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  • UK VHS
  • German VHS
Release: Aug 29, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Extended Version on the UK VHS (PG) and the uncut Extended Version onn the German VHS (FSK 12)

- 1 cut
- Length difference: 17.9 sec

As one can see in another comparison, only an Alternate Version of this comedy flick with Mel Brooks has been released on DVD worldwide. This version is probably the common US Version. Anyhow, the German VHS contains a longer version, but due to the German audio track, it is not an option for international audiences.

One can hit paydirt in the UK though, where a longer alternate version has been released on VHS. But since the studio wanted a PG rating, one scene was required to be removed in order to get the BBFC's approval: one comment was too much for a PG rating because it contains an F-bomb. Due to the rather harmless German dubbing, it was not an issue. But apparently, that F-bomb was the reason for removing the entire scene with the character Fumes' comment.

Later on DVD, the UK got the worldwide identical shorter version - the DVD is rated BBFC 12. But since the previously removed scene was back in, the DVD is labelle as "Full Uncut Version" - obviously made without having any knowledge about the cuts for an international DVD release. Compared to the BD/DVD releases from other countries, it is "full uncut", but compared to the earlier VHS Version it is not.

Time index refers to
UK VHS in PAL / German VHS in PAL
82:04 / 82:04-82:22

After Bolt and the homeless guy without legs came up with a plan, Fumes actually makes an announcement on TV.

Host: "The ceremony has erupted into pandemonium. As of yet, I'm not exactly sure what's happening."
Fumes grabs the mic: "This is Fumes, reporting from downtown and I'll tell you what's happening. The rich and famous are having a party in our neighborhood and we fucked it up. Back to you."
The host gets his mic back and asks: "Is this going out live? Are we live? Oh, jeez!"

17.9 sec