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Release: Aug 31, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Heroin Force

Michael Ransom is asked for help by his former superior Jenkins. During the Vietnam War, Jenkins even saved Ransom's life, so he sets off to the Philippines to find Jenkins, whose death was faked. When Ransom finally finds Jenkins, he is kidnapped by agents shortly thereafter. Ransom learns that they were spies for the KGB. Ransom does everything he can to free Jenkins again and recruits his old acquaintance Rossana Boom, who now runs a bar. Deep in the jungle, Ransom and Rossana find the camp where Jenkins was being held, but the camp is a drug lab. Jenkins is playing a double game here....

Not that we missed him, but Michael Ransom returns in Strike Commando 2, this time not played by the "new world star" Reb Brown (as he was advertised on the German VHS cover of the predecessor), but by the more sympathetic Brent Huff. Otherwise, much remains the same. The film is directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso, who also wrote the screenplay. As usual from the two of them, they steal wildly from other movies once again. Remember the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in which Indy travels to Nepal to meet Marion. The latter runs a bar and engages in a drinking game with a local when Indy arrives. In Strike Commando 2, the scene is exactly the same, but much worse. The drinking game is also lost by the first person to burp. For those who can't quite remember the truck chase from Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is another suitable refresher. However, the truck travels at walking speed and instead of Nazis, there are ninjas along for the ride. Chief Nazi Toht also appears again, only this time he is Russian. Predator is also stolen from when Ransom looks at the trees and says that there is something there. To close the circle, we also use the predecessor Strike Commando when Ransom kills the bad guy by stabbing him on the boat. There's no need to kid yourself much, as Strike Commando 2 is primarily cheaply cobbled together, but at least the copy-and-paste job has turned out entertaining. Those who found something to like about the first part can grab this one without hesitation.

Two versions on the US Blu-ray

As with the predecessor, there is an extended version with additional plot scenes alongside the theatrical version. Three new scenes have been added. In the first, Ransom sneaks through the warehouse, takes out two bad guys and sees a woman dragged to Huan To. In the second, he walks through the jungle with Jenkins and delivers the Predator quote mentioned above, and in the third scene, there is more dialogue between Ransom and Jenkins after the latter reveals himself to be a drug lord. The scenes are not essential to understanding the film, but the Predator quote is amusing, which is why you should primarily go for the extended version.


Theatrical version: 90:18 min.
Extended version: 96:08 min.

The theatrical version was compared to the extended version.


After Ransom and Rosanna have arranged to meet, a new scene follows in the extended. Ransom climbs over the fence of Huan To's camp at night. In a hut, he observes two men having fun with three women. When one of the men drunkenly runs outside, he is taken out by Ransom with a well-aimed knife throw.

Another guard is taken out by Ransom with well-aimed blows. He sees a woman trying to escape, but being stopped by a group of armed guards. Huan To appears and orders that she be dragged back inside.

Ransom is tracked down by a guard, but he immediately knocks him down.

Extended: 2:23 min.


After Jenkins takes out the poison spider, he is seen sneaking through the jungle with Ransom. Ransom seems to have heard something, but can't spot anyone in the trees. He says to Jenkins that he must have been mistaken.

Extended: 2:00 min.


After Jenkins orders a search of the area, the fleeing Rosanna can be seen.

Ransom wants to know from Jenkins why it got him. Jenkins replies that Ransom is special. A fearless, tough hero who owed it to him. He saved his life now Ransom has to save his life. Jenkins instructed Krominski to attack only if necessary, as Jenkins would be sure that Ransom would bring the diamonds to him. He points out to Ransom that Krominski is a very dangerous man.

In the next scene, Jenkins is seen in the drug kitchen. He takes a sample and is very pleased with the quality.

Krominski walks to the drug kitchen.

As he enters, the theatrical version resumes.

Extended: 1:26 min.