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The Whole Nine Yards & The Whole Ten Yards (Double Feature)

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The Whole Nine Yards


  • Free TV: Italy
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 06, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Italian network Rai Uno removed some footage from "FBI - Protezione testimoni" (Italian title). It is compared with the Uncut Version from Premiere (German Pay TV).

3 cuts = 18 sec
Following logos before the movie in the Uncut Version: "Warner Bros.", "Morgen Creek" and "Franchise Pictures".
Instead in the Italian Free TV Version appears "CDI" and "Giovanni Di Clemente presenta".
No difference

The shot of the hotel has been shortened and some loud groaning has been removed as well. The guy wants to know why she stopped, then a shot of Oz' wife and the movie continues regularly.
That means the remaining part of the hotel, the loud groaning and some scenes which show the two having sex are missing in the Italian TV Version.
6.5 sec

Missing close-up of the nude dentist's assistent.
1.5 sec

Extended shot of the finger prints dissolving in acid. Then Oz, who draws a tooth out of a dead man's mouth. He puts the tooth on a tablet. In the next shot he puts a tooth out of a box, the beginning is missing in the Italian TV Version. Presumably to not screw it up with the score.
10 sec