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Stay Alive


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Jan 29, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Running time comparison
Due to the excessive use of alternative footage and recuts it was impossible to specify the exact amount of duration of the cuts made so we'll just compare the running times of both versions.
PG-13 version (US DVD, NTSC): 85:51 Min.
Unrated version (US DVD, NTSC): 100:46 Min.

Overall amount of the cuts
Due to the vast number of overlaps, heavy recuts and very much alternative footage it was equally impossible to specify the exact number of changes and cuts.
This report summarizes the changes made to 83 cuts / changes.

Due to many overlaps it was difficult to define categories. For example, there are changes that definitely can be counted as censorship but are so long and important for the storyline that they also have to be listed as storyline cuts. So some of the changes have been labeled with more than one category or left out entirely.

- 47 Censorship cuts / changes
+ 26 cuts
+ 20 Censorship cuts using alternative footage / recuts
+ 1 Audio censorship
- 2 new storyline sequences
- 7 extended storyline sequences / shots
- 2 extended action sequences
- 11 Alternative scenes
- 1 Audio change
- 12 missing scenes / shots in the Unrated version

The movie / the versions:
Among all the PG-13 horror flicks of the last years it attracts attention that "Stay Alive" received critiques nowhere as devastating as those that the often rightly so dispraised competition. And indeed Stay Alive is a decent B-movie with an atmospheric first half but nevertheless somewhat weak in the second half. Not great but no waste of time either – and a good deal gorier than the other PG horror flicks.
It should be out of the question which version is the better one – counting over 50 cuts, heavy storyline trimming and overall fifteen minutes shorter, the Theatrical Version is a tame bore for teenagers between 13 and 17 years of age.

Notes concerning the report
  • Recuts are not or only sporadically mentioned.
  • Mistakes are possible due to the immense amount of changes.
  • Some screens have been brightened up considerably because otherwise nothing would have been recognizable on the small screenshots.
  • Note:The brightened screenshots do not represent the original picture quality of the film where many shots are dark and not very detailed. In the film itself this is no problem while the little screens are barely recognizable. But some details are lost even in the film itself, for example the breasts of the hanged woman at the beginning that are barely visible even in the Unrated. Also, many of the violence cuts are only a few frames long and barely noticed in moving pictures – so it is important to bear in mind that the movie is not necessarily as brutal as it appears in this report.
  • The time indexes derive from the PG-13-Theatrical Version
After the game tester has opened the door to the bedroom we see the couple having sex a bit longer. The first shot after the opening door has been extended and another one has been removed.
2,9 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
Before he leaves again the following is missing in the Theatrical Version:
The girl in bed says that they have to get him a girlfriend while her boyfriend gets ready for round two, ordering the other guy outside. Before he leaves he tells them not to ruin their parents' bed and finally leaves after the guy in bed has put on a pig mask and gets ready.
15,97 Sec.

The Theatrical Version features an alternative shot of the guy closing the door behind him.
2,87 Sec.

Bilder (Unrated)

Bilder (Theatrical Version)

As the game tester finds his two friends dead the first shot of the bodies inside the blood-drenched room is missing. The Theatrical Version features a shorter shot that is the second shot in the Unrated (and also longer here (see next cut).
3,2 Sec.

The Unrated Version features a second shot of the corpses, of which a small part is also in the Theatrical Version (not listed among the cuts).
2,37 Sec.

He breaks through the handrail and is hanged by the neck.
0,67 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative shot
The first shot of the guy dangling from the noose has been replaced. In the Theatrical Version the shot is shorter and nothing is really recognizable.

Duration: 2,13 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 0,9 Sec.

The second shot is longer in the Unrated.
1,77 Sec.

Missing scene in the Unrated
A shot of an old cable car driving through the frame after the funeral is missing.
- 3 Sec. in the Unrated

Censorship / Alternative shot
In the Unrated the gamer says „Holy Fucking Shit. Really?“ not very seriously.
In the Theatrical Version he utters a concerned „That’s awful“.
The Theatrical Version is badly edited and shorter as well.

