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Dracula 1979

Mr. Mercedes

1.05 The Suicide Hour


  • Amazon Prime (Starz)
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 01, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored Amazon Prime Version (e.g. available on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany since July) and the uncensored US Original Version (available via Video on Demand on Audience Network since August 2017)

- 7 cuts
- Length difference: 32 sec

In 2014, Stephen King published his latest novel Mr. Mercedes which is about a killer who drove straight into a crowd and who is now being hunted by some washed-up detective. Said detective, Bill Hodges, then got to work two further cases in 2015 and 2016. In August 2017, Mr. Mercedes premiered on Audience Network. The mini series is an adaption of the very first novel. Since July 2018, a bigger audience gets to watch the quite decent mini series on the Starz channel on Amazon Prime - for instance in the UK or Germany.

While there is a lot of violence missing in the pilot episode (comparison), hence the huge length difference, most of the further episodes are identically equal. In episode 4, there are no differences whatsoever. As for the here compared episode 5 (The Suicide Hour), there are a few missing seconds at the very beginning: Brady is masturbating in the car, thinking of his mad drive and also his incentuous actions with his mother - self-explanatory why that is cut in the Amazon Prime Version. Later on, Deborah touches her son longer.

There are no differences at all in the remaining episodes 6-10!

Time index refers to
Amazon Prime / Original Version
Additional Audience Network logo at the very beginning of the Original Version.
Not considered as length difference.

4 sec

03:34 / 03:38-03:44

Brady longer when he puts his hand in his pants. He then starts masturbating.

6.1 sec

03:45 / 03:55-03:58

More spanking the monkey (in the off but the movement and facial expression are self-explanatory).

2.3 sec

03:48-03:49 / 04:00-04:04

Prior to identically equal shot of Brady dressed up as a clown, the Amazon Prime Version contains a rather harmless shot of the mad drive.
The Original Version contains harsher moments and also some intercuts of Brady masturbating.

Original Version 2.3 sec longer

Amazon PrimeOriginal Version

03:51-03:52 / 04:06-04:07

Deborah is getting kissed vs. shot of her crotch.

no difference

Amazon PrimeOriginal Version

03:55-03:56 / 04:10-04:11

Another harmless kiss for Deborah in the Amazon Prime Version.
In the Original Version, Janice is being run over instead plus Deborah French-kissing.

Original Version 0.5 sec longer

Amazon PrimeOriginal Version

46:09-46:12 / 46:24

The shot of the two of them is longer in the Amazon Prime Version.

+ 3.7 sec

46:14 / 46:26-46:30

After Deborah puts her hand in the pants, the shot of that is longer in the Original Version plus she gives him a handjob.

4.2 sec

46:20 / 46:36-46:52

More groping and more dialog.

Deborah: "Make me stop. What's wrong? Why won't you let me help you?"
Brady: "I have to get up early. My interview."
Deborah: "All the more reason to let me help you."

16.6 sec