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original title: Shiryō no wana


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 27, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD (BBFC 18) by Artsmagic Ltd. and the uncut German DVD (Unrated) by X-Rated.


Nami is the host of a late night show and one day receives a video tape showing a snuff movie, in which a young woman is being brutally tortured and killed. Repelled, but also fascinated, Nami and her colleagues go searching for the murderer.


To get any Rating, the British version had to use alternative, softer material in two scenes. Funnily, rather mild scenes have been cut. The following stitch in the woman's eye, however, can be seen completely and in several perspectives.

Running time of the British DVD w/o ending credits: 1:37:06
Running time of the German DVD w/o ending credits: 1:37:06

2 times alternative footage
0:00 - 1:08
The British DVD uses the original opening credits, the German DVD shows a different leader including a German title overlay.
No difference in time

British DVDGerman DVD

4:05 - 4:12
When Nami watches the video, one can see the unknown stabbing the victim in the leg and pulling the blade upwards.
The British DVD uses softer footage.
No difference in time

British DVDGerman DVD

4:43 - 4:45
Ditto. Blood is dripping out of the wound. The British DVD uses some material that can be seen later in both versions instead.
No difference in time

British DVDGerman DVD