Duration: 2,9 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 0,97 Sec.

Extended storyline
Phin looks at the lighter.
0,97 Sec.

Alternative scene
As October tells Phin that he must have been adopted alternative footage has been used. In the Unrated we see her talking while in the Theatrical Version we see Hutch while the line is heard from the off. The Theatrical Version is a bit longer

Unrated: 1,33 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 1,53 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Theatrical Version the „It sucked“ from „I beta-tested for a while… It sucked“ is missing and the shot is shorter. The following shot is different in both versions. Reason: the gamer employs a peculiar comparison to testing games: " It's like eating a beav - it's awesome at first, then it's goddamn monotonous ". In the Theatrical Version the first part is: " Not to hear It's like eating a beav ". Because of the sexist line October glares at her brother in the Unrated.

Also rest of the scene is slightly recut as the gamer suggests that they play " Stay Alive " to which Hutch refuses since that was the last thing Loomis had done in his life.

The Unrated Version is longer altogether.

Duration: 21,87 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 16 Sec.

The gamer makes more sexist comments about the game.
12,67 Sec.

After Phin has made a sexist remark about the beautiful blonde, a longer part of the conversation incl. the construction is absent in the Theatrical Version - probably because of foul language.

The gamers sister tells him to shut up while he talks to Hutch: „Hutch, try not to fuck this one up“. He turns to his neighbor who says: „Don’ touch me, A-hole“. The gamer is surprised at the use of language: „A-Hole, Dude“. The "educated person" explains to him that informal speech is only for the small-minded. As a result the gamer calmly replies: „Sorry I offended you … fuck-ass“.
Then they talk further about how long they want to play. The small one says that he cannot stay that long. The gamer tries to persuade him, telling him of the "virginity" of the game. The small one considers something staying longer. Then Hutch and October come in, bringing another part of the equipment.

41,43 Sec.

And again a longer part of the conversation is absent. This time not on account of the mode of expression, but because of sexually notorious and equivocal contents.

After October has said: "Everyone who says size doesn't matter never played a third-person shooter.", she says to Hutch in the Unrated Version: "Can I have a 42-incher-incher. You know I like the big ones". Hutch laughs and replies: "Per usual, that's too much information". Then something occurs to him and he says: “Oh shit. Oh man“. He gets up and leaves the room.

10,67 Sec.

An absolutely pointless scene is rightly absent in the Theatrical Version. Although it concerns a longer storyline scene, the reason for the removal might have been censorship once more, because toilet paper and a shot of a young lady in unfavorable position on the toilet as well as foul language probably was too much for the PG-13 rating.

Hutch goes to the toilet, because it has occurred to him that there is no toilet paper at the moment. On the toilet sits Abigail. He knocks and explains the situation to her. She asks where she can find the toilet paper. He says that it is in the hall and he can send October to hand it over to her. Abigail asks Hutch to give her the paper. As soon as the door opens the toilet is clearly visible. And there sits Abigail in full splendor, doing her business. Because the door is not close the toilet she even must get up and take a step towards the door with pants around her ankles. The magnificent ending: Overpowered by the sight of a urinating girl Hutch gawks at her and forgets to close the door until she looks at him and reminds him of it. Nevertheless, they still talk a little. Abigail asks him where he got to know his friends. He replies they got to know each other while playing "Unreal Tournament". Then he realizes that she is no gamer and mutters to himself: „What the fuck is my problem?“.

Note: What has lead people to believe this scene is needed is beyond me. Toilet paper? In the hall? The description speaks for itself. Rarely have I seen such an unnecessary scene … It seems that the intention was to please the peeping toms at all costs. .
71,73 Sec.


This time: Drug abuse and foul language.

Hutch's boss, playing online with him, snorts cocaine, leans back and exclaims: "Fuck, that burns."
5,67 Sec.

Extended storyline
The display of Hutch's boss is seen longer before this enters his password.
1,13 Sec.

