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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Sep 24, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Paramount)

- 9 differences, incl. 4x additional footage in the Theatrical Version
- Length difference: 294.6 sec (= 4:55 min)

In the early 90s, the show Baywatch starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson was a huge success. In 2017, Baywatch with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Mitch hit the big screen. If this was necessary is arguable - to say the very least. With production costs of $69 millions, the movie grossed approx. $176 millions which is not bad for an R-rated comedy. A huge box office success certainly looks different though. If some people hesitated due to all the bad reviews? Either way, as unpretentious summer blockbuster, the movie kind of works.

As often, a so-called "Extended Edition" has been released for home theaters. With approx. 5 additional minutes, there is some more plot not really worth mentioning because the additional footage shows nothing new characterwise. That being said, Victoria is being introduced entirely different and she has more dialog in the second half of the movie. Other than that, it is no surprise that Mitch (The Rock) and Matt (Zac Efron) have additional scenes as well.

Despite a small "raise the shirt and present the bra" scene, there is absolutely nothing that have caused any issue with the R-rating.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Unrated Blu-ray
06:01-06:05 / 06:01-07:19

An alternate shot of Mitch. In the Theatrical Version, he already turns around here and runs off.

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Only in the Unrated Version, he frees two surfers from Frankie's attack. This is also where he runs into Victoria for the very first time.

Frankie: "You could go over there, you could go the fuck over there, get the fuck out of here! What part of private do you not understand?"
Mitch shows up: "Hey, hey. What's up, boys? Beach belongs to everybody."
Frankie: "Nothing belongs to everybody."
Mitch: "That's not nice. There are killer waves, boys. Go shred."
Surfer #1: "It's on."
Surfer #2: "Later, Mitch."
Mitch: "All right, brah."
Frankie comes at him with anger and Mitch interrupts: "Ah, you don't want to do that, big dog. I'm an animal lover, but I will put you down."
Frankie provocatively readjusts his tie and Victoria shows up: "Frankie! Oh, my God, I am so sorry. Frankie, stop. Don't you know he's a friend? What a terrible, terrible way to meet. You're Lieutenant Buchannon, right?"
Mitch: "I am."
Victoria: "Victoria Leeds, the new owner of the Huntley Club."
Mitch: "Of course. I know exactly who you are."
Victoria: "Oh?"
Mitch: "Well, welcome to Emerald Bay."
Victoria: "Thank you so much."
Mitch: "I heard you were a head-turner. What an understatement that is."
Victoria: "And I heard you were a charmer. Guess that's an understatement, too."
Mitch: "Nah..."
Victoria: "Um, I apologize for Frankie. I know this beach is public and, honestly, I wish the club was, too. But you, you're welcome anytime."
Mitch: "Thank you very much."
Victoria: "I'll see you around?"
Mitch: "Yes, you will."
She leaves, Mitch takes a peek at her doing so.

Unrated 74.8 sec (= 1:15 min) longer

08:42 / 09:56-10:49

In the Theatrical Version, the shot of Ronnie is a few insignificant frames longer (no screenshots).

In the Unrated Version on the other hand, the shot of Ronnie at the competition is longer. He has to take off his shirt and is ashamed. Another guy (Zane) instantaneously starts making fun of his chest hair and Stephanie kicks him out for it.

Stephanie: "So you just need to fill out this form and take off your shirt."
Ronnie: "Ahh... My shirt. No, I don't... Ugh. No one wants to see that."
Stephanie: "Take it off."
Ronnie: "Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, of course."
His hairy chest appears and pretty boy behind him starts mocking: "Ooh! Wow. Nice nipple-fros, bro. Damn! Hey, does anyone have a weed whacker?"
Stephanie: "We got a comedian on the line. What's your name, funny guy?"
Zane: "I'm Zane."
Stephanie: "You're Zane. Why don't you step out of my line, Zane?"
Zane: "Okay.
Stephanie: "Okay. You need to understand one thing, Zane. We're a family here. A team. And we support each other. You're out."
Zane: "Come on, I'm... I'm Zane."
Stephanie: "Get the fuck off my beach."
Zane: "Okay. Okay."

