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Stop Me Before I Kill! (aka The Full Treatment)

original title: The Full Treatment


  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Apr 15, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version and the uncut UK Version. Both versions are available on the UK Blu-ray by Powerhouse which is part of the box set "Hammer Volume Two: Criminal Intent" - the other movies are "The Snorkel", "Never take Sweets from a Stranger" and "Cash on Demand".

On their way to the honeymoon, racecar driver Alan Colby and his wife Denise are involved in a horrible accident which puts him in a coma for several weeks. But the honeymoon is not cancelled, they intend to go as soon as Alan has covered. However, Alan realizes that he now suffers from spontanious bursts of anger during which he feels the desire to choke his wife. Coincidentally, they bump into psychiatrist David Prade and Denise is so impressed that she asks Alan to see him in London. In one of the therapy sessions, Prade asks David to describe to him how he would kill Denise but it turns out that David feels guilty. He feels like he is responsable for the accident and everything that came with it. Alan is considered cured but when he wakes up the next morning, Denise is gone and everything points to murder. David wants to take Alan to some clinic but the latter runs off and starts his own investigation in order to figure out whether or not he actually killed his own wife.

"The Full Treatment" looks like an attempt to make some kind of Hitchcock but that did not exactly go as planned. The opening scene with the car crash is outstanding and the relationship between Alan and Denise who is suffering from his psychosis creates some really suspenseful moments. But as soon as the location changes to London, there are a few lengths. The finale is almost disappoiting because there are several hints in the entire movie what is really up with Alan's psychosis. Nonetheless, the Cote D'Azur scenes look stunning and Diane Cilento as Italian wife is just marvellous. Despite all its flaws, thriller fans will like it.

The Blu-ray contains two versions of the movie: In addition to an alternate title and slightly different end credits, the US Version lacks one longer scene. Denise is in the bathtub when Alan gets in to take a shower. The two of them fool around a little but then there is another incident: Alan chokes Densise without even knowing it. Totally disturbed by what he did, he leaves the bathroom.
The scene has been removing because is naked and one can see her breasts every now and then. According to the IMDB entry, this versions has been edited by Screen Gems for the US TV which also explains the abscene of the mentioned bathroom scene. Allegedly, there were even more cuts in the US Theatrical Version.
Since one can choose the version, the release is quite satisfying. The icing on the cake would have been the US Theatrical Version being part of this release.

At this point, a few words regarding "Never Take Sweets from a Stranger" which is also part of the release.

According to the very announcement, there were supposed to be two versions of "Never Take Sweets from a Stranger" as well.

Two presentations of Never Take Sweets from a Stranger : the original UK theatrical cut, containing original titles and dialogue; and the alternative US version with amended Never Take Candy from a Stranger titles and censored dialogue

As a comparison shows, the announcement is not exactly correct. One can either watch the movie with the UK title "Never take Sweets from a Stranger" or with the US title "Never take Candy from a Stranger". But other than that, the versions are identically equal.

The audio tracks are 100% identical. This has already been corrected on the Blu-ray and the Powerhouse homepage confirms it as well.

Two presentations of Never Take Sweets from a Stranger: with the original UK titles; and with the alternative US Never Take Candy from a Stranger titles


US Version: 107:42 min
UK Version: 109:37 min

Alternate title.

no difference


Alan enters the bathroom and starts impersonating a race commentator. He gets in the tub and starts showering. Denise tosses him the soap. Alan apologizes for his rough behavior. He believes Prade acted up and he should be careful with a good-looking wife like his. Denise teases him by showing the water from warm to cold with her foot. Alan pulls her over and they kiss. All of a sudden, one can hear Denise telling him to stop because she can't breathe anymore. Denise is standing in the bathroom, Alan walks by her. He looks a little distraught. It appears he choked her without him realizing.

UK Version: 1:56 min


In the US Version, "The End" pops up on the screen - followed by the end credits.

In the UK Version, the text "This was The Full Treatment" pops up instead - then the end credits here as well.

no difference