The joker says to the boss: "Get dirty old man". This replies from the off: “Need cool”.
1,63 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
To the joker the whole thing takes too long, which is why in the Unrated Version he says: "Can we skip this bullshit cinematic foreplay. I wanna fuuuuuuuck".
In the Theatrical Version a different shot of the joker has been used (a medium close-up). Moreover, here he says: "Can we skip this bullshit cinematic foreplay. I wanna butter this muffin."
Unrated Version slightly longer.

Duration: 3,53 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 3,01 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
As Hutch finds a secret room behind a wardrobe in the game the joker says: „Congrats Abs. You popped your cherry.“ In the Theatrical Version the last part "You popped your Cherry" is absent. In both versions alternative footage has been used. Theatrical Version minimally longer.

Duration: 1,23 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 1,43 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative scene / Recut
Briefly before the first game character - Hutch's boss - dies in the game the scene was re-edited and also alternative footage was used.

In the Unrated Version one sees on the display of Hutch's boss, while he explains the scenario in the cellar, a long camera pan in 3-D. He looks to a bathtub with a bloody corpse and anxiously rubs his eyes. The woman in red attacking him is identical in both versions.

In the Theatrical Version an alternative and shorter camera pan through the torture chamber is seen. The bath with the bloody corpse does not appear at all. Here, instead, another shot of Hutch's boss is shown. Then the second pan from 3-D perspective follows in the Theatrical Version - this is a part of the pan from the Unrated Version. The boss rubbing his eyes is also a little shorter than in the Unrated Version.
Duration: 8,53 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 8,17 Sec.

When the joker asks: „Where is the torture chamber?“ he adds in the Unrated Version: "Because I want some Ass". Also, we hear the the boss say "I don't know man …“
3,67 Sec.

Before the group interrupts their game session to go to bed the small one with the cap tells them in the Unrated Version that he has found out how one can see the small concubines naked. The joker asks for and receives a code that appears to be working. What happens on the screen is not shown.
15,8 Sec.

The boss hangs up the mirror again from which he has sniffed the cocaine. He wipes the remaining cocaine tracks of the hung up mirror with his finger and smears them across his teeth. Then he puts on his jacket and leaves the space.
17,17 Sec.

The second shot of the corpse of Hutch's boss is missing. Instead, Hutch is seen a little longer in the Theatrical Version.
In the Unrated Version the shot of the corpse is used to fade to the identical computer scenario with the same corpse. Also, the corpse in the games is seen not as long in the Theatrical Version.

Duration: 17,43 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 4,63 Sec.

Censorship (Audio censorship)
When Hutch is shown the corpse of his boss and turns away horrified, October gets angry: "Phiin, if you had any less sense, you'd be half a fucking penny".
In the Theatrical Version she says the same line, only without the "fucking".

The captions of the Unrated DVD also left this part out. However, this is the case with many US DVDs , being less censorship and more sloppiness.
No time difference

Extended storyline
The conversation between Hutch, October and Abigail on the balcony is cut slightly differently in both versions and is slightly different in content:

In the Unrated Version October says to Abigail: „So Abigail. What's your story? We do not know much about you, other then you've got poor bladder control and cannot game for shit.”
In the Theatrical Version the "other then you've got poor bladder control" is missing.

Unrated: 7,5 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 4,9 Sec.

Extended storyline
The scene in which the joker plays "Stay Alive" alone is longer in the Unrated Version at the beginning. He runs along a foggy forest track and hears a horse neigh in the distance.
14,1 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative shot / Recut
After the group runs back to the joker and find him with the head on the table he is not dead but gets up, smoking a pipe.
In the Theatrical Version not only the end of the scene was cut but also an alternative, slightly different shot was used and the scene re-edited a little bit (insignificantly).

Unrated: 13,73 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 3,9 Sec.

