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Mezzo Forte


  • International Version
  • Uncut US DVD
Release: Aug 29, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version by Green Bunny, available in Japan, and the Uncut Version by Kitty Media, available in the US.

"Mezzo Forte" is Yasuomi Umetsu's third piece of directing. He also created the stylish and in the matter of sex & violence very similar movie called "Kite". But im comparison to Kite, this OVA is funny and the action sequences look unrealistic but entertaining. Furthermore he installed a little reference to his previous movie.

The two-part-OVA was released in three different versions in Japan.
Version I: everything is split up to the actual episodes (incl. the pixelated sex scenes).
Version II: the so-called International Version. The sex scenes have been entirely removed. The studio / director also intended to do that for the release on the international market.
Version III: the third version is the actual International Version but the episodes have been cut low to a movie (the opening and final credits between the episodes are missing). The erotic scenes are missing as well.

In the US, the International Version is also available without any censoring (no pixels). A German release hasn't been scheduled so far.

Many thanks to Mr. White and Doitsu no Chojin for providing the different versions!
00:00 The Uncut Version begins with a Green Bunny logo.
12.5 sec

25:56 As soon as Kurokawa told Mikura he wanted to sleep with her, the International Version (IV) contains a cut and goes on with a shot of Mikura waking up in the car. It turns out that everything was just a dream / nightmare. The Uncut Version (UV) on the other hand goes on with a longer pretty detailed sex scene. After Kurokawa had an orgasm, Harada comes in and asks if he might join them. More sex scenes of the two of them follow.
108 sec

28:40 Black screen between the two actual episodes. It's longer in the IV.
+ 3 sec

47:21 After Momomi left Mikura alone with the two guys, the UV contains with another sex scene. The two guys are raping the girl several times.
130 sec