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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

original title: Rainbow Six


Euro N64 Version
Rating: ELSPA 15+
Region: Großbritannien

US N64 Version
Rating: ESRB Teen, 13+
Region: USA

Release: Sep 29, 2015 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: Blake47
Development and gameplay:
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was released for PC in 1998. One year later, it was also ported for the current console generation (N64, PSX, DC and GBC). The PC version was developed by Red Storm Entertainment, die N64 version was ported by Saffire Corperation. Nobody would have thought that with this game a whole new sub-genre (the "tacic shooter"-genre) was born. Rainbow Six was also the basic model for the famous shooter "Counterstrike". Back in the days, Rainbow Six was referred to "action strategy" as there was simply no other shooter like it before. In comparison to other shooters, the player has to arrange his gear all by himself before a mission starts. It is important to think this through carefully as some missions need special gear (e.g. only silenced weapons are useful in hostage situations). The player also has to choose his comrades for the different operations, whereby each member has special abilities and weaknesses. The members are divided into teams. Finally, the mission has to be planned (the player is able to set waypoints and action marks for each team). When a teammember dies within a mission, he is not available for the rest of the game. Every shot is deadly, both for the player and the enemy.

The story:
The multinational anti-terrorist squad named Rainbow Six is sent to a mission to frustrate apparently incoherent terrorist attacks. But it comes to light that these terrorist groups originate from a certain organisation called the "Phoenix Group". The Phoenix Group (as exposed later in the game) develops a virus named Shiva that should wipe out almost all mankind in order to protect the nature.

The N64 version:
The N64 version of the game received mostly good ratings as the fundamental gameply was well ported and the atmosphere was dense. The coop-multiplayer for two players was also a big plus of the game, not to forget to mention the novel Operation Rainbow , which was used as the game's template. Tom Clancy also worked together with the developers. Seen from the technical side, Rainbow Six was pretty average: the developers used a 16 MB module - unfortunately this can also be seen at several points: there was no space for hi-res graphics, the speech output and soundtracks were kept at a minimum, some missions were missing and in some situations, the gameplay was simplified. The Expansion Pak only ensured that some additional enemies were integrated in the levels and it also saved the game from crashing; but no further improvements were made. In comparison to the PC version, the N64 version contained a more atmospheric soundtrack. Despite the technical cutbacks, Nintendo's home console version was still quite good.

The censoring:
Unfortunately, all PAL versions are censored. The censoring also affects the gameplay: In the mission "Deep Magic", the player has to deactivate a security system without being noticed and thereafter download some computer data. In the PAL version, it is possible to shoot the enemy into the back and so eliminate the terrorists one by one. This procedure does not work in the US version.

The comparison:
The uncensored US version (ESRB: Teen 13+) is compared with the censored UK version (ELSPA 15+).
Switch to turn on/off blood and corpses

This switch was removed in the PAL version. The blood effects always have to be turned to "ON" in the US version if full gore is wanted.

US versionPAL version

Blood and Corpses

Killed enemies in the US version cause a blood pool on the ground. In der PAL version, the corpses simply dissappear and the blood effect is missing. There are no blood textures on the bodies in both versions.

US versionPAL version