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Sisterhood, The


  • UK DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 28, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK DVD by Moonstone and the US Blu-ray by Code Red.

2021 - After the nuclear holocaust, women are being suppressed in a post-apocylyptic society. The Sisterhood, a group of women with extraordinary skills, set against male dominance. During an attack, Vera gets seperated from her group and gets affiliated by the Sisterhood. Coincidentally, they find a hidden arms depot. Armed to the teeth, they attempt to free some of their members from the gruesome Lord Kragg.

"The Sisterhood" is a rather mediocre Cirio H. Santiago/Roger Corman apocylypse flick. It does not get interesting until the girls can get their hands on the weapons and the plt focuses on explosions and shootouts. Absolutely incredible is Rebecca Holden (April from the second season of Knight Rider) as amazon.

The UK DVD lacks a few scenes with sexual violence. A shirt gets ripped open, girls are chained etc. Nowadays, it is rather harmless though.

Screenshot Comparison:



Running Times:

UK DVD: 85:48 min
US BD: 92:22 min

One of the guys tears up the girl's shirt and starts touching her. She bites in his hand but that only makes him angry.

BD: 20 sec


Jump-cut: Extended shot of the two girls riding off.

BD: 2 sec


Jump-cut: The two girls earlier.

BD: 3 sec


Jump-cut: The girls are coming down the stairs.

BD: 2 sec


The baddies are standing around. Mikal comes out of his tent and orders Vera to start cutting. He gives her food and asks if she was OK.

BD: 34 sec


The men are on their way upstairs.

Subsequently, one of the men warns Lord Kragg of three witches in front of town and an upcoming attack. Lord Kragg finds it rather amusing and takes the man to a room with chained women.

He caught all of the women and offers the man the assignment to take them to the Western Kingdom. He tells him to undress one of the women but she bites in his hand. But then, he does undress her after all. Last but not least, he points out the "War Wagon" one more time.

Then the two girls a little earlier.

BD: 1:46 min


Alternate end credits.


DVD: 55 sec
BD: 1:01 min