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Hot Dog... The Movie


Daughter of Dr. Jekyll


  • Original Version
  • US TV Version
Release: Feb 15, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Original Version (German DVD by Anolis) and the US TV Version (TV45).

On her 21st birthday, Janet Smith and her fiancÚ George Hastings visit her parents' huse. After her father's death, the manor is being takes care of by Dr. Lomas who did not invite them for no reason. He reveals to Janet that she is the daughter of Dr. Jekyll. A man who is feared in the area. Janet is afraid that her father's madness could affect her as well. Shortly afterwards, dead women with teir throat torn open are being found. Haunted by nightmares, Janet assumes that she is the killer...

The Original Version of the movie is less than 70 minutes long but in the mid-60s, the movie was prolonged for TV because a length of approx. 75 minutes was required. There are new opening and end credits plus two additional scenes. At least, the first additional scene is from the movie "Frankenstein 1970" - as the trailer shows - and Frankenstein became Dr. Jekyll. That scene does not really fit in the movie because later on, Janet sees herself as the killer in her nightmares. The second scene with Dr. Lomas being chased by the villagers is probably from that movie as well.


Original Version (German DVD): 66:50 min (PAL)
US TV Fassung: 73:38 min (NTSC)

The TV Version begins with an opening.

We raise a familiar ghost from its moonlit grave to bring you a sequel to the story of the world's most famous monster. on the eerie grounds of an ancient manor house in England, lies a tomb with a grim history. Within the tomb is the body of the man know as Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde. These are the startling revelations concerning an unknown secret, buried with the fiend.. and discovered by the girl who never knew she was the "Daughter of Dr. Jekyll"

TV Version: 1:27 min


During Janet's first dream sequence, the TV Version contains new scenes with Dr. Jekyll chasing the girl. The girl gets in a lake and Jakyll follows her.

TV Version: 1:08 min


When George and Janet have decided to make a run for it, the TV Version contains footage of Dr. Lomas running from furious villagers.

TV Version: 47 sec


Additional end credits in the TV Version.

TV Version: 38 sec