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The Seventh Curse

original title: Yuen Chun Hap yu Wai See Lee


  • Export Cut
  • Extended Hongkong Cut
Release: Jul 25, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Export Cut and the Extended Hongkong Cut (both available on the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films)

- 2 cuts
- Cut duration: 197.3 sec (= 3:17 min)


The Seventh Curse from 1986 is unleashed Hong Kong cinema of the completely wild kind. The trashy adventure/horror genre mix with Maggie Cheung and Chow Yun-Fat certainly offers one or two surprises, especially for the viewer not used to Asian films. Thus, it was able to build a cult status over the years and in July 2022, the British label 88 Films has duly released the film on a lushly equipped Deluxe Edition Blu-ray.

You'll find an "Extended Hong Kong Cut" and the shorter export version on board. To that end, it's important to note that the official Hong Kong version of the film switches straight from the port shot to the storyteller at the film's conclusion. The Japanese laserdisc and the old German releases on VHS (in heavily censored form) as well as on the DVD from Laser Paradise (uncensored) still offer a scene with a small pool party in between.

For the Cantonese original audio track on the German DVD the German soundtrack was heard for most of the pool party. On the British Blu-ray, however, they were able to reconstruct the complete, original Cantonese soundtrack. As you can read in the corresponding thread in the forum, where some users involved in the 88/Eureka releases are active, this was once again not so easy. Fortunately, the film itself is also really in the longest possible version. 88 Films' "Extended Hongkong Cut" is exactly the same as on the German DVD, as we have checked in a separate comparison.

The main reason for the following report is the English export cut, which was also added as a bonus on the new Blu-ray. Here, not only the pool party at the end, which was also suppressed in Hong Kong, was missing, but also the complete intro of the film with the narrator. The entire frame story was thus deleted and as a viewer you land right in the fantasy plot. In addition, the English export credits were reconstructed in this version.

Runtimes are arranged according to
Export Cut on the 88 Films Blu-ray / Extended Version on the 88 Films Blu-ray in 23,976fps

After the reference to Fortune Star, the Golden Harvest logo differs: English variant vs original with Chinese characters.

No runtime difference

Export Cut (88 Films)Extended Hongkong Cut (88 Films)

Note: We also compared the German DVD which is missing the Golden Harvest logo. Instead of Fortune Star, it also refers to Media Asia. Otherwise the version of the movie itself is identical to the Extended on the British Blu-ray

German DVDExtended Hongkong Cut (88 Films)

00:58 / 00:58-02:28

After the Golden Harvest logo, the original version starts with a shot of alcohol bottles. The camera pans to the side where author Mr. Ni philosophizes about the creativity with which he decorates his books. The characters appearing there would mostly be inspired by real-life encounters. He addresses his special guests Wisley (Chow Yun-Fat) and Yuen Chan-Hap ( Siu-Ho Chin). They would have just had a special adventure. Yuen encourages Mr. Ni to tell about it.

Mr. Ni: "I can't imagine... I'm so lousy... Over the years I've used odd subjects for the many strange novels I've written. Everyone I meet asks. They say, Did they come from your imagination or true experience? Asking this question, actually, it's a foolish question to ask. Because everyone has many strange things happen around them every day. Every little thing, as long as you're willing to dig deeper, can be turned into a strange story. Especially, if you often drink and chat with friends. Inside each person are many bizarre, complex stories for you to uncover. It's like tonight's situation. Two of my friends have come. Wisley."
Wisley: "Mr Ni."
Mr. Ni: "How are you? Where's Yuen Chan-Hap?"
Wisley: "Oh, he's over there."
Yuen talks to two girls and comments: "Your glasses are very handsome."
Yuen: "Mr Ni. Congratulations, the Miss Asia winners.
A toast is made and thanks are given.
Wisley: "Why do I need to toast with you?"
Mr. Ni: "Yuen Chan-Hap, didn't you recently have a thrilling adventure with Wisley?"
The women are curious; "Really? Tell us about it."
Yuen: "Mr Ni's the best storyteller. It's only right Mr Ni tells it."
Mr. Ni starts to tell his story: "A good story begins with a good glass of wine."

90.3 sec (= 1:30 min)

In the follow-up scene, the credits are in English vs. Chinese.

Export Cut (88 Films)Extended Hongkong Cut (88 Films)

78:59 / 80:29-82:16

Another shot of Betsy follows, then a tracking shot over a harbor at night. Nearby, a pool party is taking place, where Yuen is once again trying to impress a woman with his stories. But Rainbow (Maggie Cheung) suddenly joins in and thinks that Yuen is just showing off. The lady Yuen was trying to get close to says goodbye and leaves the party with another guest. Rainbow tells them that she now has her own newspaper and suggests that Yuen look for the Abominable Snowman. Yuen refuses.

Afterwards, Mr. Ni is seen finishing the story. The girls around him applaud and ask for another, but he only replies that Yuen and Wisley have other adventures to go on first. Yuen and Wisley toast and the image freezes.

The English subtitles for the dialogs during this scene are also shown in more detail below.
- "I've heard your masterpiece 'Red Apricot Seeking Spring' is to be published."
- "Yeah, James Wong contributed to the writing."
- "He'll get commission."
- "I know, but it's worth a gamble. Someday I'll gift you a copy."
- "Good."
Yuen: "You really don't believe me? My home houses many collections. There's a headhunter's head, the toes of several aliens. There's also the harvested blood of innocent children."
Mina: "Really?"
Yuen: "You don't believe me?"
Mina: "Of course, I don't believe you."
Rainbow: "Right! You're spot on! He uses this demeanour to cheat women into bed. I was also his victim!"
Yuen: "Hey, you ..."
Mina: "Excuse me, I must leave first."
Yuen: "Hey. . . Mina ..."
Mina: "Goodbye.
- "I've no idea, they have low IQs."
- "That's right."
Mina: "Ah Fei , let's go disco dancing."
Ah Fei: "I'm in luck!"
Yuen: "You've ruined it for me again! You're not busy? Did your editor give you the sack?"
Rainbow: "My dad gave me the capital to open a bigger paper. Now I'm the boss!"
Yuen: "What do you want?"
Rainbow: "Come to the Himalayas with me to find the Abominable Snowman!"
Yuen: "You must be dreaming!"
Several women: "That was great. Go on, tell us another one. Marvellous, tell us another one..."
Mr. Ni: "That all depends on what new adventures Wisley and Yuen Chan-Hap will embark upon."

107 sec (= 1:47 min)

The final credits are again in English vs. Chinese. The background image differs, of course. The export version uses a shot that was shown shortly before.

Note: During the Hong Kong version credits a small part of the extended scene where the girls applaud Mr. Ni is shown. More details can be found in our comparison for the Hongkong DVD.

Export Cut (88 Films)Extended Hongkong Cut (88 Films)

Slipcase and reverse cover of the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films: