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Damned Hot Day of Fire

original title: Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco


  • US Blu-ray (Mill Creek)
  • Original Version
Release: Oct 19, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US Blu-ray by Mill Creek was compared to the German DVD by Savoy Film.

With his machine gun, the engineer Jordan Gatling invented a weapon that could have an immense impact on the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln sends a commission to him to convince himself of the weapon's effectiveness. During a raid, most of the members of the commission are killed, the machine gun is stolen and Gatling is kidnapped. Captain Chris Tanner survived the robbery and is blamed for it, but Pinkerton believes in his innocence and sends him out to solve the crime. Behind the crime lies the half-Indian Tarpas, who, together with a backer, wants to sell the machine gun to the southern states and Gatling to the northern states. Chris is doing everything in his power to stop him.

It takes a while until you find your way through the initially incomprehensible network of people with different interests. With the ongoing Civil War and a third party that tries to enrich itself through blackmail, murder and illegal deals, the film's structure is reminiscent of an agent thriller, especially with the character of Chris Tanner, who is sent out by a detective agency to clear up the mysterious circumstances. As an italo western, the film therefore seems unusual in a positive sense. The whodunit with the genre-typical action interludes is entertaining throughout.

The US Blu-ray starts with the remark "This film is presented in the most complete, uncut version we could assemble from various sources". This statement is somewhat misleading, as it includes the regular uncut version of the film, which has already been released on DVD in the US by Dorado Films and in Germany by Savoy Film. It seems to be based on the same transfer, because the US Blu-ray and the German DVD show dirt in the same places. However, there is a small difference between the versions. During the fight with the bull in the arena, the US Blu-ray briefly cuts to a cowboy, while the German DVD continues to show Curtis. Probably the transfer of the US Blu-ray had a problem at this point, because the shot of the cowboy can be seen again later and was probably used to hide an image error or something else. Otherwise, there are no further differences between the versions. For the scenes where no English sound is available, the US BD used English subtitles permanently burned into the picture. Whether such a situation could not have been solved by a subtitle track in 2019 is open for debate.

Beside Damned Hot Day of Fire, the US BD has the film Fort Yuma Gold on board. Since you can get two movies for a reasonable price, the US BD can be quite satisfying, even if you could have gotten out a bit more in terms of picture quality. Damned Hot Day of Fire is quite solid, but Fort Yuma Gold is a little bit of a letdown.


German DVD: 96:07 min.
US BD: 100:13 min.


In the German version, you can still see Curtis.

Curtis: "He's tearing them apart."

In the US, one of the cowboys is cut short instead.

Curtis: "Don't do it Grant, don't do it."

The same shot can be seen again later.

German: 1 sec.
US: 1 sec.