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Operation Titian

original title: Operacija Ticijan


  • Operation Titian
  • Portrait in Terror
Release: Jul 19, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are "Operation Titian" and "Portrait in Terror". Both versions are part of the Blood Bath UK Blu-ray set from Arrow.

In Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, Dzoni lands in order to plan the wedding with his fiancÚ Vera. On the same plane arrived Zaroni, a thief who intends to steal a very valuable painting. During the theft, he also takes out the owner Ugo Bonacic but he fails to get away with the painting. He flirts with Linda, the stripper, who also becomes aware of the break-in and now attempts to extort Zaroni. Zaroni kills her as well and the poice are still in the dark because they have not connected the dots yet. American artist Toni, who is working for the museum in Dubrovnik, has a special connection to the painting as well. When Zaroni vanishes, he becomes a suspect of Inspector Miha.

Roger Corman, who co-produced "Operation Titian", did not believe there was a market for the film in the US. This decision makes actually sense become the film is rather low-paced and lacks suspense. Only Toni's evolution with the painting and his actual role in all of this stay in the dark until the end. Other than that, the audience is very well aware of who is responsable for the crime. Probably to support tourism, Dubrovnik is presented as a very nice vacation spot. The result are wonderful shots but that also keeps the suspense to a minimum. Bummer, really, because is well-made. The opening scene with a guy sneaking around in historic downtown creates a nice and suspenseful atmosphere. Anna Pavane as Linda, the stripper, takes care of the necessary sex appeal.

For a television deal, Roger Corman orderer a new cut called "Portrait in Terror". Several plot elements have been removed here and two new scenes have been added. Linda's murder has been reshot with different actors. Se gets stabbed by Zaroni, carried on a boat and dumped in the ocean. Corresponding with that, there are also new scenes with divers searching the bottom of th ocean and finding Linda's body down there. These new scenes are also rather rough and it is quite ironic actually that old boring scenes got replaced with new boring ones. Missing is the entire opening scene of Dzoni's and Zaroni's arrival, so Toni's first encounter with Vera is missing as well. Several dialog scenes with Miha and Dzoni are also missing. Furthermore, there are lots of small cuts.

But there is more. In 1964, Jack hill was hired by Roger Corman to shoot new footage. And that is the origin of the story of a crazy artist who murders women and turns them into sculptures. But Corman did not really like this version either which is why it did nit get released. In 1966, Stephanie Rothman as hired to make another version based on the footage by Hill and "Blood Bath" (originally also the title for Hill's cut) was born. The basic story remains unchanged but vampires have been added here. This version was almost 70 minutes long and was shows part of a double feature with "Queen of Blood". However, "Blood Bath" was too short for its time slot. The Result: Another version. For "Track of te Vampire", new scenes were shot. A girl is being chased by a vampire until he finally gets his hands on her in the ocean. A very long scene with Lori Sanders dancing on the beach has also been added.

The Arrow Blu-ray set contains 4 versions of the film:

- "Operation Titian", the original version
- "Portrait in Terror", the TV version of "Operation Titian"
- "Blood Bath", the version edited by Stephanie Rothman from Jack Hills Films which contains scenes from "Operation Titian"
- "Track of the Vampire", the TV Version of "Blood Bath"

An HD master has not been available for "Operation Titian". As a result, the scenes exclusively in the original version have been added from an SD source. Arrow made sure that there was no change of quality during a scene. For that reason, there are scenes in SD even though parts of that are available in HD in the Portrait of Terror Version. The bonus features contain a detailed analysis about the different versions and how the film was made.

Running times:

Operation Titian: 95:20 min
Portrait in Terror: 81:22 min

Operation Titian begins with a shadowy figure walking across historic downtown. The man enters a building in order to steal a painting. Then the opening credits.

Then a shot of a plane landing in Dubrovnik. In the lobby, a letter is handed over to a man. Toni bumps into his old friend Vera. He wants to meet with her but she does not have the time because she is busy preparing her wedding with Dzoni. Meanwhile, an American sports team arrives at the lobby.

