with water. The girl bitches at him, Joshie wants to walk off with the cur while the girl is still bitching at him. Joshi puts down the puppy-dog and leaves.
( 103,5 sec. )

German version = 45:08 Min. / US version = 45:02 Min.
A little more longer error in the master: before Joshi surprises his sleeping sifu he spits one more time into his hands.
( 0,5 sec. )

German version = 48:24 Min. / US version = 48:26 Min.
After Joshi has got his lesson there again a longer action sequence is missing in the US version. The rebels go into a huddle and decide to attack. However Joshi should be spared that’s what his girlfriend asks for. Her buddies promise it. The US version restarts with Joshie’s training however a little later in the first take.
( 42 sec. )

German version = 58:10 Min. / US version= 57:51 Min.
Again another longer error in the master in a transition of a scene in the US version.
( 10 SF )

German Version = 58:34 Min. / Usversion = 58:16 Min.
Four additional takes in the German version when the two opponents get ready for the fight.
( 8 sec. )