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  • Korean DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 26, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Korean DVD and the German Uncut DVD.

This suspenseful Spanish thriller by Alejandro Amenábar was released uncut in the US. For some reason, the Korean DVD by DAUM is cut. It contains a very long cut with a length of exactly 20 min. But I doubt that this cut has been made for censorship because the few hard scenes are still in it. Either it's just a removal of a longer plot scene or the production of the DVD has been screwed up. But I don't know any deets I'm afraid.

The Korean DVD also contains 6 further missing sec because of some problems with the master tape, but that's not going to be mentioned in this comparison anymore.
00:00 Only the German Uncut DVD contains the VPS logo.
17 sec

02:18 The end the beginning of a shot are longer in the Korean Version.
+ 5.5 sec

57:54 After the security was bribed with the porn tapes by Chema, a tremendous cut follows in the Korean Version:
First of shot of Angela sleeping in her bed when she wakes up because she heard a noise. She notices someone, switches the light on and looks around.

Afterwards, she is sitting on her bed anxiously. Suddenly the door opens. It's Brasco with his video camera. He sits next to Angela on the bed and, when she asks him how he came in, he gets out the keys and subsequently a knife.

He holds the knife to her throat, some blood leaks. Then they start kissing. Bosco slides down her body between the legs. Then a shot of Angela from a video camera's POV. When she recognizes the camera, it's already too late. Bosco rams the knife into her body.

But it turns out that it was just a dream because Angela's mother suddenly comes in and says that Professor Castro was on the phone. Angela answers his call and becomes aware that Castro wanted to talk to her about her dissertation. While talking on the phone, Angela looks out of the window and spots Yolanda on the street. After the phone conversation, the door bell rings and Angela goes to the intercom system. It's Yolanda. She wants to talk to Angela but Angela pretends she wasn't home.

At the faculty: Angela spots Bosco and Yolanda. She leaves immediately when she's being spotted by him.

Afterwards in Castro's office: Angela welcomes him. They're talking about the dissertation first, where Castro comes up with more and more unpleasant questions about violence. He continues and wants to know why she decided to chose that subject and switches the TV on. There's a surveillance video on the screen, which shows Angela finding Professor Figureoa's dead body and the tape. It's obvious that Angela feels less and less comfy and Castro insists on getting a reply from her what that was all about.

Now follows an intercut: shot of Angela's mother answering the phone. It's Chema who wants to talk to Angela. Then Castro's office again. Angela is close to tears when the phone rings. When Castro answers, he says to Angela that it was for her with surprise. He asks her to answer the call in the sideroom. It's Chema. He warns her about Castro because he seems to involved somehow. Unfortunately, Castro listens on the other line. He runs after her when she leaves the room hastily but she can lose him.

Subsequently a shot of Angela at Chema's. He shows the surveillance tape to her in the archives. The video begins with Professor Figueroa hiding from someone. It turns out Castro is the guy he's hising from. Then Chema says there was a secret stash in the archives with more snuff tapes. Angela says the video cameras had to be there as well but Chema explains that wasn't true. Angela doesn't want to hear that and says they had to search the entire archives one more time.

Then a shot of Angela, who meets Yolanda on her way home. After that a shot of them in a café or sth. Yolanda tells her an extraordinary story. She explains Vanesse, Bosco and herself joined a workshop for direction. A preliminarily stranger, who was possessed by snuff videos, was involved and so was Castro. When the guy became more and more creepy, she talked talked Bosco in leaving the workshop. After a short while, Vanessa was vanished without a trace. Then she tells Angela that the stranger nobody else but Chema, but Angela doesn't want to hear that. Then Yolanda shows her a picture with Chema and Bosco on it.

Finally some scenes at the faculty. Chema is singing a song. Angela is there, too. After a while, she asks him why he hadn't told her he knew Bosco. Chema replies he didn't want her to get worried but Angela is still angry with him.

Total length: 1201 seconds

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