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Hercules and the Captive Women

original title: Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: May 17, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Hercules Conquers Atlantis

In ancient Greece, the strange natural phenomenon in which the sky turned blood-red causes astonishment. At an oracle, Hercules and Androclo, the king of Thebes, learn that Greece is threatened by a mysterious force. Since no other of the kings declares himself willing to let his army fight against an unknown enemy, Androclo sails alone with a ship into battle. He is accompanied by Hercules' son Hylas, the shrewd Timoteo and through a ruse, he also has Hercules at his side. On the high seas, the ship is caught in a storm in which Androclo goes overboard. Hercules is stranded on an island ruled by the monster Proteus. Hercules defeats Proteus in a duel and wins over the beautiful princess Ismene. Ismene leads Hercules to her home, the island of Atlantis, which is ruled by her mother Antinea. Hercules is warmly welcomed, but he has the feeling that something is wrong. He has visions of Androclo, who seems to be alive. Antinea is not very pleased that Ismene is still alive, since according to a prophecy Atlantis will perish if her daughter outlives her. Hylas and Timoteo manage to prevent the murder of Ismene and Hercules also slowly finds out Antinea's secret.

In Hercules and the Captive Women (also known as Hercules Conquers Atlantis), Reg Park makes his film debut, taking on the role of Hercules after two appearances by Steve Reeves, as did Hercules in the Haunted World, released the same year. As the title suggests, Hercules lands in the fabled Atlantis and has to deal with an evil royalty there. Thanks to many twists and turns, colossal cardboard backdrops, mutable monsters and colorful costumes, the film is thoroughly entertaining.

US version shortened

In the US, the film was released by the Woolner Brothers in an edited version. The beginning of the movie with the bar fight was shortened and some scenes with the two dissolute senators were removed when Androclo is asking to go into battle. Also missing is Hercules sleeping comfortably on the ship during the storm. Here, they probably wanted to make the film a little more fast-paced. For the US version, the music was also replaced by stock music. Thus one comes into the benefit of titles, which were already present in Jack Arnold's Creature from the Black Lagoon. By the way, the Woolner Brothers also worked on the sequel Hercules in the Haunted World.

In the US, the version by Film Detective was released on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the colors are distorted and the picture was filtered too much. Very unfortunate, otherwise the US version shows more picture information than the French DVD. In the bonus material is the MST3K version, which does a decent job of spoofing the film. The French DVD by Studio Canal unfortunately has some film tears, with only the longest ones mentioned in the report. At one point, two shots are lost as a result. Very unfortunate, otherwise the version is complete.

Picture comparison:




US BD: 95:09 min.
FR DVD: 100:47 min. (99:58 min. without Studio Canal logos)

Comparison between the US Blu-ray by Film Detective and the French DVD by Studio Canal.


The US version has newly designed opening credits. Right at the beginning it reads "Woolner Brothers presents".

After that, a map of Greece can be seen, while a following text can be heard from a speaker.

"This was ancient greece. Divided into states, each ruled by its own king. The king of Thebes was Androclo."

The DVD begins with the Studio Canal logo. (14 seconds)

During the opening credits, a woman is seen dancing through the tavern with a pitcher. The men present watch her with interest. She pushes away every man who comes closer to her. When the woman kisses a man at the end of her dance, a brawl breaks out.

US: 1:40 min
OV: 3:24 min.


The man is seen longer in the wine barrel trying to get out of it. The next shot of the brawl starts earlier.

OV: 6 secs.


Another man is hit by the bag swinging around. More scenes of the scuffle follow. In the midst of all the commotion, Hercules is quietly eating his meal. When his mug is broken, the waitress wants to bring him a new one. Androclo asks Hylas if he could ask Hercules to help them.

OV: 1:13 min


The US version shows Androclo being grabbed by several men. The scene comes later on the DVD.

On the DVD, a man is thrown against a jug, which breaks. Timoteo, who was hiding inside, wants to get into the next jug, but it is filled with wine. Hylas lands under a table by the dancer and kisses her.

US: 7 sec.
OV: 20 sec.


Hercules cuts down some meat. Hylas is not bothered by the scuffle and kisses the dancer until he is pulled away again. The waitress gets a pitcher broken and shortly after she gets a new one thrown at her. Hylas once again asks Hercules to help them, but he says he is further along in the meal. More scenes of the brawl follow.

OV: 1:04 min


A man throws jugs at Hylas and Androclo. They help Timoteo behind their barricade. Hercules pays for his meal.

US sets in as he stands up.

OV: 17 secs.


The US fades from the economy directly to the scene where Hercules and his men are mounting their horses.

On the DVD, Hylas is seen tied up on a horse and raving about the waitress. Timoteo douses Androclo with water and tells Hylas to tell more. Hercules says he should stop and admonishes Hylas that because of him the king of Thebes got into a scuffle. Hylas is to marry the daughter of the king of Gaia. Then Hercules admonishes Timoteo that he should not incite his son either. The men mount their horses.

US: 2 sec.
OV: 1:15 min.


Two of the senators note that it is not at all clear by whom Greece is threatened.

OV: 15 secs.


The two senators note that if the king defends the land and the others attack, that the latter will then take their lands. The king finds this to be an invitation to fight, but the two senators were returned.

OV: 38 sec.


The camera pans further to the two senators, who snidely joke about being ready to defend themselves.

OV: 11 secs.


Androclo has had enough. He tells those present to have their warriors ready to defend themselves. The two senators say he is too impulsive and they don't even know the enemy. He asks if no one is willing to follow him, but the two senators dodge again.

OV: 20 secs.


The two senators ask Androclo who will rule the country in his absence. Androclo says that it will be the council. One of the senators wants to know what will happen if Androclo dies. Androclo calls them pigs because they are already thinking about his succession even though he hasn't even left yet.

OV: 29 secs.


Camera continues on Hylas, Androclo and Timoteo as Hercules kisses Deianira.

OV: 3 secs.


During the storm, Hercules is asleep on deck. Hylas is tossed back and forth below deck. Timoteo tells Androclo that Hercules would rather sleep than help them. Timoteo is told to take the wheel and Androclo wakes Hercules. He tells him that they are in a storm and need to raise the sail. Hercules thinks this is a good idea and lets Androclo do the work, but he has to help Timoteo at the helm. When Timoteo pulls on the rope he is pulled up into the air. Hercules thinks this is funny.

As Hercules gets up to help Timoteo, the US resumes.

OV: 1:26 min.


A wave washes up on deck as Hercules stands by Androclo at the helm.

OV: 2 secs.


In the US version, you can see the sea earlier.

US: 4 secs.


The DVD is missing two shots that are included in the US.

The servant is seen bringing the chalice to Hercules and Antinea. Then a cut to Hercules and Antinea.

US: 3 secs.


Missing part of the DVD:

Hercules runs further down to the palisade to help Hylas.

US: 2 secs.


Missing part on the DVD:

Hercules is seen earlier as he comes out of the secret passage.

US: 1 sec.


As Atlantis goes down, the US is missing how a man is blinded by the explosion, then a cut to the island.

OV: 4 secs.


The US fades in "The End" a bit later, then short credits roll.

The DVD fades in earlier to "The End." A blur of French credits follows, followed by the Studio Canal logo.

US: 26 sec.
OV: 42 sec.