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Fatal Strike

original title: Liang hu e dou


  • US VHS
  • Reconstructed Extended Version (German DVD)
Release: Dec 03, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the US VHS by Ocean Shores and the reconstructed extended version on the German DVD by Schröder Media.

- 5 relevant deviations
- Runtime of cuts: 509 sec (= 8:29 min)

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.


The Asia Line series released by the German distributor Schröder Media released its entry no. 14, Fatal Strike (German title: "Die Todesrächer von Bruce Lee"), on 5 July 2018. Once again it's a cheap little brawler, that managed to impress with a cast featuring Yasuaki Kurata, Chin Kang and Philip Ko that is well-known to genre-fans. They should be pleased with lots of fights every other minute.

The German theatrical version was about 75 minutes long (PAL), which is almost 6 minutes shorter than the presumed original version that was released on the American VHS. For the new German DVD, those cut scenes were re-inserted. Apart from that, the Taiwanese VHS contained an alternative version and the additional material there was fortunately adopted also: As a special extended version, a version can be selected that contains the 8-minute alternative beginning of this version as an introduction.

The following comparison deals with the extended version, which was created exclusively for the German DVD. We also had the Taiwanese VHS itself and one can immediately notice that it is also shortened by approximately 17 minutes of action and violence. Basically, it is completely useless for interested people, if it weren't for the intro sequence that can only be found here. For the extended version in the Asia Line, the basically uncut US-VHS was reconstructed with the beautiful movie role master as a basis and as a special treat, the additional scene was added.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: US-VHS in PAL speed / Reconstructed extended version on German DVD in PAL

The US-VHS has only the Ocean Shores logo at the beginning. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

+ 24,5 sec

In the extended version, it starts instead with an original company logo, followed by its own comic opening credits. After that you see a man running around frightened for a while until he is confronted by the boss. In the following dialogue, he allegedly wants to find out who killed Bruce Lee, but the man doesn't know anything.
After that the workers have a little chat (again there are riddles about Lee's murderer) and set off on their way. You can see that Black Bear hid behind them.
We continue in a night club, where we see a performance in detail. The boss is sitting at the bar and Black Bear is grooving in the audience. The pursued man from the beginning of the scene signals to the boss that he has to turn to Black Bear.
Finally, after a short black image, the German title is shown.

493.2 sec (= 8:13 min)

US VHS longer
01:33-01:36 / 09:22

The camera moves back from the tire and you see the car driving away a little longer. At the same time, the English title appears.

3.6 sec

In the following, a few credits can be seen in the US version, partly by means of own insertions into the picture.


US VHS longer
09:07-09:08 / 16:52

Jumpcut as they prance around the table.

+ 0.5 sec

11:08 / 18:52-18:59

Here, the German theatrical version was already a bit longer resp. the car of the pursuers is coming behind at the end of the shot.
6,2 sec

US VHS longer
35:13-35:14 / 43:01

The shot with the jump into the water can be seen a few insignificant frames earlier and also longer.

together + 1 sec

US VHS longer
35:21-35:26 / 43:08

The scene in which Kurata stands on the hill and says a few words, is riddled with jumpcuts and is a bit longer in the US / the follow-up on the road also comes a little earlier - because of a reel change at this point.

+ 5,5 sec

US VHS longer
45:19-45:20 / 53:00

The pool table can be seen a little earlier.

+ 0.5 sec

51:31 / 59:11-59:12

Short black screen in the German version.

1 sec

US VHS longer
54:37-54:41 / 62:16

Black Bear comes from further back.

+ 4 sec

US VHS longer
54:44-54:45 / 62:19

Shortly afterwards, a few jumpcuts are present during the shot of the approaching car.

+ 1 sec

US VHS longer
56:14-56:15 / 63:48

Black Bear runs away insignificantly longer.

+ 1 sec

59:47 / 67:19-67:27

Cut in the US version: In the German theatrical version, Kurata and Black Bear hiss at each other a little before they attack each other.

7.6 sec

63:08 / 70:47-70:48

Also, a short fighting moment at the beginning of the recording is missing in the US version.

1 sec

80:26-80:34 / 88:04-88:19

Finally, the German theatrical version shows an additional aerial view and then an ending text. The US version has the previous shot a little longer and its own ending text.

Extended version 6 sec longer