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4.15 Mort


  • US SciFi
  • DVD
Release: Sep 17, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
In the center of the darkest area of the Dark Zone, the universe of evil, chaos and depravity, there's a planet anyone and everyone of us is very familiar with: the earth. According to 790, the trustworthy robothead, the earth is a classic type 13 planet in its final stage of development that typically ends in self-destruction. Sometimes through wars, often through environmental catastrophe. But more commonly a type 13 planet is unintentionally collapsed into a pea sized object by scientists trying to determine the mass of the Higgs boson particle. The perfect timing for the Lexx to show up...

The Season
In comparison to the previous seasons, the fourth and final season is entirely different. It takes place on earth in the former present. Well, a few months in the future (as of original airing) to be precise. Mostly, it's satire - sometimes critical of society - with the affinity to slapstick. While S1 - S3 was a Canadian German co-production, S4 is a Canadian British co-production which explains the lack of German actors in minor roles and the presence of British actors instead.
Similar to S3, each episode builds upon the previous episode. Except that, compared with S3, the overall plot is pretty thin here. A noteworthy image seen in this season is the crew watching TV, which implies that S4 shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

The Episode
Mort is, as his name implies, a mortician. He is, as some morticians, a strange little fellow. He collects bodyparts of his deceased customers to revieve his deceased love, Deedee. Deede was a hoodrat, a village bicycle or whatever you want to call her, in her life. She let anyone "tap it". Everyone except Mort. But Mort loves her - even beyond death. When Xev arrives, Mort believes to have found two good new bodyparts for his Deedee.
But Xev is part clusterlizard and hence has a bloodtype that is not compatible with Deedee's. When the group finds out, they're sympathetic to Mort's situation and want to help him. So Kai gives a bit of his protoblood, so that Deedee may come to life again...

The Cuts
Unfortunately, the episode at hand was missing the opening and ending credits, therefore there are no time designations for the cut version.

Only one scene, running 30 seconds, is missing from the episode.

The TV version omits a part of the exciting chase scene.

approx 30 seconds