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  • HD Version
  • Original Version
Release: Oct 25, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Death Warmed Up

As a teenager, Michael Tucker was drugged by the evil scientist Dr. Howell to kill his parents, as his father was a rival of Howell. Years pass, which Michael spends in a psychiatric ward. After his release, he and his friends visit the island on which Howell has since built his institute. Michael wants revenge for the injustice done to him.

Original version only available in poor picture quality

On the German mediabook by CMV are two versions of the film. On the one hand an HD version in very good picture quality and on the other hand a reconstructed version in sometimes mediocre VHS quality.

There is no HD version of the original version of Death Warmed Up, as the 35mm film elements of the original were edited. Director David Blyth is said not to have been involved in this. In some places, there is alternate footage in the HD version. This is therefore to be considered an independent version.

The uncut version is only available as a reconstructed version, which was cut together from at least two image sources. This can be found on the CMV BD in the bonus material. Source might have been the DVD from New Zealand on which this version was first found.

Picture comparison:

Main Version:

NZ version:


Main version: 75:39 min.
NZ version: 79:27 min.


The main version begins with the New Zealand Film logo.

HF: 11 sec.


After Michael sees what happened to his father, he runs down the hall to a door that is locked. He yanks on it. After that, two exterior shots of the hospital can be seen.

NZ: 10 sec.


Howard looks at Michael in the cell. When the latter sees him, he begins to scream. Howard leaves again. Michael jumps wildly around the cell.

The main shot doesn't set in until he slowly calms down.

NZ: 30 sec.


Howard checks the drill in his hand. The nurses look to him. He sets it and begins to drill a hole in the skull.

The main version sets in while he drills the hole.

NZ: 16 sec.


Howard pulls back on the drill. He drills one more time and then stops. Cuts to the nurses as he does so.

NZ: 11 sec.


Howard continues to drill. He wipes over the reamed skull, causing a nurse to be splattered with blood. He then continues to work on the skull.

NZ: 17 sec.


Before Howard lifts the skullcap, the main version shows a shot of blood splashing into a nurse's face.

HF: 3 sec.


One of the men in the truck runs his hand over his face and says he doesn't feel well.

NZ: 25 sec.


The main version cuts to the sign once again. Then two shots of the car driving across the country road.

In the NZ version, Michael and his friends drive off. A cut to the surroundings.

HF: 7 sec.
NZ: 13 sec.


The NZ has another shot in which the car is crossing the road.

NZ: 6 sec.


The NZ shows in another shot of how the car passes the sign. The next shot starts earlier.

NZ: 8 sec.


NZ cuts to Jeannie as she says something is wrong.

NZ: 2 sec.


The NZ cuts to the truck before the two men can be seen.

NZ: 5 sec.


The NZ shows two shots of Michael's car before cutting to the truck.

NZ: 5 sec.


The NZ cuts to Michael, Sandy, and then the braking car as Michael swerves to avoid the truck.

NZ: 1 sec.


The NZ has another shot of the two cars before the truck hits the grass.

NZ: 1 sec.


Lucas and Jeannie jump into the water.

NZ: 10 sec.


Sandy and Michael kiss as the latter says she wants him all to herself tonight. Sandy says she can run her tongue all over his body.

NZ: 13 sec.


The head nurse comes to the desk to ask for Dr. Howard on the phone.

NZ: 9 sec.


In the NZ, Howard asks what kind of problems Monroe is having today.

NZ: 3 sec.


Howard tells Monroe to be quiet after the latter complains to him of his pain.

NZ: 3 sec.


The main shot shows a zoomed in shot of Monroe as his head explodes.

In the NZ, Monroe asks for help. Howard watches as Monroe's head begins to pulse. The shot in which Monroe's head explodes is not zoomed in.

HF: 1 sec.
NZ: 14 sec.


The explosion can be seen longer in the NZ.

NZ: 0.5 sec.


The shot in which Michael is hit by the cable and twitches due to the flashes of electricity runs at normal speed in the main version.

In the NZ version, this shot is slowed down.

HF: 3 sec.
NZ: 7 sec.


In the NZ version, the music continues at black screen after the credits.

NZ: 45 sec.