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  • UK Version
Release: Nov 03, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US version was compared with the UK version. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Kino Lorber.


A jogger collapses in London. He regains consciousness in a hospital bed, but notices with horror that a leg has been removed. Over the next few days, more limbs are removed. A series of murders of young women shocks London. The investigating policeman Detective Bellaver is faced with a mystery, because some of the victims are missing a considerable amount of blood. The policewoman Sylvia investigates undercover in a nightclub, where she is approached by the attractive Keith. He gives her a ride in his car and tries to murder her, but Sylvia's colleagues help her in time. Several times Keith manages to escape the police as he seems to have superhuman powers. The chase ends when Keith throws himself into an acid tank on Dr. Browning's estate. Meanwhile, the officer Konratz has several rivals murdered in a fascist military state in order to further expand his power. He negotiates with Fremont, a representative of the British government, that his state will release various British prisoners if information about the murders is withheld from the public. The young medical examiner Dr. Sorel realizes that Dr. Browning is the one who is responsible for everything. He has a secret laboratory where he can create artificial people with special abilities. His next victim should be Sylvia.

If you consider that Scream and Scream Again features the three horror icons Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing together for the first time, you might be surprised about the result. Vincent Price is said to have said in an interview that he didn't understand the script, which you can't blame him for. There are three different storylines that seem to have nothing to do with each other. On the one hand, there is the jogger, whose extremities are surgically removed bit by bit, on the other hand there is the case of the vampire, who tows women away in a disco and murders them until he is finally caught by the police and the scenes in the military state in which an officer named Konratz kills several people. These storylines finally come together at Dr. Browning, who makes supermen out of corpse parts.

Those who approach the movie and expect a classic horror story, which one can likely assume with the three main actors being present, might have been a bit surprised by the supposedly confused plot about fascism and unsolved murder cases, in which suddenly vampires and artificial humans appear. Admittedly, it takes a while until you understand what the movie wants to tell us and you can lose interest in some of the long plot scenes, but it's worth it to stick around. Halfway into the movie, at the latest, you are drawn into its weird pulp universe.

You also shouldn't put too many expectations into the three big names, because Vincent Price and Christopher Lee are only side characters for a long time and only meet at the very end. Peter Cushing's performance on the other hand is very short. Besides Scream and Scream Again, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing can only be seen together in the movie The House of the Long Shadows.

There are two cuts of the film on the US Blu-ray by Kino Lorber. The UK version is the original version of the film which was adapted for the US market. In addition to minor changes (e.g. some scene transitions) there are four striking differences. When Sylvia and Keith make out in the car, they are observed by an old drunken man. All shots of the old man are missing in the US version. When Keith climbs up the cliff a little later, you can see Bellaver throwing two stones at him, which finally leads to Keith's crash. Finally, in the finale there is a little more dialogue between Fremont and Dr. Browning. The UK version also shows how the car drives away at the end and another cut to the abandoned lab can be found. In the US version, the picture freezes and the credits follow.

For the US version, Kino Lorber apparently resorted to the same transfer as in the previous Twilight Time release. One can be very satisfied here. Colors, contrast and sharpness are very well done. The UK version on the other hand obviously comes from a 35mm cinema print with some tears. Quality-wise, this transfer is a bit worse, whereas the 35mm characteristics have their charm.

Note: only longer film tears are mentioned in this comparison.



UK version: 94:41 min.

US version: 94:33 min.


The UK version begins with the X rating by the BBFC.

Next up is the Warner Pathe logo.

The US version shows the MGM first, then the AIP logo.

UK: 18 sec.
US: 27 sec.


The UK version continues to show the man. A kind of camera pan follows, then the car can be seen. The US, on the other hand, fades in and out again only as the car can be seen. The pan shot is missing.

UK: 3 sec.
US: 3 sec.


Just like before. The UK shows the dead Capt. Salis longer, followed by a pan shot. The US fades in and out again.

UK: 4 sec.
US: 4 sec.


The soldiers are visible longer. The next shot starts earlier.

US: 3 sec.


The UK version shows another shot in which the woman obscenely moves her hand up and down the joystick.

UK: 4 sec.


After the car has stopped, the UK cuts to an old man watching the couple. Cut to both of them, then again to the man drinking from a bottle.

UK: 7 sec.


In the UK, Keith pulls the woman to him. The older man continues to watch and wipes his mouth.

UK: 7 sec.


In the scene in the morgue, the picture is zoomed in in the US version.

No time difference


As Keith climbs up the rock face, Bellaver grabs two stones from the ground and throws them to Keith.

The US doesn't start until he slides down.

UK: 13 sec.


Film tear: The policemen are longer visible, afterwards the man earlier.

US: 2 sec.


After Fremont said "It is too late now.", the dialogue between him and Browning goes a little further.

Browning: "But the dream?"
Fremont: "There is only time for nightmare"

Browning nods. Fremont approaches him.

UK: 10 sec.


In the UK version, the car drives away at the end.

Then you can see the abandoned laboratory.

In the US version, the image zooms to Fremont and freezes. The credits follows.

UK: 30 sec.
US: 45 sec.