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Revenge of Shinobi, The


Version 1.0
Region: Japan

Version 1.01 and above
Region: Weltweit

Release: May 17, 2013 - Author: Glock18 - Translator: Gladion
The Game

The Revenge of Shinobi (jap. The Super Shinobi) is among the most famous Sega Genesis games. As ninja Joe Musashi you fight the organisation "Neo Zeed", which murdered Musashi's sensei. In addition to that, Musashi's wife has been kidnapped and must be rescued.

The gameplay is simple: you go through the levels and destroy the enemies with shuriken thrown by the player. Knife or sword (using power-ups) can be used in close combat, too. Additionally, there are four different Ninjutsu-techniques, which cast different magic spells. At the end of each stage you meet a boss.

Interstingly, you don't fight ordinary bosses or bad guys, but famous characters from comic books or movies. You meet Rambo, the Terminator, Spider Man, Batman and Godzilla. The score was composed by Yuzo Koshiro, who created a really cool Drum-/Techno-soundtrack.

Joe Musashi's face is shown on the title screen - he resembles Japanese actor Sonny Chiba in his role as Hattori Hanzo in the Japanese TV-show Kage no Gundan (Shadow Warrior). In version 1.04 (Wii Store), Joe Musashi's face was changed to avoid the resemblance to Sonny Chiba.

For legal reasons, many changes were performed in later versions of the game. Only the Terminator was spared any alterations.

The game came out as version 1.00 in the US and Japan. Later, version 1.01 was released in the USA. Europe received version 1.02. The two collections Mega Games 2 (Europe) and Sega Classics Arcade Collection (USA) each contain version 1.03. Version 1.04 was released in the Wii store.

Version 1.00 has been compared to Versions 1.01 and above.
In Version 1.02 & 1.03 there is a copyright-disclaimer for Spider Man after the SEGA-logo.

Copyright (Version 1.02, 1.03)

Later on in the game you frequently encounter bad guys with flamethrowers. In Version 1.00 it is John Rambo trying to grill you. From version 1.01 on it is some bald guy with a bandana.

Rambo (Version 1.00)Glatze (Version 1.01 und höher)

Spider Man has received the biggest changes. In version 1.00, he has a dark blue color, whereas from version 1.01-1.03 he is dyed light blue and his eyes are closer to the original Spider Man's.

In version 1.04, found on the Virtual Console in the Wii Store, Spider Man was dyed completely pink. Probably because the license was only limited and is expired by now.

Spider Man's appearance

Version 1.00

Versions 1.01, 1.02, 1.03

Version 1.04

Spider Man's net
In version 1.00, Spider Man's net is shown behind Shinobi when he is hit, while from version 1.01 on it covers his entire body and drops off afterwards.

From Version 1.02 on, there are bad news considering the fight against Spider Man: when hit by his net, it still covers Shinobi's whole body as in version 1.01, but it doesn't disappear right away. The net limits Shinobi's movement, so he becomes slower and can't always jump or use Shuriken. You have to try to jump or throw Shuriken for a while before the net falls off. It is uncertain why this new feature was used from version 1.02 on.

Version 1.00Version 1.01 und höher

Spider Man's transformation into Batman/Web-Bat
In version 1.00, when Spider Man is defeated he transforms into Batman. He latches onto the scaffolding and keeps blinking until he gets wings and flies upwards. Afterwards, Batman lands into the combat area.

From version 1.01 on, there is no transformation. Instead, Spider Man climbs away and a demon called Web-Bat appears.

Batman (version 1.00)Web-Bat (version 1.01 and above)


Godzilla had to be changed, too. From version 1.03 on, Godzilla is a dinosaur's skeleton. In the previous versions, Godzilla breathes red fire while here, the skeleton breathes blue fire.

Godzilla (version 1.00, 1.01, 1.02)Skeleton (version 1.03 and higher)