Screenshots (Unrated)

Screenshot (Theatrical Version)

New storyline scene
After Hutch has made investigations about those that died at the beginning of the movie a longer scene after he has left the room is missing.
In the Unrated Version he runs across the hall leading to his late boss's office. There he hears the loud vibration and finds a cell phone under the table. Hutch picks it up and answers the call. At this moment he sees a silhouette in the door that turns out to be the secretary who had come to collect Millers stuff. Upon leaving Hutch notices that the mirror is smashed. The latter provides the only really important info in the scene, because in the finale it occurs to Hutch that the Countess hates mirrors.
95 Sec.

Missing scene in the Unrated Version
As a Hutch tells about his investigations a shot of Abigail is missing.
- 0,93 Sec. In the Unrated

Theatrical Version longer / Alternative footage
At this point the Theatrical Version is significantly longer. However, a scene almost identical in content is seen later in the Unrated Version.

After a short silence October tells Hutch that she believes he is right. She pulls out an old book and mentions her grandmother telling her about the legend of Garouge. Then she explains that the game matches with the details of this legend. She explains that the Countess destroyed all mirrors because she did not want to watch herself age. When people found out about the murders they entombed her in her tower and the Countess promised to return.
Hutch is skeptical and says that his only interest is what has happened to his late friends. However, October pictures the Countess killing everyone who played the game which annoys Hutch even more. October doesn't care and only wants to know where her brother is.

However, the Unrated Version does not simply end; Hutch is seen nervously walking up and down while October says: "More importantly right now: Where the fuck is my brother?"

Unrated: 5,47 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 47,2 Sec.

Screenshot (Unrated):

Screenshots (Theatrical Version):

Alternative scene
When the ensemble goes to help the joker who nearly had an accident with his sports-car, a different shot is used in both versions. In the Unrated Version we see the whole group leaving while in the Theatrical Version Abigail only says: "Let's go".
No time difference

The joker is run over by the carriage and dragged along with it longer.
1,7 Sec.

Phins corpse is seen longer in the Unrated Version.
2,47 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
As October bends over the corpse of her brother different footage was used in both versions. In the Theatrical Version only October is seen most of the time and only for a marginal short moment do we get to see her bloodstained brother. In the Unrated Version we see him the whole time (also longer).

Duration: 13,9 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 8,1 Sec.

Censorship / Extended scene / Alternative footage
The bird's-eye view tracking shot away from the corpse of the brother and his crying sister is clearly longer in the Unrated Version. Octobers are shown trying to comfort her. Then the ambulance and police roll in, seal off the area and the corpse is covered. When the detectives appear one of them removes the cloth from the dead boy and looks at his face while the other one interrogates the group. The small makes his statement when Hutch approaches from behind and opens the Laptop.

On the screen the corpse is seen in the game. This shot is also included in the Theatrical Version where the corpse is seen a bit longer because here it wasn't shown at all up until now.
65,67 Sec.

Extended storyline
Hutch stands longer in front of the laptop and recognizes that Phin must have played "Stay Alive". He asks the small guy when Phin has played. The little one answers that Phin said that he hadn't played the game.
4,63 Sec.

Alternative footage
The scene in which Hutch tells the policeman that all people have died in real life just like in the game is shown in different shots in both versions. In the Unrated Version one sees Hutch talking, followed by a shot from the van while in the Theatrical Version the whole event is shown from inside the van.

Unrated: 25,87 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 24,1 Sec.

Extended storyline
The policeman makes fun of Hutch's theory that somebody would commit the murders exactly like in the game. Hutch underlines once more that he isn't the killer.
25,1 Sec.

Alternative footage
While the policeman tells Hutch that he will arrest him next alternative footage was used:

In the Unrated Version the conversation is heard only in the off while we see the other detective playing with the Laptop. In the Theatrical Version the conversation is seen the whole time.

Duration: 5,06 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 4 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
The first shot in which the game character of the detective is tied the chair and his mouth dragged open by wires is different in both versions. The Unrated Version is clearly longer. Though in the Theatrical Version a close-up is shown, it is shorter. Also, a creaky noise is heard only in the Unrated Version when the mouth is pulled apart.
The subsequent shot in which Hutch wants to pull the detective away from behind is longer in the Unrated Version as well.