Zaroni gets the letter from an employee and gets in the bus.

At the evening, Toni sees Vera dance with her fiancÚ at a party. She reluctantly goes to his table. Vera wants him to go home because he is drunk. They agree to meet the next day at the museum.

Meanwhile, a lady starts chatting up Zaroni about his gold ring. He claims it was not gold, she leaves. Stripper Linda is being announced.

The Portrait in Terror Version begins with a 2 second black screen.

Operation Titian: 10:16 min
Portrait in Terror: 2 sec


In the Portrait in Terror Version, there is a freeze frame and first opening credits appear.

Portrait in Terror: 1:07 min

In the Portrait in Terror Version, Toni is being motioned to this table - also in Operation Titan but earlier.

Portrait in Terror: 11 sec


Now the scene with Vera approaching Toni's table, agreeing to meet the next day.

Portrait in Terror: 50 sec


Cut to applauding sailors in the Operation Titian Version.

Operation Titian: 1 sec


The sailors again.

Operation Titian: 3 sec


Vera asks where Dzoni was. He explains he did not like to sit alone. Then the stripper.

Operation Titian: 12 sec


Dzoni wants to know what is going on. The sailor approaches Zaroni. Vera says he had landed with the American sports team.

Operation Titian: 7 sec


The sailor earlier.

Operation Titian: 1 sec


The shot of the sailor on the ground is longer. His buddy gets up and pickss a fight with Dzoni.

The Portrait in Terror Version contains an alternate shot of the sailor getting up and approaching Dzoni.

Operation Titian: 8 sec
Portrait in Terror: 3 sec


Dzoni says the wound was not severe and the sailor celebrates. Then Dzoni and Vera earlier. Compared to the Portrait in Terror Version, the image is zoomed in here.

Operation Titian: 9 sec


Toni takes off his jacket. The tour of the museum is audible in the background.

Operation Titian: 11 sec


Toni earlier.

Portrait in Terror: 1 sec


The tour continues.

Operation Titian: 5 sec


Zaroni goes sideways. Two women show up and take Ugo's bag. Zaroni walks by Ugo and tosses the paper bag in the ocean.

Operation Titian: 34 sec


Dzoni complains about Vera being gone all day and explains he needed to watch Hamlet now. He also asks why Miho was not with her but Vera can handle herself.

Operation Titian: 21 sec


Dzoni a bit earlier.

Operation Titian: 1 sec


Several ladies thank Toni for the tickets. The light gets dimmed.

Zaroni then sneaks to the church and picks the lock.

The Portrait in Terror Version contains the scene with some shady figure walking across the streets and opening the door to the church from the beginning instead.

Operation Titian: 41 sec
Portrait in Terror: 2:00 min


Zaroni goes in.

Operation Titian: 7 sec


During the play, Toni looks at Vera but she only has eyes for Dzoni.

The dog attacks Zaroni.

Operation Titian: 26 sec


Zaroni longer in the Portrait in Terror Version.

Portrait in Terror: 2 sec


Dzoni assumes it is serious and he is right. Miha needs to leave.

Dzoni can resist tagging along. Vera is glad and says he lied as good as her husband. She then asks if Dzoni reckoned someone ad pushed him on the stairs.

Operation Titian: 1:09 min


Toni is being let in to take a look at Ugo's body.

Operation Titian: 48 sec


Operation Titian:

The cops leave the house and talk about the case. Miha runs across the square and discusses the case with Dzoni. He has no explanation for the murder.

Miha and Dzoni go to a bar for drinks. The barkeeper shows them the newspaper with a picture of them in it. The barkeeper also tells him the dog had barked several times that night. Miha says it only made the case more complicated.

Vera, Dzoni and Miha are sitting together. They discuss the case and Dzoni says there some about that case which makes it quite mysterious but he could not put his finger on it.

