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  • Theatrical Version
Release: Mar 02, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
There was a lot of criticism for Mel Gibson's bible epic The Passion of the Christ when it was released in cinemas in early 2004. Besides alleged antisemitic tendencies, it was mainly the explicit violence which made many viewers and critics condemn the movie. However, there was no lack of commercial success despite all this. The well-made movie about Jesus' last days is to this day the most successful R-Rated movie in the US and grossed more than $600 million worldwide. In order to both make some more money and raise acceptance levels, Gibson later announced a re-release of the movie to the silver screen in a new and Recut version.

For this Recut, Gibson replaced a big part of the gory scenes with less drastic footage, removing almost five minutes of violence. Supposedly, this version was intended to receive a PG-13 rating, which did not work out as there are still many scenes left that make this impossible. The movie was eventually released as "Unrated" but failed to be the success it was expected to be.

This is a comparison between the Recut and the original Theatrical Version, both by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

There are 88 differences:

67 cut scenes
17 scenes with alternative footage
4 recuts/additional scenes in the Recut

The Recut is 280,18 seconds (4:40 minutes) shorter than the Theatrical Version.
15:35 minutes
The hard landing after the fall was shortened.
0,38 sec.

37:57 minutes
A shot of Judas hanging at the tree was removed.
3,09 sec.

53:40 minutes
The Roman with the stick can be seen a frame earlier.
0,04 sec.

53:45 minutes
Jesus gets hit two more times on his back.
5,84 sec.

53:50 minutes / 53:40 minutes
Different takes of the shot of Jesus' face.
2,09 sec. / 2,17 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

53:56 minutes
Another hit.
3,46 sec.

54:00 minutes
Jesus can be seen a bit earlier.
0,04 sec.

54:05 minutes
Another hit.
2,33 sec.

54:08 minutes / 53:52 minutes
Jesus is hit on his feet. The Recut shows alternative footage which the Theatrical Version shows later [54:28 minutes].
0,71 sec. / 1,34 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

54:09 minutes
Jesus gets beaten more.
7,92 sec.

54:20 minutes
A hit on the back.
1,92 sec.

54:22 minutes
And one against the leg.
1,08 sec.

54:28 minutes
Several hits and a shot of Caiphas were removed.
4,59 sec.

54:57 minutes
Jesus can be seen being hit again.
1,13 sec.

55:01 minutes
He drops on his kness and gets beaten with the stick some more.
4,38 sec.

55:28 minutes
A close-up of Jesus. His hands are trembling.
4,09 sec.

56:34 minutes
The Roman with the whip walks behind Jesus. Others laugh.
2,13 sec.

56:58 minutes
Jesus is being whipped.
9,59 sec.

57:12 minutes
Jesus tries to get up a little.
1,62 sec.

57:30 minutes / 56:36 minutes
The Theatrical Version shows more of the Roman ripping the metal hooks out of Jesus' back.
1,13 sec. / 1 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

58:09 minutes
The next whiplash in the off, blood splatters into the Romans face.
2,54 sec.

58:16 minutes
Another whiplash.
4,17 sec.

58:27 minutes
John and Mary Magdalene, which holds her hands in front of her face. Then more torture. Mary cannot stand it and wants to leave.
9,13 sec.

57:28 minutes
The Recut shows the shots of John, Mary Magdalene and Mary at this point.
5,05 sec.

57:33 minutes
The Recut shows two more whiplashes.
2,59 sec.

59:18 minutes
The previous torture scene from the Recut can be seen longer here in the Theatrical Version.
3,04 sec.

59:21 minutes
The torturer strikes out.
1,08 sec.

59:24 minutes
Jesus' trembling hands.
1,29 sec.

1:00:35 minutes
The judge orders the torturers to stop and gets up. He then makes a gesture ordering to turn Jesus around.
20,94 sec.

1:01:12 minutes
The whip hits Jesus' chest.
2,67 sec.

1:01:35 minutes
A shot of Jesus.
3,05 sec.

1:01:58 minutes
Jesus is being whipped more.
6,38 sec.

1:02:10 minutes
Jesus can be seen earlier.
0,84 sec.

1:03:10 minutes
0,75 sec.

1:03:42 minutes / 1:01:59 minutes
Jesus suffering is over for the moment. The shackles are being removed and they want to carry him away. The Recut shows less explicit footage.
13,22 sec. / 8,13 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:03:57 minutes
The shot of Jesus being carried away starts earlier.
0,63 sec.

1:04:07 minutes
Another shot of Jesus being dragged across the floor.
4,96 sec.

1:04:39 minutes
A tracking shot along the blood on the ground.
6,13 sec.

1:05:15 minutes / 1:03:15 minutes
The Roman hurts his hand at the crown of thorns. The Recut shows his face, the Theatrical Version him and his buddies walking towards Jesus.
4,09 sec. / 2,34 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:05:28 minutes/ 1:03:26 minutes
The Romans can be seen pushing the thorns of the crown into Jesus' skin. The Theatrical Version shows this in a close-up whereas the Recut sticks to a longshot.
3,26 sec. / 1,59 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:05:34 minutes / 1:03:30 minutes
The Romans get off of Jesus. He is being mocked and goes to his knees. The two versions feature different footage, the Theatrical Version is a bit closer to the action.
4,71 sec. / 3,46 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:05:44 minutes
The Roman beats Jesus with a stick against his head.
3,67 sec.

