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  • Home Video
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Release: Jul 19, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia
The Cable TV version was compared with the Home Video version.

The underwear manufacturer Otis is looking for perfect models for his new collection. He decides to hold a competition and let two beauty school's operators (one school led by Sylvia and the other one from a countess) compete against each other. In order to secure her victory, the countess develops a deceitful plan by sending Sylvia a group of spoiled models. But her plan doesn't work. Through Sylvia's warm-hearted, respectful treatment the models gain more self-confidence and decide to take revenge on the countess. In addition they ally themselves with their servant Igor, the private detective Colt and sunny boy Quincy. At the finale in Sylvia's Strip-Club "Goldfinger", the countess finally experiences a nasty surprise.

Beauty School is a quite amusing erotic softcore comedy with EmmanuelleStar Sylvia Kristel as head of a beauty school, which has to deal with a bunch of bitchy models. However, you shouldn't get too high hopes for extensive nude scenes with Ms. Kristel because apart from a few short moments towards the movie's end, she is always buttoned up. The naked facts are rather being told by genre stars such as Kimberly Taylor (Frankenhooker), J.J. North (Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold) or the enchanting Grace Renn (White Cargo). Another highlight is the porn actress Veronica Hart (Amanda by Night) as the Countess. Because of the cast alone, a look into the movie is worthwhile. The plot is a bit too thin to be stretched to 90 minutes runtime and the repetitive tensions in the shower are not very original but the staging is light-footedly amusing with consistently well done jokes and with a bit of an creepfactor (only in the home video version), which is contributed by the Countess including her Sidekick Igor.

There are three different versions of this film. The two most important are the Cabel TV version and the Home Video version, which in most scenes in which the Countess can be seen offer different footage. In the Cabel TV version the Countess wears a different outfit/costume in almost every scene, while in the Home Video version she has the same look throughout. Her look is inspired by the Elviralook of Cassandra Peterson, who in turn has adopted the look of Maila Nurmi from The Vampira Show, which is a completely different story. The dialogues in the alternative scenes are almost identical. Towards the end of the film, when the countess is caught with a compromising video showing her as Little Bo-Peep and her lover Warden in a sheep costume, the Cabel TV version is a bit smoother, as she was already seen in the outfit when the scenes were secretly recorded. The home video version shows her in the Elvira look-a-like outfit instead. On the other hand, the home video version has a few short exclusive scenes, especially as the Elvira outfit is much more revealing, which allows Veronica Hart to better present/expose her breasts. So you can't give a preference to one version and both have their reasons for being.
Finally, there will also be a third version based on the Cable TV version, in which the comedy scenes have been brought more to the fore by shortening/replacing the nude scenes.


Cable TV version: 90:14 min.
Home Video: 91:52 min.
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The countess looks at herself in the mirror and says that Mr. Otis is a naughty boy. Then she calls for Igor, who is wiping the dust. Igor continues as he hears her calls and complains about his employer that she is nothing more than a scrapped old model who has to change her outfits all the time. The countess calls louder, so that Igor goes to her. She asks if everything is ready, as new students will arrive. She also mentions that Otis won't forget her because she has the negatives. She asks Igor if he feels lonely because she has a job for him.


The countess lies with two men. She looks at the negatives and says that Otis is a naughty boy. Igor comes by and the countess asks him if everything is prepared, as new students are arriving. She says that Otis will never forget her. She asks Igor if he feels lonely because she has a job for him.

CT: 1:19 min.
VHS: 1:02 min.



The Countess asks Igor to help her spy on Sylvia's Beauty School, as Mr. Otis will hold a beauty contest between her and Sylvia's school. As a reward she offers him a one-night-stand with her. Igor thinks that even the thought of it drives away his loneliness.


The countess continues to lie in bed with the two men as she asks Igor for his help. The dialogues are almost identical to the CT version.

CT: 39 sec
VHS: 37 sec.



The countess is being massaged just as she calls for Igor and is angry about his failure. Igor appeases that he is a master of disguise. When asked what he has learned, he answers that the girls love hot showers. She tells him that tomorrow the new models will come to Sylvia, but that he should prevent this. Igor asks if this won't seem suspicious to Sylvia if no models come by, but the countess replys he should leave this point to her.


The scenario and the dialogue in the VHS version is similar, only that the Countess wears the same outfit as at the beginning.

CT: 1:01 min.
VHS: 1:02 min.



The Countess calls Warden. She blackmails him with the negatives that he should send her a group of girls who Igor should pass on to Sylvia.


The countess is in bed while Warden is sitting next to her on the chair. She also blackmails him with the negatives to send her girl. Warden even comes to the countess in bed, but catches herself again and goes back to the chair.

CT: 22 sec.
VHS: 27 sec.



After Kimberly has asked where the count is, the camera cut's to Igor. Warden introduces the girls one by one and tells them to shut up, otherwise they will lose this job.


Here, Kimberly jokes even more about whether the count is lying in a coffin because he is afraid of daylight. There follows an alternative shot of Warden introducing the girls. Dialogue is the same.

CT: 13 sec.
VHS: 17 sec.



The CT cuts towards the girls as Warden makes them the offer.


Warden is shown longer, then a shot in which all are shown.

CT: 5 sec.
VHS: 4 sec.


The countess calls for Igor to lead the girls to their new home. When asked where this is, the countess reacts annoyed. She tells Warden that there is one more thing he has to do.

VHS: 25 sec.



The new models sit at a table. The countess appears and welcomes them. She goes to every woman and highlights their particularity, be it the breast or the face. She is sure that Mr. Otis will be satisfied. Igor shows up with drinks to confirm to the countess how wonderful and evil she is. The countess praises herself so much that she has an orgasm. Igor confirms how great she is and gives her a cigarette.


The sign can be seen a while longer.

After that, the content is the same as in the CT version but the models are sitting at dinner and Igor comes by with some soup. The dialogues are similar.

CT: 1:23 min.
VHS: 1:21 min.


Igor comes to the countess, who is already waiting to see his video recordings about the progress of Sylvia's models. When he inserts the video there is no picture to see what angers the Countess. She asks why he is working for her at all. Igor counteres because he is the only one she has found. She tells him to take proper recordings next time.


Here the same scene follows in principle but the Countess and the background look different. The dialogues are almost identical.

CT: 50 sec.
VHS: 56 sec.
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