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Cannibal Ferox


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Nov 23, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Grindhouse Releasing).

In her dissertation, Gloria postulate the hypothesis that cannibalism never actually existed, it was just propaganda of Western civilization. When an article about cannibalism rumors in the Amazon region is published in a newspaper, she, her brother Rudy and her friend Pat go the Amazon region in order to eliminate any doubts of her work. En route, they have trouble with their jeep so they continue their journey on foot. In the jungle, they come across two dead natives and encounter Mike and Joe, two New Yorkers who encountered cannibals when they were searching for emeralds. Mike tells Gloria and the others that she had been locked up and tortured by natives. On the run, Joe gets heavily wounded by a spear and the group schleps across the jungle. They get to a barely inhabited native village and decide to rest so that Joe can recover. Pat gets involved with Mike and Gloria is informed by Joe that Mike made the whole thing up. The truth of the matter is that Mike locked up and tortured the natives because he assumed they were hiding emeralds from him. Gloria and Rudy decide to run but a group of natives who are out of sorts with the visitors are on their way back to the village.

Even after 30 years, Cannibal Ferox is still as terrifying as it was back in the days. Similar to Cannibal Holocaust, the movie tells the story of regular, civilized people that bring murder and fear to a native village whereupon the natives respond with vengeance. And again, at the end of the movie, you ask yourself who are the real savages in this scenario. Other than that, there is a lot of violence and unfortunately, there is real animal cruelty as well.

Grindhouse Releasing did it. They managed to get their hands on some deleated scenes and the Blu-ray contains the option to watch an Extended Version that contains those scenes. Who had always trouble dealing with the animal cruelty scenes better stick to the Theatrical Version because the scene with Mike killing the pig in the pit is even longer now. Also, there is a bit new footage after Rudy got away from the piranhas and faces the natives. Mike now yells at them that they should kill him.

The Blu-ray is very recommendable. In addition to very good sound and picture quality, it contains a lot of bonus features as well. Among other things, there is a documentary called "Eaten Alive: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film" and lots of interviews.


Theatrical Version: 93:01 min
Extended Version: 93:21 min


Further shots of Mike killing the pig.

Extended Version: 10 sec


Another bloody shot of the pig.

Extended Version: 3 sec


The shot of the pig starts earlier.

Extended Version: 2 sec


Mike pulls the knife out of the pig that twitches one more time. This is still the same take.

Extended Version: 1 sec


Rudy yells at the natives that they should kill him.

Extended Version: 5 sec