Duration: 4 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 1,6 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Unrated Version we see the head of the detectives game character being torn apart and much blood gushing out.
In the Theatrical Version we see the detective and Hutch wrestle over the Laptop.

Duration: 4,13 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 1,33 Sec.

Alternative footage
As the detective has left the game store and receives a phone call while he runs to the car, a different take was used in both versions.

Unrated: 17,27 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 13,6 Sec.

The whole death of the detective in his car is absent in the Theatrical Version: After he has turned round to the ghost in the back seat two wires enter his mouth, pulling it apart. He screams and a disgusting noise is heard. Occasionally a cut to the identical scene from the video game is included. Then we see the outside of the car and with a wet noise a huge amount of blood splashes against the windshield.
10,8 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
As Abigail sees the bloodstained room in the game testers house different footage was used in both versions.
In the Unrated Version the shot of the room is considerably longer. However, in the Theatrical Version Abigail is seen longer and only one short shot of the room is shown before Hutch approaches her and takes her aside.

Duration: 3,93 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 3,2 Sec.

Extended storyline
The scene in which Hutch talks to October on the way to the programmer of "Stay Alive" is different in both versions. First an alternative shot of Hutch with the phone is shown. In the Theatrical Version October is only seen for a short time before she gets up and phones with Hutch.
In the Unrated Version she already talks with him while sitting on the bed. She thinks that a supernatural explanation might be possible and they start to argue again. Only then she takes the cell phone in the Unrated Version (also in the Theatrical Version).

Unrated: 25,5 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 5,27 Sec.

Screenshots only from the Unrated

Missing scene in the Unrated Version
Hutch asks October whether she really thinks that a ghost has been resurrected and is doing all this. She answers to him that one would only need the right text.
- 6,13 Sec. in the Unrated

New storyline scene / Censorship
Before Abigail and Hutch want to convince themselves of the fact that a ghost is involved, a huge part of two complete scenes is missing in the Theatrical Version encloses. In the second scene numerous corpses are shown, which is why in the PG-13 Version it has been tried to put the content of that scene somewhere else:

Abigail and Hutch go - as also planned in the Theatrical Version - to the house of the programmer of "Stay Alive". They look around round the house a bit, Abigail takes some photos and then has a look at a collection of porcelain dolls. Suddenly the programmer stands behind her and asks what she wants. Abigail notices the scissors in his hand; the same as in the game "Stay Alive". The man asks her who she is and she tells him her name. Hutch appears and again the man asks what they want from him. When it is clear that he was the programmer he says that they never should have taken his game. Then they sit together and he tells them of the origin of "Stay Alive": All his life he wanted to make a very authentic horror game and the story about the Countess seemed suitable to him. Later Hutch tells the man that five people have died and programmer asks him what he has got to do with it. Abigail answers that all people have died just like their characters in the game and that he should answer their question while showing him the photos of the deceased. As a result the programmer tells them of a book called "The Lady of Blood" which was written by a citizen of the town. They should look for the author and ask him.

