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  • Remix Version
  • VHS Original Version
Release: Jul 12, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Remix Version (available on the European DVDs) and the Original Version (available on the US VHS)

- 7 cuts + 13x alternate footage
- Length difference: 1170 sec (= 19:30 min)


CKY is an essential component to the origin story of the legandary MTV show Jackass. In 1998, Johnny Knoxville & Jeff Tremaine were with the Big Brother magazine and had the basic idea, first skits (teaser tests) had already been filmed. At the same time, Bam Magera and his friends from school were shooting the footage in Pennsylvania (skating footage, attacking each other with a rather low level of disgust, jokes with clueless pedestrians) which was released on VHS in March 1999 as "Landspeed presents: CKY". CKY was actually the name of the band of Bam's brother Jess who is responsable for most of the soundtrack songs. Knoxville & Tremaine took notice, recruted the boys and hired Steve-O - the big break was about to happen soon.

Until 2002, three sequels knows as "CKY2K", "CKY3" and "CKY4: The Latest & Greatest" were released. In the meantime, "Jackass" became an unexpected success and thanks to that, several new editions of the CKY series were released on DVD. Attentive fans from the beginning noticed two things:

Single pieces of music had been replaced or entirely removed from the later versions. Obviously, one did not think of copyright problems. As a result, some band or their managers complained about their songs being used without permission. Incredibly curious was the new version of the 4th installment which originally contained a rap video with Brandon DiCamillo playing several characters from Masters of the Universe (1983). A cease and desist order was the consequence, any subsequent version contains a different scene.

But even without censorship, Bam and the others always found a little something they would like to change (My regards to George Lucas :-) ). Compared to the VHS Version, even the first US DVD contains a few alterations resp. new and especially removed skits. In European regions, subsequent DVDs had been altered a lot. The copyright problem probably had a huge influence on these decisions because some of the public views were really close to crossing a line and since they did not have permission of the people they had filmed...

Nowadays, neither of the four installments is easy to get in their uncensored original versions. The European DVDs only contain the shortest versions.

Part 3: Original Version vs. Remix Version

The "longer" versions of part 2 and 3 were only released on DVD in the US. Part 3 had been withdrawn from sale pretty quickly, due to legal problems. Today, it can only be found for a very high price. Same with part 2. While the longer version of the second installment is at least available on DVD in the UK - due to the BBFC with a lack of footage of approx. 1 minute but still... - a DVD of the third installment has never seen the light of day in Europe. Back in the day, a German VHS containing the uncensored Original Version was available. But as for DVDs, only the "Remix Version" has been released in both Germany and the UK. For that DVD release, almost half of the footage of the second and thrid installment was cut and released as a single movie. As a result, the remaining skits are not in the correct order anymore (similar to the DVD releases of Jackass).

Two things can be pointed out:

The Remix available on any European DVD has a length of 50:10 minutes, devided as follows:
* 23:30 minuten of "CKY2K"
* 26:40 minuten of "CKY3"

The VHS Original Version of part 3 has a length of 46:07 minutes. That means, it is almost 20 minues longer than the footage that made it in the Remix Version.

The following comparison follows the chronological order of events ofthe the Original Version. Scenes that are also in the Remix Version are being sorted without screenshots. Basically, only 7 mostly longer scenes have been removed. Actually, there is also an extensive shopping cart scene, Ryan Dunn on the can with his pants down, the nasty "tossing dummies at cars" prank and a long sequence with Brandon bugging another female fast food restaurant employee, Raab feeding his cat and Bam taking a leak on his old man. Furthermore, the originally long credits during which, among other things, Ryan Dunn jumps on a hood and a music video of CKY are missing.

Rather odd are several minor differences but that is probably just Bam screwing around. For example, a few inserts are different and some skating scenes have been replaced during a longer skating montage.

I would like to emphasize that the European DVDs with the Remix lack 3 additional seconds. Similar to the second installment, the BBFC considered the scene with a little kid getting tossed across the porch critical. Other European countries simply released the slightly cut UK Version.

Please note:
Since the Remix Version is an entirely new cut, there is no time index for scenes missing in the Remix Version, only for the VHS Version.
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The VHS Version starts with Bam onstage, a bunch of fans are yelling "CKY!" in the background.
Then a lot of different takes of an intro with Brandon. He warns of the content of the video and plays a lot of different characters with high-pitched voices. Here and there some slaps.

62.8 sec

Remix 00:54-03:54 / 01:03-04:03

The long opening credits montage of the third installment is 1:1 in the Remix (therefore, there are not any credits for the second one).


One shot contains an additional nickname for Jess Margera in the Remix.

Remix VersionVHS Original Versionfassung


Moreover, the very last shot has been replaced. The Remix contains the dancing mullet kids which are being shown at the VERY end after "Flesh into Gear" video in the Original Version of the thrid installment. Therefore, Tony Hawk gets to yell at the camera longer in the opening credits of the VHS Version (no sound).

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 05:21-06:47 / 04:03-05:29

The skit with Ryan Dunn at the pay phone actually following right after the opening credits remains the same in the Remix but it is showsn after a few scenes from CKY2K.


Only the VHS Version contains a long shopping cart montage with a lot of color filters, accompanied by an instrumental track by CKY.

184.3 sec (= 3:04 min)

Remix 18:09-20:35 + Remix 15:25-16:19 / 08:33-11:53

At the end of the shopping cart skit, the boys are making fun of Jess' painful fall - this part is also later in the Remix Version but only this part.
Rake Yohns picnic identically follows subsequently.
Taunting sleeping Raab after the picnic (slap and fart in the face) is also in the Remix Version but earlier.

Remix 28:20-31:28 + 25:17-26:19 / 11:53-16:23

Long montage to CKY's "Sink into the Underground" in the VHS Version. Also in the Remix at 28:20-31:28 but with the following differences (colored frame):
Remix 28:27-28:28 / 12:01-12:02

In the VHS Version, Bam falls off a lifeguard tower at the beach. The Remix shows Pretty Boy's header without pants instead.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 28:41-28:49 / 12:15-12:23

Different skating shots.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 28:57-29:08 / 12:31-12:42

Same here.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 29:20-29:22 / 12:54-12:56


Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 29:40 / 13:14-13:15

Tosh's grind in real time at first in the VHS Version. The Remix only contains the following slow motion scene of the same grind.

1.6 sec

Remix Version longer
Remix 29:44-29:46 / 13:20

The Remix Version contains an additional fall.

+ 2.1 sec

Remix 29:50-30:01 / 13:24-13:35

Several entirely different shot. A few falls in the VHS Version plus Bam says "Wear a cup when you skate" because his buddie got hit in the crotch.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 30:09-30:13 / 13:42-13:46

Inappropiately, the Remix contains firework getting shot out of the butt, followed by a black and white skating shot.
The VHS Version contains different first shots of Tosh instead.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 30:19-30:24 / 13:53-13:57

Now yelling Tony Hawk in the Remix as well which comes at the end of the opening credits in the VHS Version. The VHS Version shows a confused driver instead.
Then another skating shot.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 30:27-30:32 / 14:00-14:05

Alternate shots again before Bam skating.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Remix 31:05-31:13 / 14:38-14:46

One last time alternate footage before the identical final jump.

Remix VersionVHS Original Version

Subsequently, an absurd knight enactment at Bam's skatepark in the backyard. Then Brandon Novak skating in the pipe. Also in the Remix at 25:17-26:19 --> no screenshots.

Finally, Ryan Dunn at a public urinal. To the other people's astonishment, he pulls down his pants entirely.

Total length missing footage 20 sec
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