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Release: Sep 17, 2011 - Author: NUR DIE RUHE - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The Movie
In this rather heavy movie, Todd Solondz (writer and director) uses his experiences in the movie business to create two totally independent episodes calld "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction". Both segments star well-known actors like Selma Blair, Leo Fitzpatrick, Robert Wisdom, Paul Giamatti, Franka Potente or John Goodman and describe the process of writing and creating movies.

The MPAA initially rated Storytelling as NC-17. However, as this rating hardly allows movies to be shown in cinemas, the producers also handed in a censored version which then got the R-Rating. The censoring in this movie was rather special as no cuts or alternative footage were used. Instead, big colored rectangles were put over the picture. Therefore, the censoring does not apply to either audio or running time. The uncensored version was then later released on DVD without showing it to the MPAA again as an Unrated DVD.

Comparison between the censored R-Rated and the uncensored Unrated, both taken from the US DVD.

2 uses of censoring = No difference in running time
20:39 - 21:07
When the professor removes his underwear, the censorship begins. He takes Vi from behind against a wall and tells her to say "Nigger, fuck me hard!" repeatedly. She does so, even though not willingly.
No difference in time

21:37 - 21:49
The professor fucks Vi now faster and harder. He still urges her to say "Nigger, fuck me hard!".
No difference in time