(Change of scenery)
Abigail and Hutch have found the author of the book and are in her apartment. The woman tells them the story of Elizabeth Bathory:
Once the Countess had been very pretty to town from Romania more than 200 years ago. Nobody knows exactly why Elizabeth left her homeland, however, she had a thing for torturing young girls. Hutch asks why she did this. The woman tells them that the Countess wanted to remain young forever. The woman further explains that the Countess smashed all mirrors in her mansion. Abigail asks how killing the girls could help her to stay young. During this part of the conversation bloody corpses hung up or tied to tables. The explains why the Countess murdered numerous girls to stay young: One day one of her maids cut accidentally cut her and she furiously stabbed the maid to death. Later, she believed to feel that her skin has become softer where the blood had touched her. From then on she murdered more girls and bathed blood. She hunted them down in her carriage and brought them to her torture chamber where they all met their end eventually.
The woman goes on to tell that one day the local security services couldn't ignore the rumors any longer. Altogether 39 girls had been murdered. During this part of the tale we see one of the detectives who has gotten hold of some books to study the legend. While he browses through the books in his car we see flashbacks of the death of his colleague (see 0.45.42). Meanwhile, the writer talks about that the citizens of the town immured the Countess in her tower as punishment. Tthe Countess cursed the whole town, promising to return one day. To Hutch's question where the Countess' plantation is today the author answers that the property burned down over 100 years ago and only the black tower in which the Countess were immured remained. The citizens, however, have sworn to never talk about the Countess again. But with the right spell the Countess could have been resurrected.
Altogether 7 Min., 23,6 Sec. (443,6 Sec.)

Alternative footage
Completely different footage has been used for the whole ride back home, the biggest difference being that Hutch drives in the Unrated while Abigail does so in the Theatrical Version
The Unrated Version is longer, concerning the contents, however, identically.

Duration: 21,7 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 11,97 Sec.

Alternative footage
The Theatrical Version features an additional shot of the Countess stabbing Abigail.
The Unrated Version contains only one of the two shots but this one is about 3 frames longer than the two shots from the Theatrical Version combined.

Censorship / Alternative footage
After the Countess has cut Octobers throat, two short shots are included in the Theatrical Version once more while in the Unrated Version only one of these two shots is seen. The shot of the Unrated Version is longer once more. Also, only in the Unrated October makes a gurgling noise as she dies.

Duration: 2,63 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 0,83 Sec.

The Unrated Version features another shot of Octobers. A lot of blood runs across her face and a wet noise is heard.
2,27 Sec.

Hutch is seen a bit longer above October.
0,3 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Unrated Version we see a second shot of Hutch over October. This is shot from the bird's-eye view and shows Octobers bloody face more clearly. Hutch says: "Don't fucking leave me".

In the Theatrical Version the small guy with the cap is shown instead

The following shot in which Hutch is seen again over October was also exchanged, but looks nearly identical.

The Unrated Version features a shot of October and hutch pulling her up to hold her.
In the Theatrical Version the small guy is shown again.

Then the Unrated Version features a shot of Hutch holding October in his arms.

Duration: 14,87 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 6,5 Sec.

Alternative footage
When Hutch says that they must find the Countess' corpse, completely different footage was used in both versions again that basically only consists of other perspectives.
Content difference: In the Unrated Version Hutch says that the programmer knows everything about Elizabeth Bathory. In the Theatrical Version he says that whoever has programmed the game must know everything about Elizabeth Bathory - since in the Theatrical Version they never met the programmer.

Unrated: 9,1 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 7,7 Sec.

Audio change
When Hutch says that the programmer exactly knows where the plantation is, the sound was adapted in the Theatrical Version once more to avoid continuity errors.
No time difference

Missing scene in the Unrated
In the Theatrical Version the small guy is seen before whipping out his Laptop.
- 2,57 Sec.

The small guy says: „Go on, get out of here. I got these punk-ass bitch motherfuckers handled“ before Abigail and Hutch enter the programmers house.
4,3 Sec

Missing scene in the Unrated
While Abigail and Hutch approach the programmers house Abigail says: "This is where they made" Stay Alive "?". Hutch answers: "Seems like a strange place to make a game". In the Unrated Version both lines are absent and the shots were shortened accordingly.
- 2,3 Sec. in the Unrated Version

Missing scene in the Unrated
Abigail looking at some porcelain dolls of which one looks like the Countess is missing.
- 12,3 Sec. in the Unrated

Alternative scene
Before the small guy calls Hutch on his mobile phone alternative footage has been used in both versions:

In the Unrated Version Hutch looks at a dream catcher hanging in front of the window.

In the Theatrical Version Hutch looks through the window and sees a shed in the garden.