A cop shows up and says they had figured out the lock was from a store nearby but the owner had already died and the store had been closed. He continues they intended to check out the store the following day. Subsequently, they talk about the Titian painting. The original is lost and Ugo had the only known forgery. Another forgery was allegedly made for the Sordie family. Miha considers this interesting because has always claimed to come from the Sordie family.

Portrait in Terror:

The Portrait in Terror Version contains a transition instead.

Operation Titian: 4:44 min
Portrait in Terror: 2 sec


Zaroni wraps the painting and gets some clothes from the suitcase.

Operation Titian: 9 sec


Dzoni explains he had landed with the American sports team and reveals at which hotel he was staying. Miha intends to have him questioned about the fight.

Operation Titian: 18 sec


The porter sooner.

Portrait in Terror: 1 sec


Toni picks up the glas.

Operation Titian: 1 sec


The waiter earlier.

Operation Titian: 1 sec


Longer shot of the woman watching Linda leave.

Operation Titian: 3 sec


The shot of Linda is longer in the Operation Titian. Then a cut to the coast, followed by Zaroni and Linda.

Portrait in Terror instantaneously cuts to the coast. Then Linda turning sideways. Zaroni walks up the stairs.

Operation Titian: 6 sec
Portrait in Terror: 6 sec


Zaroni approaches Linda but she is not happy anymore. Cut to a ship.

In the Portrait in Terror Version, Zaroni makes a few steps forward. He pulls a knife and stabs Linda. He grabs her body and runs down the stairs. At the end of the stairs, he puts Linda's down and makes sure that nobody is watching. When he is sure, he gets the body and runs to a boat. On the sea, he dumps her body.

Operation Titian: 11 sec
Portrait in Terror: 4:35 min


Miha and Dzoni wonder if it was about the original painting or the forgery. Dzoni wants to go to the church because he refuses to ask Vera what kind of painting this is all about because the two of them want to go see a movie.

Then the house sooner.

Operation Titian: 44 sec


Miha tells Vera he was looking for Linda, the stripper, which makes Vera angry.

The cops are sitting on the stairs. An old woman shows up and explains she wanted to speak to their boss because she had important information. One of the cops takes her to him.

Operation Titian: 50 sec


The woman also says Linda had looked like a floozy.

Operation Titian: 4 sec


The cop tells the woman Miha had spotted a huge snake.

Operation Titian: 6 sec


The ships longer and the three guys earlier.

Operation Titian: 4 sec


Further shots show the ships and divers. The latters get the bait on shore and it is scaled immediately. The Yugoslavian team is in the lead.

The Portrait in Terror Version shows the divers searching bottom of the ocean instead. They are checking out a wreck and find Linda's body.

Operation Titian: 42 sec
Portrait in Terror: 4:31 min


Dzoni introduces himself. The advantage of the Yugoslavian team then is celebrated.

Operation Titian: 17 sec


The boats longer.

Operation Titian: 5 sec


Linda's body, this time impaled, gets pulled ashore.

Vera wants to pay Toni a visit but he is not home. The maid asks her in and tells her about Linda's death. Vera shows her the painting but the maid claims it was not the one that had gotten stolen. Vera then takes a quick look at the crime scene.

Dzoni and Miha are talking about the body that has been discovered and that Zaroni was still the main suspect but they could not track him down.

Operation Titian: 3:06 min


Dzoni earlier in the Portrait in Terror Version.

Portrait in Terror: 1 sec


Dzoni and Miha longer in the Portrait in Terror Version.

As compensation, the shot of Toni starts earlier in the Operation Titian Version.

Operation Titian: 1 sec
Portrait in Terror: 1 sec


Toni earlier.

Operation Titian: 2 sec


In the Operation Titian Version, Dzoni is yanking Vera's chain. At the door, they kiss.

In the Portrait in Terror Version, the "The End" sign is being displayed longer.

Operation Titian: 46 sec
Portrait in Terror: 8 sec