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Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger

original title: Injamunsalsu


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 20, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD by Hollywood Video and the uncut German DVD by Schröder Media

- 7 cuts
- Duration: 96 sec (= 1:36 min)

A few additional jumpcuts with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.

The 1982 eastern Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger, co-directed by Godfrey Ho, is far away from the other patchwork stuff of the trash icon. Basically, it is a straight genre flick with two familiar faces (Dragon Lee and Hwang Jang-Lee). Worldwide, hardly any completely uncut releases of the title are known, but this is changing now with the German DVD. This was originally announced for July, but was then postponed somewhat.

As Vol. 30 of the Asia Line series, available from October 12, 2020, the version known from the German VHS was taken as a base. Thanks to its good quality, widescreen and only a few cuts, it was actually a very good option. Just under half a minute of missing parts, probably caused by damaged reels, were inserted for the German DVD. They come in a different picture format, probably sourced from the British DVD. Said UK release though was censored in a few scenes for illegal weapons and sexualised violence.

Runtimes are arranged according to the following scheme:
UK DVD in PAL / German DVD in PAL
Both versions have the identical opening credits, but in the UK the aspect ratio is wrong here. As so often, the rest of the film was zoomed in and while the opening credits are therefore uniformly distorted to 1.66:1 for the UK DVD, this was corrected for the German DVD.


00:55 / 00:55-00:56

After the opening credits, the German DVD switches to the German VHS source, which shows more widescreen picture than the UK DVD. The first shot is also shown a little earlier.

0.6 sec

16:54 / 16:55-16:57

At the beginning of the shot you can see here that Lord Evergreen received the letter with a throwing star. The camera moves towards it and Lord Evergreen takes it out first.

2.1 sec

33:50 / 33:53-33:54

Jumpcut: After Tiger has asked Susan about the origin of her tattoo, she looks down at first.

0.8 sec

66:59 / 67:01-67:17

Susan is flogged earlier and Tiger observes this with a satisfied look on his face.

16.4 sec

67:01-67:06 / 67:19-68:28

After a close-up of the whipping torturer was included, another long shot is missing. We see Susan again and in between Tiger watches with pleasure. Further flogging as well as close-up shots of the suffering Susan. Sometimes further cheering can be heard and all the way through the song Oxygene VI by Jean Michel Jarre plays in the background.

In the UK version only a shorter part of one of Susan's close-ups was included here and the song is missing completely.

Original version 63.7 sec (= 1:04 min) longer

67:55 / 69:17-69:21

The camera pans down from Susan's face to her breasts and Tiger says: "Cover her nakedness! Hurry up."

4 sec

70:46 / 72:12-72:20

Dragon and Jack Lam turn forward at the end of the shot. Throwing stars are flying around and they dodge them several times.

8.4 sec

77:30 / 79:04

After Susan has shown her whipped breasts (also in the UK version!) and then flashes pop up briefly, the follow-up shot of Tiger moving back begins insignificantly earlier in the UK version.

+ 0.6 sec

Finally a small image comparison. The German DVD is unfortunately also not in the original format, but nevertheless offers more picture information than the British DVD.