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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers: 20th Anniversary Edit (Uncut)


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The Last of Us

The Last Starfighter


The War of the Worlds

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers


  • BBFC 18 VHS (Colourbox)
  • German DVD
Release: Aug 13, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Bensn - external link: IMDB
Compared were the shortened UK-VHS by Colourbox (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD by CMV Laservision.

1 Minute and 10.5 seconds within 10 scenes are missing.

This not particularly brutal movie which is interesting for Trash-fans comes with Gunnar Hansen alias leather-face and B-movie-queen Linnea Quigley as main actors and has been shortened for the UK in the VHS-version by Colourbox within every single splatter scene. Accordingly, nothing was left over. Interestingly enough, the movie title on the cover and at the beginning of the movie has been censored arbitrarily. Here, as a matter of fact, the word “chainsaw” was removed and replaced by an illustration of a chainsaw. All other UK-VHS and DVD versions were released totally uncut by the way.
2 Min
When the movie title is displayed, the word “chainsaw” was removed and replaced by an image of a chainsaw.
No difference of time

12 Min
As Bo is being dissected inside Mercedes’ bed, shots of his screaming, blood smeared face are missing as well as a view of blood and body parts coming in Mercedes’ direction.
7 Sec

12 Min
Mercedes happily keeps on sawing. Bo reaches out for her breast. As she is removing his hand from her breast it becomes visible that the hand has been chopped off by the chainsaw.
10 Sec

12 Min
Bo is being dissected further. Additional shots of the sawing Mercedes and Bo’s face distorted with pain getting splattered with a lot of blood are missing.
7.5 Sec

26 Min
Now the guy in the bathtub is being dissected. The shortened version merely shows Mercedes pushing forward the rotating chainsaw a few times while she is being splattered with blood.
5.5 Sec

26 Min
Two further shots of this are missing as well as intermediate cuts showing the leader of the sect (Gunnar Hansen) standing outside and looking at the window of the bathroom while sounds of a chainsaw can be heard.
11.5 Sec

38 Min
The enchained Jack is being cut by the girl with the knife. At this, he screams in pain loudly.
2 Sec

38 Min
The girl crams her slip into Jack’s mouth. After that she goes on cutting him with the knife.
13 Sec

65 Min
As the leader of the sect is being hit by Samantha’s chainsaw in the belly (only visible off-screen), you can see him further with a face distorted with pain and blood splattering on him.
3 Sec

65 Min
Another shot of this is missing.
2 Sec

66 Min
Samantha rams her chainsaw into Mercedes’s belly. Various complement-cuts of the sawing Samantha are missing as well as Mercedes with a face distorted with pain and a view of the enchained Jack – they all are being dashed with blood.
9 Sec