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Lemon Popsicle - Eskimo Limon

original title: Lemon Popsicle


  • UK DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Feb 01, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparsion between the cut British DVD and the uncut German DVD release.

British DVD: 92:01 min with outro
German DVD: 92:17 min with outro

6 cuts, 2x additional material in the German DVD.

(short differences through master errors below 0,5 sec. are not mentioned respectively just announced if a whole take is missing)

In Great Britain a box set was released with part 1-7 of the famous 'Eskimo Limon' movies. Sadly all movies except the 3rd part are cut. At least the cuts are not that heavy as in the old German video releases. Probably these cuts are only master errors.
After all the box is definately not a 'must have' because of a very poor quality and zoomed full-screen. Just a few surprises in the 1st and 4th part can enjoy hardcore collectors.

The actual cuts are in the 1st part unspectacular and no obvious censorship. However, the GB version offers short takes on two parts in the movie which are different from the uncut German version. Nothing big but interessting.

Runtime pattern
British DVD / German DVD reprint
00:00-00:16 / 00:00

The GB DVD offeres another credit logo.

+ 15,6 sec

10:27 / 10:11

The woman (JoAnn Woodward) starts running a bit earlier.

0,4 sec

10:34 / 10:18

Only the GB DVD shows in a few frames how JoAnn Woodward receives the Oscar (just before Benny tries to flirt with girls in the audience).

The curious thing is that this take is completely missing in the German version.


The comments of the anchorman during the movie are neither dubbed nor subtitled in the German DVD while the GB version offers translated comments (there you can hear her name as well).

+ 0,4 sec

11:37 / 11:21-11:22

Master error, some frames got lost during two takes.

0,6 sec

20:07 / 19:52-20:01

Sonja can be seen longer as well as different first views on the party.

9 sec

38:04 / 37:58-38:01

Momo can be seen longer. Afterwards the camera movement starts at Stella's leg and it starts earlier.

3,4 sec

39:32 / 39:29-39:35

Momo enters the bedroom with Stella and closes the door. Afterwards the boys are sitting in another take on the couch. Benny stands up at first and tells Johnny not to sit there in a stupid way. Benny tells him to get undressed by now.

5,3 sec

39:50 / 39:53-39:54

Johnny and Bobby can be seen earlier.

0,6 sec

43:24 / 43:28-43:32

Momo can be seen earlier on Stella.

4,4 sec

Alternative material
58:45-58:46 / 58:53-58:59

Little curiosity: The GB version shows an additional close-up on Benny while the German version offers a frontal shot of the three boys.

Therefore a dialogue is missing respectively is different. The GB version shows Momo who tells that Micky had crabs and got rid of them by washing in a river. In the German synchronisation Johnny doesn't want to believe that he really got rid of the crabs ("Maybe they are comming back?"). Momo tells him he would be very astonished. Benny asks him why he knows about the death of the crabs, he tells them that the pouder hit the crabs heavily and they won't survive it.

German DVD: 5,2 sec. longerr

British DVDGerman DVD

Remark: Another variance in the synchronisation: The age, which is stated to the doctor by Benny and Nilly, differs. In the German version both are 15, the GB version says they are 17.

76:57 / 77:10-77:11

Master error at the same point: Nilli can be seen longer when she enters the gynocologists room.

0,5 sec

77:57 / 78:11

Nilly earlier.

0,6 sec

90:43-91:14 / 90:57-91:28

The GB version offers another outro about 30 seconds earlier. The German DVD just enters with the soundtrack list which starts earlier in the GB version but runs slightly slower. Therefore there is no time difference.

British DVDGerman DVD