Unrated 52.6 sec longer

Theatrical Version longer
29:48-29:56 / 31:55-31:56

The scene with Victoria inviting the team to a party contains a little more flirting between Mitch and Victoria in the Theatrical Version.
Probably removed because they have gotten pretty close already at the beginning of the movie.
Mitch: "I'll meet you guys up there."
Victoria: "Please join us, ok."
She stumbles and Mitch saves the damsel in distress: "Woo-ho, easy. You're ok?"
Victoria: "Yeah."

In the Unrated Version, the subsequent shots starts insignificantly earlier (no screenshots).

Theatrical Version 7.1 sec longer

63:26 / 65:26-65:49

The B&E in the hospital starts earlier - more screwing around by Matt Browdy (who else?).

Matt (with a bandage around his head): "Ah, guys, I still don't understand what part of the plan this is."
Summer: "Just go with the flow, Brody."
Mitch: "Yeah, you were in a very bad accident. It was all your fucking fault."
Summer: "We're all really, really sad."
Matt: "It was my fault? Why was it my fault?
There are inside now. Mitch tries to put on his shirt but tears it apart in the process: "Come on, guys. I need a bigger coat."
Matt: "There's no coat in here that's gonna fit you."
Mitch: "You got a better idea?"
Matt: "I think I do. But you're not gonna like it."

Then the scene from the Theatrical Version with Mitch on a stretcher.

23.5 sec

69:35 / 71:59-72:32

Brody has another idea: He steals a pink moped and Mitch does not like it one bit.

Mitch: "Come on, let's roll."
Matt: "Mitch, hold up. Check this out. Excuse me. That's a very nice scooter. Have you ever seen the Olympics?"
Then a shot of them driving around the corner on the moped.
Matt: "Why are you grabbing me so tight?"
Mitch: "Why the fuck are you driving? Stay off the grass. It's freshly fertilized. Stay on the pathway."
Matt: "I'm on the path, man. They're right there!"
Mitch: "Watch it, watch it!"
Matt: "Shut up!"
Mitch: "You got a beautiful border collie right there. Don't hit him! You do not respect anything. Whoa, whoa. Stop. Have some respect. Mommies and babies. Mommies and babies."
Matt: "Yeah, I see them. Go get them. Stay on the pathway. You get the white one."
Mitch: "All right. You're just slowing me down, anyway."

33.1 sec

69:39 / 72:36-73:26

Some goon grabs some bike and Brody keeps chasing him. Summer stops him by flashing the breasts.

That being done, Summer says: "Shit! Oh, my God. I can't believe I just did that. I cannot believe I just did that!"
Matt has arrived as well "Hey, Summer. Here. Hey. Where's your phone?"
They grab one of the phones on the ground: "That's not my phone!"
Mitch shows up: "Summer, you okay?"
Summer: "That guy's got my phone."
Mitch: "Nice work!"
Summer: "Thanks!"
Matt wonders: "Where'd he go?"
Summer: "Oh, shit."

49.7 sec

77:08 / 80:55-81:22

Mitch and the others earlier when they are working undercover. Brody spots a wig in a changing booth resp. this explains his behavior in the subsequent scene which is also in the Theatrical Version.

Mitch: "Remember. Undercover."
Matt: "Undercover, yeah."
He opens the locker and hits paydirt.

27.4 sec

91:28-91:31 / 95:42-96:27

The Unrated Version contains more party footage: Victoria spots the girls and Ronnie. Some awkward moments follow.

Victoria grabs a cocktail: "Thank you. Lifeguards, this is a surprise."
Stephanie: "Oh, hi! Victoria, we wanted to come here in person and tell you how excited we are to be working with you instead of against you, now that, um... Now that..."
C.J.: "Mitch is gone. He's gone, so all we care about now is protecting the bay."
Ronnie: "And we know you feel the same."
Victoria: "Oh, I do. I always knew I liked you two. Enjoy the party."
C.J.: "You look amazing, by the way."
Before Victoria leaves, she says: "Well, someone has to."

The Theatrical Version contains two smaller interior shots of C.J., Steph and Ronnie instead.

Unrated 42.4 sec longer

Theatrical Version longer
99:23-99:26 / 104:19-104:20

The Theatrical Version contains an additional shot of Mitch saying: "Now listen, I got Brody. He's alive and he is well."

The last comment is also in the Unrated Version where the previous and subsequent shot are insignificantly longer (no screenshots).

Theatrical Version 1.7 sec longer