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  • US VHS
  • Uncut German VHS
Release: May 30, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US VHS by Wizard Video was compared to the uncut German VHS by CMV.

On a farm in the American south, Richard lets his slaves work under inhuman conditions. As Richard's wife dies, he brings Rhonda, his wife's cousin, to his house in the hope of marrying her. But Rhonda is cunning and is only interested in Richard's fortune. She also likes black men, who she whips first and then enjoys sex with them. The situation gets complicated when Clarence, Richard's son, returns to the farm. Rhonda keeps an eye on Richard, but he falls in love with Eliza, the daughter of the local pastor. Rhonda tries to corrupt Clarence by first whipping a couple of slaves and then offering the woman to Clarence. He can’t resist and sleeps with the slave and then with Rhonda. Afterwards, Clarence regrets this act and marries Eliza. When Eliza gives birth to a black child, chaos breaks out on the farm.

The Italians have a knack for first-class exploitations, as Mandinga proves quite convincingly. Quite obviously inspired by Mandingo which was released a year earlier, various elements of it can be found in the cheap Italian rip-off. Be it the exploitation of the black slaves, both sexually and through hard physical work, family constellations with a tendency to incest, the birth of a black child, etc., the. Better well-stolen than badly copied. If Mandingo was nothing else than exploitation with a large budget, Mandinga still turns the sleaze level up several notches. Black slaves are whipped, raped, humiliated and sold to the audience’s entertainment. Since the staging is bumpy, the script is incomplete and the actors' performances are somewhere between bad and okay, you can't take this trash very seriously. Paola D'Egidio’s performance as Rhonda, a sadistic manipulator, stands out pleasantly from the rest of the untalented cast, probably also because her role is the best of the rest. If you like sleazy exploitation trash, I can only recommend Mandinga to you. It is worth it.

Releases of this masterpiece are a little rare. There are various VHS editions in Germany which all come in beautiful widescreen and are apparently uncensored. Otherwise I only know the US VHS by Wizard Video. This, however, is in terrible Pan&Scan full screen format incl. bad picture quality and also has short scenes missing. It was probably not shortened but film tears or the like account for a shorter running time. Towards the end of the film, a few shots are even repeated in the US. But this could also be a problem of the film transfer I have.


The camera approaches the girl after Spencer goes down. Her husband says to Spencer, "If you touch her again, I'll kill you."

German VHS: 8 sec.


Richard and Rhonda can be seen a little longer as they arrive at the hunting lodge. They tie up their horses.

German VHS: 5 sec.


In the US, a shot of the man and then on Spencer is missing.

German VHS: 2 sec.


Rhonda goes upstairs.

Clarence calls after her: "That's not true. I'm not as perverted and wicked as you are."

That's when you see the Reverend earlier. Richard says: "Reverend, that's not a broken leg."

German VHS: 8 sec.


The US version repeats a part of the dialogue between Mary and Rhonda.

Mary says that she will hide in the hunting lodge and Rhonda informs her as soon as she has convinced Clarence of the baby.

US: 15 sec.