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1.07 There Goes the Neighborhood

original title: Glory Days


  • DVD Version
  • TV Version
Release: Sep 08, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the shortened DVD released by e-m-s and the uncensored German Free-TV-Version.

The series "Glory Days" (aka Demontown) was pretty unsuccesful in the USA which is the reason why the American producers did not finish the first season. The series was dropped after 9 episodes (still to this day, 2 episodes have not been released).
The series was also not really a success in other countries - in Germany, for example, the series was at first aired in a censored version and later released on DVD. Instead of releasing the complete series, the studio decided to cut the episodes together to make 3 movies out of the first 7 episodes. This "Movie-Versions" has been released in the most countries in which the series made it to a DVD release. In february 2006, the German TV channel RTL 2 gave the series a second chance and aired it during nighttime and entirely uncensored.
The UK-DVD of Demontown 1 (2 and 3 or a complete box have not been released, yet) misses out on 20 additional seconds.
Overall, there are 14 cuts that result in an overall runtime of 505 seconds (about 8.5 minutes) of missing footage.

Runtime of the TV Version (not including credits): 42.20 min.
Runtime of the DVD Version (not including credits): 39.09 min.
NOTE: For the DVD, several episodes where cut together into a "movie" - the runtime therefore only describes those scenes that originate from the seventh episode.

The time designations originate from the DVD version.
Right at the beginning of the episode, a complete part (the whole prologue) was cut out.
Mike interviews Lester, the "Man with the Metal Detector". While the latter finds a few things, Mike rather makes fun of him. Mike also complains about his sister who constantly makes him report stories like these. Lester finds a watch and thinks that he wants to give it to Mike as long as he writes a positive report about him. Then they go their separate ways and you can see that there's a man dug up unter the ground. Then follows the title sequence. The following scene of Zane's and Sam's "surveillance" can also be seen on the DVD.
191 sec.