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4.05 Mind Games


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Jun 01, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut episodes on the US DVD by Lions Gate / FOX and the uncut episodes on the German DVD by Warner Home Video.

The differences:

5 cuts = 1 minute and 47.5 seconds.

There is no need to make many words about the hilarious TV show "ALF". You doesn't know it has at least heard of it even though it has been quite some time since something new from the ALF universe was released. Anyway, the show consists of 4 seasons and aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Furthermore, there are two animated series ("ALF: The Animated Series" & ALF Tales) and a motion picture from the mid 90s.

As to the US Versions, a few minutes of each episode were cut for syndication in order to show more commercials. Unfortunately, these syndication versions were also released on DVD. Understandably, the fans were disappointed that the DVDs do not contain the uncut episodes. Whether or not the uncut episodes will be released one day (perhaps on Blu-ray?) is the million dollar question.
0 Min
Alf: (Yo! Everybody up for Jeopardy! raise their hand and give me a dollar!)
Brian: Sorry, Alf! I'm jeopardied out!
Alf: How about you, Kate? You must be over yesterday's trouncing by now!
9 sec

3 Min
Willie: (Do you mind?)
Alf: Hey, it's your radio! Or should I say, your soon-to-be smoldering heap of electrical debris?
Willie keeps soldering, ALF watches him closely. When Willie then looks at ALF, he looks somewhere else. This is being repeated one more time. Then Willie says: All right, uh, what am I doing wrong here?
Alf: No! Far be it from me to come between a man and his hobby!
Willie: Well, could you far be it for me, please?
Alf: But there's nothing good on TV and I've read all the books in the house, and I know what's on the top shelf of every one of your closets! You were quite the letter writer in your day, Sugarlips!
Willie: Stay out of my letters!
52 sec

8 Min
Katherine: (Maybe yoga is not such a great idea!)
Alf: Then what am I supposed to do? I'm not cut out for aerobics, cubing cheese is no challenge and I already fixed Sugarlips' radio!
Kate then gives ALF a dubious look.
12 sec

20 Min
Alf: (Who's threatened? I'm coming from a very secure place!)
Larry: Ah, picking up some hostilities here!
Alf: Can't we just have a simple dialogue between our adult ego states?
8 sec

21 Min
Alf: Now I know what Jung meant when he said: "The growth of the mind is the widening of the range of consciousness and each step forward has been a most painful and laborious achievement!"
Willie: That's very insightful!
Larry: Personally, I always thought Karl Jung was a big weenie head!
26.5 sec

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