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I Spit on Your Grave

original title: Day of the Woman


  • BBFC 18 Re-Release
  • German DVD
Release: Mar 17, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened British DVD reissue released by 101 Films / Screen Entertainment (BBFC 18) and the uncensored German DVD released by Astro .

24 altered scenes (due to censorship)
* 17 cuts (one of these was covered up by replacing it with repeated footage)
* 7 speed changes in the UK version

- Difference in time: 51.5 sec
- Overall lenght of the cuts (not including the speed changes): 113.6 sec

Additional differences in time result from several errors of the master of the German DVD. However, these errors always have a runtime of under 0.5 seconds, therefore they were not included in this report to keep it as clear as possible.

Meir Zarchi's Rape'N'Revenge movie from 1978 has a long history of censorship in the UK. At first the movie was included on the infamous "Video Nasties"-list and only in 2001 was finally released with the highest rating (BBFC 18) - in a heavily altered version that was missing out on 7 minutes. However, the real difference in time was slightly smaller since some of the cuts were covered up by using "alternative footage" - however, there's no new footage, they instead simply repeated several scenes two or even three times. This report can be found here.

Apposite to the release of the remake the producers decided to reissue the movie in september 2010. Since several classics from the same genre were finally released uncut over the years many fans looked forward to this release with great anticipation - and were unfortunately let down again. Even though the new "Ultimate Edition" is longer than the previous UK releases (which results in the comment "the most complete version ever released in the UK" on the front cover) there's still a total of 2 minutes of missing footage. This is very unfortunate, especially because the release itself is quite nice, offering an informative booklet and a poster. Interestingly enough, the movie was also planned to be released in Ireland but the Irish Classification Office (IFCO) didn't allow it to be released.
The reissue was completely re-worked and (with the exception of one scene) does not include the ridiculous repetitions of the old UK release. However, they found a new method to reduce the difference in time - they often reduced the speed of the scenes which surround a cut. Sometimes this method works fine (e.g. for reaction shots), sometimes it doesn't (especially when characters move). Overall, the "Ultimate Edition" is more revealing than the old BBFC version and the new cut makes it more pleasant to watch the movie.

However, if you want to see a fully uncensored version you still will have to import the movie from the USA or other countries. Over the last few years, "I Spit on Your Grave" was out of print (and therefore quite expensive) in the USA, however, Anchor Bay released a reissue of the movie alongside the remake in februrary, 2011 - unfortunately, it doesn't include the nice gimmicks of the UK release.

The time designations are given as follows:
UK DVD [PAL] / German DVD [PAL]
The black screen at the beginning of the UK version is slightly longer.

+ 1 sec

25:39 / 25:37-25:39

In between 2 shots of Johnny you see another shot of him lying on Jennifer.

2.1 sec

25:40 / 25:40-25:44

The next shot of Johnny is slightly longer - he continues to thrust. This is also shown from a different angle.

4.3 sec

25:43 / 25:47-25:55

Johnny is shown minimally longer. Then follow additional shots of the rape.

8 sec

25:45 / 25:57-26:02

Jennifer is shown a little longer. Then you see 2 additional shots (one of them shows Matthew in the background and the other one shows the events from a different angle).

4.7 sec

25:47 / 26:04-26:08

Matthew is shown longer. Then you see Johnny lying on Jennifer.

4.5 sec

25:53 / 26:14-26:20

When Johnny is finished, he stays on top of Jennifer, obviously exhausted. His mates bottle her up.

5.6 sec

26:45 / 27:12-27:16

Jennifer crawls away.

4.2 sec

Speed Change
26:45-26:53 / 27:16-27:18

The shot of Matthew was heavily slowed down while the soundtrack continues in regular speed.

UK version 5.2 sec longer.

26:53 / 27:18-27:19

The beginning of the following shot (Johnny gets up) was cut out.

Overall, the UK version's slower scene completely makes up for the runtime of the 2 cuts.

1 sec

31:58 / 32:24-32:29

A missing shot of Jennifer being bottled up by her tormentors.

4.5 sec

Speed Change
31:58-32:29 / 32:29-32:48

Another shot of matthew was slowed down for the UK version. The following shot where the guys hold Jennifer was also slowed down and this time you can really notice it since they move.

UK version 12.1 sec longer.

32:29 / 32:48-32:55

In return, the UK version misses out on the ending of this scene: Andy pulls his braces and his trousers down.

7.4 sec

Speed Change
32:29-32:35 / 32:55-32:59

The following shot of Matthew was slowed down again and so was the next shot of Jennifer.

UK 2.5 sec longer

32:35 / 32:59-33:07

A long shot of Jennifer being violeted was cut out. She screams. Andy hits her. The first 5 frames of the following shot were cut out as well.

7.7 sec

Speed Change
32:35-32:56 / 33:07-33:19

The rest of this sequence (as well as several following shots) were slowed down for the UK version.

UK version 8.2 sec longer.

32:56 / 33:19-33:22

The next long shot of the rape was completely cut out. The following shot of Matthew is missing out on 0.3 seconds towards the beginning - it's not impossible that this was cut out unintentionally.

2.9 sec

35:36 / 36:02-36:15

Jennifer crawls forwards a little longer. Then follows an additional shot of her lurching away. She supports herself against a tree.
13.1 sec

Speed Change
35:36-36:20 / 36:15-36:46

The next half minute (where the tormentors clean up) was slowed down for the UK version to make up for the loss of footage in the previous scenes.

UK version 13.1 sec longer.

42:27 / 42:53-42:56

When Stanley violates Jennifer he steps on Matthews behind.

3.2 sec

Speed Change
42:27-42:36 / 42:56-43:01

The next shot of Stanley was slowed down for the UK version.

UK version 3.8 sec longer.

42:36 / 43:01-43:02

For no apparent reason the beginning of the following shot of Stanley (you still hear him saying "I can't come!") was cut out. However, this completely balances out the difference in time.

0.6 sec

Repeated Scene
42:39-42:41 / 43:05-43:24

In the UK version the last part of the shot of Stanley was repeated. You see him drinking (this won't be illustrated again, an image of this scene was already shown at 42:27-42:36).

In the uncut version you see a long shot of Matthew lying on Jennifer - apparently, things don't quite work out as he had imagined it. The others make fun of him and Stanley pours some liquor over Jennifer's face.

Uncut version 17.2 sec longer.

Speed Change
42:42-43:11 / 43:25-43:37

The scene where Stanley gets up and puts his clothes on was slowed down for the UK version.
This makes up for the loss of footage. The soundtrack continues in regular speed (you hear the blokes making fun of Stanley).

UK version 17.2 sec longer.

45:24 / 45:50-46:12

Jennifer is shown again. Stanley pushes her arms away and then the situation escalates: he pulls his pants down and shouts at her - he tells her to pleasure him orally.

22.6 sec

At the end of the movie the UK version includes 2 additional credits.

+ 52 sec