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Uncut & Uncensored US DVD "Season 12"


The Burning

The Covenant



The Pope’s Exorcist

Family Guy

12.10 Grimm Job


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Feb 07, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD release of "Season 12 (Volume 13)"

7 differences, two of which are audio differences
Difference in running time: 66,6 sec

The latest DVD release in the US, released on 12/09/2014, contains any episode of Season 12. The so far confusing name of the Family Guy DVDs has been worked on: at least, the cover this time actually says "Season 12". The discs however are still following the previous way of numbering, they are called "Volume 13". Contrary to the TV Versions, the episodes are either extended ot simply uncensored - business as usual.

Episode 10 ("Grimm Job") interprets a few fairy tales, which were a bit extended on DVD. Nothing of the new footage is very spectacular, but it still contains more than other additional scenes. One cruder alternative can be found at one point as well.

After Peter got up to look after Stewie, Lois talks to him from the bed.

A spraying can can be heard, then she says, "And don't stop along the way to do graffiti."
Peter whimpers from the off: "But how else will people know that I rule?"

7 sec


Peter's story starts earlier after the exterior view. Lois complains about his unemployment.

Lois: "I just don't think you're looking hard enough, Jack."
Peter: "Ah, all the jobs out there now are terrible."
Lois: "Be a sorcerer's apprentice."
Peter: "Look, why don't we just say what this is really about? I'm not Hank Mesmerizo, and I never will be Hank Mesmerizo."
Lois: "Oh, come on, Jack. You're nimble, you're quick. Maybe somebody would pay you to jump over something."
Short clip: Peter is standing next to a candle with a burnt butt. "I was too fat to jump that high."

22,2 sec


Peter as Red Riding Hood adds: "And if you like Daddy's stories, maybe let Daddy know."
He then pushes a tip jar towards Stewie. Stewie does not react, then Peter says: "All right, I'm not gonna put my heart into this."
Bored, he starts: "Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood, blah, blah, blah. Beautiful forest, blah, blah, blah. Something, something."

9,9 sec

Audio Censoring

Brian's sentence was not beeped: "I believed I was due an explanation about why she was such a fucking whore."

Picture for Orientation


The scene with mother Barbara starts earlier. Meg and Stewie are being made pretty, then Pinocchio can be seen in a short clip.

Barbara: "That does not bode well for us. Has everyone scented their crotches with heather, rosemary and field greens? It should look like a mesclun salad down there."
Meg: "Oh, God, I hope the paintarazzi aren't there."
A clip of several people calling Pinocchio's name when he is getting out of the carriage. He says "Sorry, I'm on the phone," which makes his nose grow.

16,6 sec

Audio Censoring

Stewie is more direct in order to get Peter's attention.

TV Version: "Oh, I'm so fancy and moist."
DVD Version: "Oh, my butthole is so tight today."

DVD Version 0,4 sec longer
Picture for orientation


Before Peter and Lois kiss, there is a small nod to the Cleveland Show.

Peter: "Whatever they play next is our song."
The band plays the theme song of the spin-off series and Cleveland can be seen conducting.
Lois: "What is that?"
Peter: "Something else that had a fairy tale beginning."

10,5 sec