1:07:58 minutes
Jesus is smacked in the face.
2,5 sec.

1:08:39 minutes / 1:06:27 minutes
Pontius Pilate goes towards Jesus. The recut shows this from further away.
No difference in running time.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:09:10 minutes
Pilate and Jesus can be seen longer.
0,29 sec.

1:14:13 minutes / 1:12:01 minutes
The recut lacks a whiplash.
No difference in running time.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:17:30 minutes
Blood is running out of Jesus' mouth.
1,88 sec.

1:17:59 minutes
Jesus can be seen lying on the ground and raising his head earlier.
0,17 sec.

1:19:32 minutes
Jesus is being beaten in the background.
0,75 sec.

1:19:37 minutes
And again more beating.
1,21 sec.

1:20:50 minutes
1,04 sec.

1:20:57 minutes
Jesus' face in a close-up.
2,71 sec.

1:21:00 minutes
The Roman strikes out earlier.
0,13 sec.

1:21:02 minutes
A Roman beats Jesus again.
1,21 sec.

1:22:46 minutes
Jesus tries to get up.
5,67 sec.

1:23:06 minutes
Jesus looks at his helper a little longer.
0,37 sec.

1:23:46 minutes / 1:21:18 minutes
Jesus on the ground. The two versions feature different footage, probably because of blood coming out of his mouth.
No difference in running time.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:25:03 minutes
Jesus is being kicked.
0,83 sec.

1:25:08 minutes
A kick in the stomach.
1,25 sec.

1:25:14 minutes
Another kick.
0,96 sec.

1:25:22 minutes
And another one.
0,75 sec.

1:27:03 minutes
A hit on the back.
0,79 sec.

1:28:13 minutes / 1:25:40 minutes
Jesus is carrying the cross, the Recut shows less gory footage again.
No difference in running time.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:30:53 minutes
Jesus and his helpers can be seen again carrying the cross. He is being hit by a Roman.
1,75 sec.

1:30:56 minutes
Another smack.
1,54 sec.

1:34:57 minutes
Two Romans can be seen before Jesus tries to get up again.
10,8 sec.

1:36:49 minutes
The first nail is driven into Jesus' hand.
2,71 sec.

1:36:54 minutes / 1:34:05 minutes
The Recut shows Jesus' face instead of the nail being pushed in harder.
2,54 sec. / 3,09 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:37:36 minutes
Jesus in agony.
3 sec.

1:37:53 minutes
The hand can be seen when the Roman stretches the arm with the rope.
3,29 sec.

1:37:58 minutes
Jesus can be seen a little longer.
1 sec.

1:38:00 minutes
The Roman pulls the arm until it breaks.
1,63 sec.

1:38:01 minutes / 1:35:03 minutes
Mary Magdalene is startled in the Theatrical Version but not in the Recut.
1,7 sec. / 2,43 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:38:16 minutes
Jesus' face can be seen when the second nail is being hammered in.
2,34 sec.

1:38:21 minutes
Another swing to nail the hand to the cross.
2,17 sec.

1:38:27 minutes / 1:35:26 minutes
Alternative footage showing the nail coming out on the other end of the cross.
2,63 sec. / 2,63 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:39:01 minutes
More shots of the feet being nailed to the cross.
3,63 sec.

1:39:12 minutes / 1:36:06 minutes
Again alternative footage during the crucification. The gory footage was replaced by a shot of Jesus' face in the Recut.
4,05 sec. / 2,67 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:39:16 minutes
After the nails are in, the Romans turn the cross around and beat the ends of the nails to the side. Mary Magdalene is watching. They then turn the cross around again.
90,18 sec.

1:36:09 minutes
The recut shows Mary Magdalene again, the hammering Roman, and the the Roman on top of the horse.
5,05 sec.

1:36:20 minutes
The Recut shows the hammer going down. The Theatrical Version shows the scene earlier.
4,34 sec.

1:43:45 minutes
Jesus raises his head earlier in the Theatrical Version.
0,71 sec.

1:46:13 minutes / 1:41:44 minutes
The infamous scene in which the crow destroys Gestas' face was altered for the Recut as well. The Recut shows the bird before the Roman tries to scare it off before it starts picking, in the Theatrical Version it is the other way around.
10,34 sec. / 8,17 sec.

Theatrical VersionRecut

1:53:47 minutes
The Romans beat against Dismas' legs, he drops his head.
4,21 sec.

1:53:53 minutes
Another hit against the legs.
2,42 sec.

1:54:19 minutes
More blood splatters out of the wound.
0,21 sec.

1:54:21 minutes
The Roman Jesus' ribs again. Blood flows out.
1,71 sec.

1:59:46 minutes / 1:55:06 minutes
The ending credits feature different movie titles, "The Passion of the Christ" respectively "The Passion Recut".
No difference in running time.

Theatrical VersionRecut