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  • Theatrical Version
  • Restored Version
Release: Jan 24, 2010 - Author: TheHutt - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The animation classic "Yellow Submarine" had some problems at its premiere in 1968 and revolutionized the complete genre of animated films for adults. Even though the Beatles were involved marginally, they were really fond of the psychedelic design by the German graphic designer Heinz Edelmann from Düsseldorf. That's the reason for their cameo at the end of the film.

In 1999 the film was completely restored. The sound and the image were edited to its original condition including the well-known "Hey Bulldog" scene. This scene was shown at the film premiere in England but when the film was released worldwide, the scene was cut out and replaced by a short dynamic battle scene to reach a lower running time. The video release in England in 1988 was a just a release of the Theatrical Cut as well.

Beatles fans demanded the studio for years to release the version including that scene because the song "Hey Bulldog" is considered as the best song of the original "Yellow Submarine" album. With the German DVD and video release that request was complied.

Basically both scenes build a different atmosphere: the battle scene in the Theatrical Cut establishes the Beatles as meddlesome leaders of the riot in Pepperland, but the music in that scene is kind of unsuitable. In opposite to that in the "Hey Bulldog" scene the Beatles are presented as pleasant losers who vanquish the enemy deviously and the atmosphere in this scene is more cartoon-like.

German Uncut DVD (FSK 6): 1:25:02 min Credits and United Artists logo excl.
UK Tape (BBFC U) incl. the Theatrical Cut: 1:21:50 min United Artists l excl. (credits non-existent).

Total difference: 3:12 min.
Scenes Theatrical Cut
After the ink's drained off the glas, a song starts. The Beatles play a song from the inside of the glas and they dance outside. The Blue Meanies are horrified by that and grab their ears.

Ringo hoots a trumpet, Paul yells "Beatles - to battle!"

The Blue Meanies try to escape, but they're chased by the residents of Pepperland.

The ammo of the Blue Meanies' cannons is nothing else but flowers.

The Beatles rush across a field. One of the Meanies squeezes the clown's nose. Instead of explosions words like "YES" and "OK" pop up.

The clown's on the run and Melanie overturns with the ladder. Panic among the Meanies.

Ringo searches Jeremy.

Since here it's equal to the Restored Version.
59 sec

Scenes Uncut Version
After the ink's drained off, the scene goes on. The Beatles outside (in the following called Beatles II) start to move and walk down the stairs.

The Beatles (I and II) shake each others hands and walk across the grass in pairs. They talk about war and that they're supposed to join the battle.

Paul yells: "Beatles, to battle - Charge!" Ringo (I) hoots his trumpet. The attack is disturbed by falling down lightning, the Blue Meanies arrive with their dogs.

Ringo (I) can jump behind a bush to avoid getting hit by a lightning. When the bush gets hit the Beatles are standing behind it.

The Beatles (I) step backwards into an autopiano. "We`re surrounded. - Nice dog, though." The Beatles hide in the piano and start spinning the crank.

The Song "Hey Bulldog" starts. The dogs react confused and check out the piano. First the dogs whack the Blue Meanie, then the clown who lands on top of him.

A dog starts to whine, the others bark at him. John (I & II) sing a song together. The dogs look at them, the seem to be confused.

John decoys the dog with a bone but actually he gives him some dynamite. The dogs put the dynamite into the clown's mouth where it finally explodes. The Beatles (I) escape from the piano, the clown's burried by dust.

Blue Meanies and the dogs check out the bushes, they search the Beatles. The piano runs past them, the Beatles (I & II) tease the dogs out of it.

The dogs follow the piano. A hand reaches out of it from the bottom up, instead of a bullet a flower pops up. The flower's filled with water that spills out.

The Beatles (I & II) are in the bush or the piano and they tease the dogs one after another. While the dogs are running up and down they howl confused. Then all the Beatles run away.

The dogs crash into the piano.

The Beatles run away, the song's over.

Ringo searches Jeremy (Theatrical Cut includes a different angle).

4 min 11 sec