Duration: 9,9 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 9,4 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
Abigail finding the programmers corpse is missing in the Theatrical Version. Different shots have been used after the lights went out in the programmers storage room.

In the Unrated Version Abigail tries to use her lighter right away and she finds a mask with worms in its eye holes before the lighter goes out again. When she turns it on again she finds herself next to the programmers corpse.

In the Theatrical Version the light flickers and she uses her lighter after the lights went off completely. Then she suddenly has worms from the mask that is seen in the Theatrical Version for a short while hanging into her face.

Duration: 8,8 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 5,63 Sec.

Alternative footage / Theatrical Version longer
The next shot of Abigail is different as well.

In the Unrated-Version we see a shorter shot from farther away of Abigail crawling along the floor.

The Theatrical Version features a close up of her. Then we see a face in advanced state of decay next to her – presumably the corpse of the programmer

Duration: 2,57 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 3,27 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
Again different footage has been used.

In the Unrated she crawls back and finds a female corpse with its back to her. The lights go out and the next moment there is a little decayed girl staring at her – and another one. The next moment she is in front of a wall and rotting hands are grabbing hers.

In the Theatrical Version she stops in front of a curtain and screams but nothing happens. Since the previous and the next shot of Hutch are longer in the Theatrical Version the scene is a bit longer altogether.

Duration: 8,03 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 9,63 Sec.

Theatrical Version longer
The small guy is seen longer in the car.
0,43 Sec. in the Unrated

After the small guy has opened the door for Hutch, Hutch says: „This is…“. The small guy finishes the sentence: „…fucking insane“. In the Theatrical Version he only says „…insane“.
0,13 Sec.

Theatrical Version longer
In the Theatrical Version Hutch barges in a bit longer. The following shot of Abigail screaming is longer as well.
- 2,03 Sec. in the Unrated

Alternative footage / Theatrical Version longer
After Abigail has been saved and recognizes Hutch in front of her different footage has been used in both versions as Abigail hugs him. In the Theatrical Version the scene runs longer and they kiss each other.

Duration: 5,7 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 15,27 Sec.

Extended storyline / Alternative footage
When Hutch says to Abigail that they need a hammer and she picks up some old garden shears both versions are different.

Abigail is only seen briefly before Hutch agrees to use the shears as a hammer. Then they walk through the gate across the graveyard and hear a horse neigh in the distance, frightening them both.
30,97 Sec

Screenshots (Unrated):

Theatrical Version:
Here Abigail is seen much longer before she hears a noise and turns around. The following shot of the carriage is contained in both versions.
1,83 Sec

Screenshot (Theatrical Version):

Extended action sequence /Alternative footage / Recuts
In the Unrated-Version they run away from the carriage a bit longer and in alternative as well as differently arranged shots.

Unrated: 12,3 Sec.
Theatrical Version: 9,73 Sec.

Theatrical Version longer
The Theatrical Version shows another shot of the two running away from the ghosts.
- 0,73 Sec. in the Unrated

The ghosts as well as Hutch and Abigail are seen longer.
3,03 Sec.

Extended action sequence
More running away.
3,23 Sec.

As they reach the torture chamber and close the door behind them Hutch remembers the murdered girls. Several bloodstained corpses are shown rapidly.
8,7 Sec.

Theatrical Version longer
A short shot of Hutch putting the first nail into the Countess.
- 0.37 Sec. in the Unrated

Censorship / Alternative footage / Recut
The Finale in which Hutch puts nails into the Countess while she tries to kill Abigail who dangles upside down from the ceiling is presented considerably different in both versions.

  • Abigail is not seen hanging and screaming immediately. The Unrated Version slowly fades in and we see Abigail who apparently was unconscious. She slowly opens her eyes. The camera turns and zooms away at the same time. Now we see Abigail hanging from the ceiling and she screams.
  • Distant shot of the torture chamber in which Abigail is hanging. Beneath her we see the bloody bathtub. The Countess is standing in front of her.
  • Cut to Hutch holding a nail to the Countess' body, ready to strike.
  • Cut to Abigail in the torture chamber. The Countess comes closer.
  • Abigail screams and tries to reach her tied up feet.
  • Cut to Hutch getting ready to strike.
  • Cut to Abigail trying to escape by reaching for her chains.
  • The Countess observes Abigails her rescue attempt.
  • Cut to Hutch who strikes now.
  • Shot of the hand of the Countess' corpse moving her finger.
  • Cut to Abigail and the torture chamber. The Countess stands in front of Abigail. Abigail screams.
  • The Countess holds the hand beneath Abigail and then licks off her finger. Abigail groans with fear.
  • Cut to Hutch placing the last nail on the Countess' forehead.
  • Cut to the torture chamber: The Countess undresses, planning to bathe Abigails blood after she has killed her. The Countess reaches for a spear.
  • Cut to Hutch hesitating.
  • Cut to Abigail - the Countess touches Abigails face and belly with the spear.
  • The cut to Hutch, ready to deliver the blow (2 shots)
  • Cut to Abigail - the Countess continues to stroke her face with the spear.
  • Close-up of the Countess' face.
  • Cut to Hutch finally piercing the Countess' skull with the nail.
  • Several fast-cut pictures of victims of the Countess. Victim of the older past, as well as the movie victims.
  • Cut to Abigail - the Countess before her has disappeared.
  • Cut to Hutch. The tower shakes. A shot of the spot where Hutch has hit the nail into the Countess' forehead. He still holds the scissors. Some objects are falling to the ground.
  • Abigail swings to and fro over the bathtub.

  • Altogether 101.43 Sec.

Screenshots (Unrated-Version)

Theatrical Version
  • Abigail hangs under the ceiling screaming right away. She screams louder and louder while trying to free herself.
  • Cut to Hutch holding a nail to the Countess' body, ready to strike.
  • Cut to Abigail in the torture chamber. The Countess comes closer.
  • The Countess holds the hand beneath Abigail and then licks off her finger. Abigail whimpers: „No. No.“
  • Hutch delivers the blow and the Countess' finger moves.
  • Cut to Abigail with the spear in front of her face. The Countess moves the spear in front of her (mostly different shot than in the Unrated).
  • Hutch places the nail on the Countess' forehead and hits the nail immediately.
  • Cut to Abigail - the Countess has vanished.
  • Cut to Hutch. The tower shakes. A shot of the spot where Hutch has hit the nail into the Countess' forehead. He still holds the scissors. Some objects are falling to the ground.
  • Abigail swings to and fro over the bathtub.

  • Altogether 43,47 Sec.

Screenshots (Theatrical Version)

Censorship / Alternative footage
After the Countess has removed the nail from her head, a drop of blood flowing from the hole is missing in the Theatrical Version.
In the Theatrical Version, instead we see another shot of Hutch.

Duration: 8,03 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 6,27 Sec.

Theatrical Version longer
In the Theatrical Version Hutch holds the Laptop with the reflecting surface in his hand a bit longer.
0,43 Sec.

Extended scene
Hutch turns to the Countess behind him a bit longer in the Unrated.
0,5 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Unrated version an other shot of the Countess is included where blood drops out of the hole in her head. In the Theatrical Version Hutch is seen longer instead. Then the Theatrical Version shows a shot of the Countess in which one sees the hole in her forehead. However, this shot is shorter and no blood is seen.
No time difference

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Unrated version we see the Countess burning and running through the also burning room. Here only few shots of Hutch remembering the accident in his childhood are included.

In the Theatrical version the shot of the burning Countess is missing. In exchange, many shots in which Hutch remembers the accident in his childhood are included. Then we see him sitting in the corner. The Theatrical Version is longer altogether.

Duration: 4,9 Sec.
Theatrical Version
Duration: 10,8 Sec.

Censorship / Alternative footage
In the Unrated Version the dead Countess' face is badly burned and bloody. In the Theatrical Version it is just white.

No time difference

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